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Post vasectomy day 2- pain in testicle

So I got my vasectomy yesterday. Wasn’t too bad. Was expecting pain at the site of incision but this isn’t bad at all. I’m having a very throbbing pain behind my left testicle. Feels almost like a third ball to be honest, or a buildup of something I don’t know. Is this normal? Does it go away?

It’s too early to tell, just two days in. Most of the folks on this forum have been struggling with chronic pain. (Lasting > 6 months) Hopefully, you won’t join their ranks.

Icing and rest for now and hopefully time will work it’s magic.

If it doesn’t, you will find a good support network here- but for now, assume the best.

Yes, its way too early to make a call (as chronic pain) after few days. That is considered acute post op pain. You need to make sure to follow all discharge instructions you received from your doctor. Keep taking any medications provided by the doctor post op. And if you keep having strange sharp pain then you need to contact the Doctors office. Ask to speak with the Nurse on-call or the doctor if he/she is available and make sure to describe what you feeling to them in detail. More than likely you will be told to come in to be checked and to ice the scrotum