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I think my username says it all. Not sure what info is relevant so please ask if I’ve left anything important out. I had a scalpel vasectomy done 9/13/18 (5 weeks ago) and am stressing myself out like most people on here. I was pretty sore post procedure…on the couch for 3 days, then went back to work, hobbled around for about a week and a half/2 weeks (I thought it was just the stitches being annoying).

The stitches finally came out/dissolved and I thought I was good, but I noticed I still had something going on on the right side…then I noticed something similar on the left side. It feels like a cord is bunched up/swollen (about the size of a large blueberry/small egg). The left side is similar, but smaller, harder and feels more solid/round. In addition to that, the scars are pretty sensitive, but that’s a secondary concern for now.

I went to the Dr. earlier this week and he said that it’s just swelling and that it should go away. When I asked when he said a couple of weeks (that basically what he said when I called 1-2 weeks post surgery). He also said I’ll always have some permanent mass in there. When I asked if he’s talking pea size or blueberry he responded with, “yea.”.

Any tips, advice, questions? I’m going crazy because I’m usually pretty active and have been sitting around wondering if this is my new life.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing your story, and welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of threads, and individual posts on this site that read like very much like yours, and I’d recommend using the search bar on this site to find them with key words such as stress, anxiety, and then some. Some of them threads aren’t very far from the top/latest.

It’s unlikely you will get a lot of replys because there’s generally not a lot of active posters on here at the same time. A lot of what you are asking has been asked, and/or talked about many times, and gets very repetitious. Perhaps some of the newer guys will chime in as it’s always good to have someone to relate with, and/or talk to in your early days, but many veterans probably won’t as we’ve answered inquiries like yours countless times already.

Yes, this is currently your new life. Time is your best option at the moment, and in time, things should resolve to some degree. There’s always options, but given where your at in the timeline of healing, I’d suggest banking on time as your best option.

Feel free to ask questions if you cannot seem to find the answer/s.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

Has this Dr given a option for medication to help with pain or offer any other helpful advice other than time? Have you done a ultra sound of the testicles? Did he tell you what the mass was or any idea such as granuloma? Seems your not getting much help or many answers from your Dr.

He said to take Motrin. No real advice or really anything helpful. No ultra sound or anything and he said it was just swelling. Maybe he’s right (hopefully he’s right!!!), but seeing how quick the recovery should be vs what I’m experiencing isn’t a fun feeling. Others have it much worse, so I’m grateful for that. I’ve been switching between cold and hold packs this weekend and going to see my primary in two days. Fingers crossed.

Primary said he thought it was spermatoceles. Ones the size of a ping pong ball and the other is the size of the marble. He said they’ll probably shrink (something smaller than a ping pong ball and a pea) but will probably never go away. He also mentioned that they shouldn’t be painful, but they are, so I’m now looking into removal options/complications (I don’t want to mess myself up again). It turns out seeing another urologist is pretty difficult since they book so far out, so pick your initial doctor wisely!! Any thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcome. I primarily wanted to update anyone who stumbled onto this thread.

~6.5 weeks post vasectomy:

My wife and I had sex Sunday night and the ping pong ball on the right size was about 30-40% smaller when I woke up on Monday. Not sure if this was just a coincidence, but I was happy either way. Still tender to the touch, but now my I’m able to feel that one of my scars is pretty sensitive. I’m hoping this sensitivity goes any on its own, but we’ll see. We’re also wondering what our game plan is if I’m still not happy with my condition in 6-12 months. Do we just go for a reversal since the condom life isn’t as bad as this life (fingers crossed we don’t make things worse) and hope the reversal clears up the potential spermatocele without the need for a surgery just for the spermatocele? I’m going for an ultrasound Friday then see another urologist the 16th, so I’ll update after things change or after I get more info.

48 days post vasectomy:

I woke up today and swelling on the right (ping pong ball side) was down some more. I was semi active both days before the swelling went down, so maybe that’s a contributing factor? I walked ~20 minutes today during lunch and the right size may be back to last nights size (can’t really remember what size was last night and what was this morning). I’ve also noticed the newballs seem to be “connected” to my sack. When I move my skin the newballs move with the skin instead of simply falling/staying low in the sack. Not sure what that means.

I’m almost a week out and feeling a lot like you’ve described. Thanks for posting

49 days post vasectomy:

“Swelling” was definitely up yesterday afternoon/evening, but back down this morning and seems to be back up this evening (still less than the original ping pong size). I’ve been rubbing/massing my scars (trying not to also push on the newballs) and that seems to be helping with scar sensitivity. Pain was probably less than it’s been since my vasectomy today, so that’s a positive sign even if “swelling” isn’t going down a ton.

50 days post vasectomy:

Just got back from the ultrasound and the tech said she saw some spermatoceles, but…these are different than what I went in for. My guess is she saw small/tiny spermatoceles that weren’t causing any discomfort (it’s quite possible those were there before the procedure based on the fact that non vas guys get them). She was a little stumped by my newballs. She asked if they were close to my incision, so maybe they’re just related to the cuts themselves and not directly related to the vas? Maybe I had an internal reaction to the stitches? It also seems a little weird because the newballs are above my testicle which doesn’t seem like the correct location. I should know more Monday/Tuesday. I took some pictures before I left the room…my assumption is the blue arrow on the picture is one of the newballs.


52 days post vasectomy:

Nothing really new to update, but I saw this information and figured I’d share:

Conservative noninvasive treatments

  1. Time usually helps as most men will slowly get better the longer they go from the vasectomy
  2. Heat or cold
  3. Tight compression shorts reduce movement
  4. Reduced sexual activity will slow down fluids flowing into the obstructed system.
  5. Antioxidants can help but I’ve never seen anyone get better just on antioxidants alone
  6. Over the counter NSAIDS but at full dose for several weeks minimum.
  7. Prescription NSAIDS
  8. Tapering steroids such as a Medrol Dosepak
  9. I would avoid all narcotics as these do not really make the problem go away but instead actually just cause so many other problems with risks for addiction
  10. 3 to 6 months trail on testosterone therapy even if you don’t have low levels as this will reduce not only testosterone production naturally but it also reduces sperm production, so the thought is reducing the amount of fluid in sperm that us pushed into the obstructed system. In my experience about a third of the guys get better and a third are the same and a third get worse.
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52 days post vasectomy:

Got a call back from my ultrasound and they said nothing looks abnormal, just some scare tissue. I have an appointment with the main urologist Thursday and kind of expect him to just say I’m taking longer than normal to heal. I’ve been wearing a jock strap over my boxer briefs the past two days and that seems to be helping. I’ve also started taking 600mg of Ibuprofen 2x/day along with a multivitamin and vitamin C. We’ll see how I do.

How is your libido and sex drive?

I’d say it’s about the same as pre vas (high), but I’m trying to keep it low since I don’t want increased pressure to mess with the swelling/healing. If I wasn’t worried about side affects I’d be up for sex as often as before.

56 days post vasectomy:

Just got back from the original urologist. He said the smaller side is my epi and the right side is my vas. When questioned further, he said the left was a spermatocele and the right vas appeared to heal to my sack. He remained confident that I would improve with time. While that may be true, I’m still upset about what I’ve done to my body. He also said that sperm production drops after a vasectomy. If this is true, I think I feel a little better. This leads me to think that the epi pressure may be high now because production is still the same, but production will eventually slow down and hopefully reduce pressure. Sound accurate? He also said ejaculations have no impact on the pressure other than muscle contractions. I’ve heard other places that reducing ejaculations will lower the pressure. Who’s right?

64 days post vasectomy:

There has been progress on one side and negative progress on the other side. The right used to be a ping pong ball and is now about a marble (maybe smaller). The left used to be a marble and is now about 2-3 times larger. I wore a jock strap for about 10 days straight except for the past two days. The support felt really nice, but it started to be uncomfortable along the edges and potentially irritating the newballs.

I had an appointment today with a urologist that came highly recommended by a family friend who also happens to be a doctor. He felt around and said both sides could be granulomas and thought the newballs were on the vas and not the epi. He also thought nerves may be caught in the scar tissue and that could be causing pain when squeezed/touched. He didn’t seem too concerned, but mentioned possibly doing some clean up work and redoing the vas…cutting back the scar tissue and using a clip and cauterizing both ends. He also didn’t seem to think pressure in the system after a vas was anything to be concerned about. I feel like cutting back scare tissue and redoing a vas is more of a permanent step and makes a reversal more difficult if I ever decide to go down that path. I also don’t see how pressure can’t be a concern after a vas.

I’m so tempted to go down the reversal path, but don’t want to rush into anything before I feel like I’ve given my body enough time to fix this on it’s own.

Sounds like your getting a lot of input from several people, docs, uro’s, etc, some if which don’t seem to know much about what they are talking about.

Sperm production goes down post vas? Tell that person to show you where they came up with that information, and ask them what the mechanism is that supposedly causes that to happen.

Pressure isn’t an issue post vas? That doesn’t make sense either. Seems every man, or animal (mammals) has enlarged epi’s post vasectomy. You can find pictures of this online, and on this site that were pulled from them sources.

The real question is why doesn’t this bother, cause pain, or complications for every man, mammal, etc.

Hope you get sorted out one way or another. Go slow.

67 days post vasectomy:

Today was a little rough emotionally. I felt about normal (my new normal), but while sitting I randomly got a dull pain on my left side. This isn’t normal since the pain is usually only when touched/squeezed. I was wearing a jock strap over boxer briefs, so I’m hoping their was just some weird pinching. Either way, have my left side get worse isn’t the greatest for my emotional strength. Luckily I have a stand up desk at work and the pain went down once I stood up for a while. I’ve also noticed something slightly strange with the left side. When the rest of my sack is relaxed, the left side of my sack that’s connected to the newball is still shriveled (like it is when it’s cold). It’s probably about a 1in by 1in area and it looks like the skin is simply shrinking with/into the connected edge of the newball. Not sure what this means, but figured I’d record my observation here so I have it on record. I just reread my initial post and on a positive note, I think my scar isn’t nearly as sensitive as it was before. This could be because I’m worried about the newballs, but I really think they’ve improved. 1 month down and some progress…I guess things could be worse :slight_smile:

73 days post vasectomy:

I’ve made progress over the past 6 days, but fingers crossed I can continue to improve. I’ve been able to be fairly active with only minor discomfort. Laying on my side without anything between my legs is a no go and any bumping (e.g., young kid :slight_smile: ) makes me remember I have an issue. My left mass feels like it has gotten smaller (large raisin), but my right one feels bigger and more oblonged/cylinder shaped (not sure what I’d use for a size comparison). I’m still not even 3 months out, so hopefully I’m just in the slow recovery camp and normal life can resume next spring once the weather gets nicer.

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83 days post vasectomy:

Progress continues. I think the masses may be as small as they’re going to get because they feel pretty mangled/hard. I’m not sure if it’s scar tissue or some part of my anatomy. My latest theory is that my vas healed to my sack. I’m thinking this is the case because I felt what seemed like a small tube going from each bump up to skin next to my penis the other day after a shower. Note sure what this means for recovery or future actions, but hopefully progress continues. I’m probably at around 90% pre-vas, but still not ready to jump on a bike or do anything that puts too much pressure/contact on my crotch. Ejaculation volume also seems to be down as does the thickness, but that seems like a small complain compared to everything else…mostly just sharing as an FYI for those out there worried that they’re experience something unique.

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