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Thanks for posting your updates! I’m on a similar timeline (August 2018 vasectomy for me) with similar issues. I’ve got a pea-size lump on the upper left side, slight discomfort but no pain. Right side has been weird; two major flare-ups of swelling/pain at about 30 days and 60 days post vas, both treated with Cipro antibiotic.

Fingers crossed for you and me both! I miss the pre-vas life for sure…

@Newballs I had similar experience post vas. The cauterized end of the vas that goes up the pelvis was a large painful know on both sides. The rest of the vas along the side of the penis was also large and hardened. The Dr said some people get granulomas at the end and wasn’t concerned even though I was. Time, Ice, avoiding touching, Meloxicam, and maybe the antibiotics all helped slowly. By week 6, they reduced to a point that I no longer notice them. Unfortunately, it was about that same time that all of my congestion and testicle pain kicked in. Hang in there, there is hope they will calm down.

99 days post vasectomy:

Maybe I should have waited until tomorrow to post this so I could be at 100 days. Things have improved, but I’m not at 100%. I would say the new balls are gone. There’s a small bump/knot on the left side where the newball used to be and something else feels a bit swollen/tender to the touch. There seems to be two swollen things on the right side or maybe just one larger swollen thing. Not sure if the swollen things are my epi or something else. I’ve been able to resume my normal activities without my pain holding me back. I haven’t tried running because it’s cold out, but I suspect I’ll be able to do that with supportive underwear. All in all, my pain is manageable and only an issue if clothing is bunched up in the area or if there’s pressure on my sack. If I had to give it a percentage, I’d say I’m ~90% recovered. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is as good as I get and if don’t get any worse I’d say this is manageable. My condition is far from ideal and I’d easily drop money for a reversal if it was guaranteed to make me better, but that guarantee doesn’t exist. I wish I had never gotten a vas, but my life doesn’t seem potentially ruined anymore…fingers crossed things only get better from here.

Thanks to everyone on here for your help the past 99 days. There were some really dark days and you guys helped me keep my sanity as much as possible. I might update this thread if things improve or if people have questions, but I wanted to provide this update to give back as much as I can. I don’t think anything really helped me too much other than time and maybe supportive underwear and maybe 4 weeks of 600mg of ibuprofen a day (I honestly don’t think this did anything, but I wanted to try). Good luck to those of you still looking for improvement!

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134 days post vasectomy:

Maybe some slight progress, but I still feel around 90%. I’ve been sitting more than usual at work and have been feeling slightly more pain, but I think the bumps are a tiny bit smaller. My biggest issue as far as normal life goes is not being able to let my toddler sit in my lap without gently guiding her to a good position. All in all I’m not as bad as I could be, but still not where I’d like to be.

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You have epididymitis. Go to your doctor get antibiotics (Docycycline) and Meloxicam for anti inflammation. Treatment is 14 days. You’ll see that your sack will get a lot more flexible and balls will relax in there and will start moving around (probably right now everything is prettt stiff in there) because right now the sack is filled with bacteria junk and antibiotics washes them away.

I was like you for a long time ~90% —> more than a year. The tender ball was there and I finally got it checked and bingo I had epidydimitis. Now it’s a lot better and I am in the middle of second course and feel a noticeable difference everywhere. You can check my other post.

Good luck!

Urologists don’t admit the reality because they don’t want to be probed and grilled about the vasectomy itself. “Yeah it’s all in your head” “yeah it will go away”.

Go to a Dr different than the one who did your vasectomy.

Good luck!

I hope your right about the epididymitis (I think?) and all it takes is some meds. How are you so confident that’s my issue? How do I walk into my Dr. that’s already seen me (not my uroligist) and say, “I think I have epididymitis…meds please :-)”

Not a doctor but given your symptoms are similar to mine you can give it a try.

Note that I do not consider this treatment to be permanent even for me. However the antibiotics will wash off the bacteria and funk inside your sack and will bring you a lot of relief. The issue with us (the minority) is that we have a problem down there. In my case I’m suspecting extra sperm leak due to back pressure causing granuloma but I may be wrong. I can’t afford to do this antibiotic treatment every now and then so while this is helping me now, down the line likely the issue may come back so I’m seeking a permanent solution which WE (as in this discussion forum) are seeing :roll_eyes:.

Some doctors don’t like or prefer antibiotics. But you may want to be seen by another doctor - my family doctor was the one who wore the gloves and started examining my sack and balls and it took him one minute to say I had epi. I was always “just ok” always tender and a little pain and could not sleep on a side because the legs pressured the sacks but naively thought “well probably this is the new me” not knowing that I had severe infection in my body that god knows what other complications it is leading to. Now I am in the second round of treatment and I am a lot better, sack is a lot more flexible and empty and is not stiff anymore. Balls freely move inside the sack. The granuloma was the size of a bean now it’s one third or smaller and I hope it fades away ina week.

Find a smart doctor and he’ll figure it out.

Good luck.

Honestly, if the granuloma is your issue, it may be leaking sperm or inflammation. I would also try papaya seed powder, if you get a chance. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, based on what I have read and it from what others have said, it causes a decrease in sperm production. That could potentially help you out, once you are done with the antibiotics.

Just throwing that out there.

166 days post vasectomy:

It’s been a while since I posted and I got a PM from someone so I figured I’d give an update. I don’t know if I’ve really improved noticeably since my day 134 entry. I don’t think pain is any different and the bumps may be smaller. My biggest indicator is that I’m now able to do my favorite hobby (rock climb) without any limitations. I have only put a harness on a few times since being that close to my junk scares me a little bit, but I’ve been climbing harder than ever without a harness on. That seems like huge progress to me. The only things left untested and long hikes, running, and biking, so we’ll see what those are like once the weather turns here in the northeast.

I started taking papaya seed earlier this month and I’m not sure if it’s helping (probably too early anyway). I haven’t taken it the past few days because I’ve had a terrible stomach bug and my balls feel a little more sore than normal. Not sure if that’s related to my sickness, lack of papaya seed, my whole body feeling achy, or some other unknown reason.

At this point I would gladly pay for a reversal if the risks of making things worse weren’t a real thing. Based on my current limitations, it’s annoying, but not worth the risk. I really struggled with this pain in the beginning because it’s something that I brought on myself, but now that I’m removed I think I’m a little less emotional.

None of us willingly signed up for pain and most were not warned of the risks. We all probably drive a car everyday and we wouldn’t beat ourselves up if we got in an accident and experienced similar pain. Maybe some of us would second guess out decision to drive that day, at that time, on that route, or blame someone else, but that doesn’t really seem healthy. We’re all at this point and unless a time machine is invented we need to determine the best way to move forward instead of continuing to think about what we should have done to prevent it. I recently saw video about climber Craig Demartino who took a 100ft fall and eventually lost his leg. His story really helped put things in perspective. You can check out this article (written by one of the top rock climbers who cut off the tip of one of his fingers early in his careers), or one of these videos on youtube (video 1video 2). I haven’t read the article or watched these particlar videos, but my guess is they are similar to the movie I saw.

Good luck everyone!


I would say one thing you may think I’m mad but NHS needs us to go public with some of it. We need to use a media site is twitter to let others know write to local MPs. Men need to talk about stand up to it UK NHS need the true need to know it’s one in five in us yet when u talk here in Leicester it’s one in ??? NHS don’t know the true figures I’m talking to records office staff in London they can’t find the true figures as men dont talk enough.

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@justintall39 problem is that men don’t want to listen. I have joined many vasectomy groups on FB, wanted to spread the word, but tbh, response I got was very negative. I’m annoyed with NHS, but learned to let go of the anger, and concentrate on fixing myself

I post on loads of sites as do u. Yea men don’t listen untill the numbers start showing to the greater good I was given the wrong info by a gp. Who done mine after all that is all they are shock no not really. But I push every two days on a site to let others know that we can make a difference may be a long way off but if we all tell are story’s there is a lot of weight behind it. I’m currently working on getting my self fit again i have 5 kids and a Xbox ambassador for Microsoft I write on Twitter NHS choices pvpd and a load of others also talking about it has helped get right financial support as I lost my job I’m disabled due to the pvpd and now all I want is the truth out there. I talk to my local MP and thinking of trying to meet her and see if the health dep may help.
Unfortunately it’s a numbers game the more I post the more ppl can see if we all don’t a FB or insta maybe a twitter it would start men thinking I have ppl around the world talking about it with me. Only time will tell yes my main thing is to get fit enough to work it’s now 2.5 years with out work

All things considered I think I’m doing great. I don’t really have any limitations other than protecting my crotch area from getting hit by stuff (still haven’t tried a long run or biking). I sometimes feel some minor pain/congestion, but overall I don’t think about the vas much. I’ve been taking papaya seed twice a day, so not sure if I just naturally got better or if the papaya seed helped. Figured I’d post an update for those that come across this thread. Thanks for the support in the early days everyone! That was probably the darkest time in my life due to the vas and a number of other reasons. Stay strong…and if you found this and haven’t had the operation done, I’ll still say, “DON"T DO IT!!!”

283 Days post vasectomy. Someone on another thread asked how I was doing, so I figured I’d give an update. Not much has changed since May…still doing okay, but would encourage anyone not to do this. Orgasm feels different, but that might be normal for some (or just in my head :-)). If I could guarantee that I don’t get worse or have any impacts as a result of the vasectomy I’d say it was worth it, but such a guarantee doesn’t exist.

Given what I’ve gone through and the degree of my understanding and research so far my conclusion is it is impossible for orgasm to remain the same. It HAS TO be different for every man that gets snipped. However as I have pointed many times here some men don’t sense or remember the difference, some are in denial, some don’t care, and some think “this is the way it should be”. I quoted Dr Roeder who I talked to that has done 3000 reversals. He told me that many men who came to him for reversal thought it to be normal to be “different” after vasectomy.

We are men, males not females, and we see our bodies differently than females; I think the ones who found this forum and are active here are a rare group of people who are a lot more sensitive about their bodies than the majority of the male population here and elsewhere in the world. My family doctor (who has been in this practice for 40 yeas) Known in my area for one of the best physicians in town told me two things:

  • When I complained about memory problems (because of testosterone drop!) he told me that “…given your profession and job type you have to be 100% every single day to remain competitive so it is normal to see your sensitivity to the changes in your body…so you are not the same as the “street sweeper” who does not care much about these changes…”

  • He told me that he has dealt with hundreds of vasectomy complications/patients. It is strange that he still threw the 2% number at me, as his figure of hundreds probably far exceeds that percentage for the older Austin area :grin:…regardless I told him that the 2% number may just be pain related, and he sort of agreed with me.

Sometimes I feel like calling NPR and get our stories somehow known in the press; heard them advertising the stupid doctor that snipped me, just got really angry :rage: but held myself.

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