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Post vasectomy auto immune issues and granuloma need advice

Had an uneventful closed ended vasectomy 3.5 years ago. No problems down there till I moved into a new home 6 months after and had Epstein barr virus reactivate and then recovered after 3 months. Then almost 2 years ago became incredibly ill with severe insomnia, night sweats, headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, brainfog, extreme depression and joint pain. Included in that pain was mild testicular soreness and the sense that my right testicle was pulling up like in a protective mode. Initially, antibiotics resulted in 90% reduction in symptoms including testicular symptoms. My doc thinks I have toxic mold exposure and/or lyme disease. The problem is that after a year of various antibiotic regimens many of my symptoms seems to be slowly improving but i have what I think is a sperm granuloma. The testicular issue is now worse than ever despite still using antibiotics. Currently, its maybe at a pain level 3 out of 10 but my sex drive is zero and erections are weak due to no drive.

Anyone here have auto immune issues post vasectomy? I’m trying to figure out if I have other problems that are exasperating my vasectomy or if my vasectomy resulted in poor immune function.

My gut tells me I need to have the granuloma chopped off but this place scares me so much I’m not sure what to do. Reversal? Just wait and work on other issues and hope things settle down on their own?


I had autoimmune issues. Developed aleopecia areata, for some reason, my close friend kept telling me my skin looked yellow, my toenails fell off and I can swear, I developed body odour. I pride myself on cleanliness, and spend a lot of time in my car, 5 hrs a day at least 3 days a week, and noticed that it started to smell of bad body odour, this has never happened in any of my previous cars. What I have noticed was that I was sweating a lot at night, this was due to very low testosterone levels ( i think). I have managed to recover from aleopecia after reversal which was 14 months ago, but have got patches if grey hair now, skin colour is back to normal, smell is gone.

Personally, if I were going to be operated on again, it would be reversal for me, using best surgeon I could find

Read all the comments at the bottom and it explains the rest of the story. It’s important to note that I’ve never tested positive for actual borrelia even to this day but I do have all the relevant lyme coinfections. If your doing the Elisa/western blot test and testing negative, find a different doctor who actually knows what they are doing.


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This is very interesting as I’ve been bugging my doc to treat for babesia. She says we need to address mold first. Apparently I have MARCONS growing in my nasal cavity. She won’t treat me for it until I can prove to her that I’m living in a clean environment. Low mold). My new home tested clean so I should start a nasal spray for that soon. I’ve been on antibiotics for so long that I now have a fungal over growth in my throat so I take Nystatin for that. I plan to begin coffee enemas soon to stimulate bile production and possibly take binders and cholestyramine to flush toxins out. Also plan to start daily sauna therapy to try to dump some heavy metals. Thinking of having my mercury filling removed and do some heavy metal chelation as well. I have a genetic mutation that causes my immune system to not recognize certain toxins apparently but I’m not sure which one but its not the mthfr. The interesting part is that 6 months after my vasectomy I was feeling great and had been working out in anticipation of my divorce being final. I moved into a different house and gutted the basement that had osb plywood hung on top of the brick foundation. It was pretty dank down there and I gutted it probably without a mask and proceeded to build a workout room down there thar I used frequently. Within a few months I got mono again and then after I got better my girlfriend became ill with tinnitus and waves of shocks and depersonalization, new strong allergies, headaches etc. it was a few months later that I got really really sick with temperature disregulation and my pupils going wacky, And insomnia bad enough to cause nervous breakdown from severe sleep deprivation. Anyway, its a little too odd to me that both my girlfriend and I have remained ill for the last two years. She hasn’t treated at all but I have. And since my symptoms started after I met her my current theory is that my vasectomy may have taxed my mostly healthy immune system which was further taxed by a large toxic mold exposure that allowed tick illnesses that I already had dormant most likely to thrive unchecked. Resulting in me giving it to my girlfriend sexually. Or maybe its not the vasectomy or mold and I simply got a bad tick bite and gave it to my girl or vise versa.
At any rate, antibiotics definitely do something for me but since she won’t take anything I wonder if she is giving it back to me. I dont have testicular pain all the time even though I do have a granuloma but its been recurring regularly for the last year or more. All signs point to tick borne illness except that my elsa and two western blots have been clear other than one had two active bands neither of which were lyme specific.

Have you heard of Disulfiram? Its the new tick illness wonder drug but side effects can be terrible. I want to look into the B12 and remineralization therapy and possibly do an elimination diet and or go carnivore for a few months and see if anything changes. Another aspect is parasites, some people think you need to treat for parasites first as they can supposedly harbor lyme while you treat and then reinfect you later. It makes my head spin but i border on being functional and being disabled and I really need to get back to work soon but I’m not sure how consistent I can be just yet.

Nice write-up. It sounds like you are well informed. Unfortunately, your doctor is not. Please do yourself a huge favor and find a reputable LLMD in your area. The number of doc appointments and incorrect information I received from doctors over the course of 4 years borders on criminal. It took over 100 physicians before I found one smart enough to put the puzzle together.

I have all the same symptoms but mine came on quick and fast following the vasectomy (within 4-5 days). I too had the ELISA/WB tests. In fact, I had it 4 times. I even took the iGenex PCR test. I’m sure you are aware of the false negative w/ the ELISA test. Most research shows a false negative w/ the ELISA roughly 50% of the time. The WB tests for certain bands. Though it includes the most popular strains of borrelia, it doesn’t include all of them. To date, I tested negative to Lyme in all those tests. It was these false negatives that prolonged my diagnosis. I’m disappointed ELISA/WB is still accepted as the gold standard. It’s not. The iGenex test I took was specific to borrelia and nothing else so it missed my problems.

MARCON’s is very specific to patients who are immunocompromised, especially lyme patients. Forgive me if this is a repeat of some of the article I sent you to above. I too have been diagnosed w/ mold. Spent 4-5 months on nystatin. All in all I tested positive for rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichia chafeensis, babesia, four different mycotoxins (mold), and two strains of walking pneumonia. It’s not uncommon for lyme patients to be diagnosed w/ multiple issues as Lyme does a number on the immune system and most of these bugs, like mold and pneumonia, are opportunistic infections. I’ve also tested abnormally high for EBV which is the mono you mentioned. Mono is a common culprit for fibromyalgia which I have been diagnosed with as well, even though I believe fibro is more of a symptom than a recognized diagnosis. Many lyme patients suffer from high EBV. Once again, the immune system is compromised.

A lot of your symptoms sound like classic babesia to me, particularly the depersonalization, insomnia, panic attacks, pupil issues, hot/cold dysregulation, headaches, food intolerances… I had/have all of that. I went so long without sleep early on that I started hallucinating. My break came from a high A/G ratio. My doc felt like it warranted further testing so she did a larger antibody panel. I was high for AGA (gluten) and rocky mountain spotted fever. It was at that point that she began ordering lyme tests that looked at more than just Borrelia. The lyme urine test from DNA Connexions confirmed RMSF and found E. Chafeensis. It’s important to note that two different members on this site took the same test, with the same post vasectomy symptoms, and both tested positive for ehrlichia chafeensis. I spent 7 months on doxycycline and rifampin. After that she ordered a blood lyme panel from Vibrant Wellness and they diagnosed Babesia Microti, the pneumonias, and mycotoxins.

I’ve since been on mepron, zithromax, bactrim DS, plaquenil, anastrozole, and testosterone cypionate. I just switched from mepron to malarone last week. She also has me on handfuls of supplements, creams, drops, etc…its approximately 21 pills every morning depending on the day.

Babesia is the real deal. People don’t realize or appreciate how nasty this parasite can be. It puts lyme to shame as far as symptoms are concerned. A vast majority of my harshest symptoms can be traced back to babs, including constant headache, speech issues, and intracranial hypertension. It’s gonna be a long road back but I’m hopeful. I’m not totally sure how to connect the vasectomy. Thousands of lyme patients trigger symptoms with a stressful event, whether it be pain or emotional. There are thousands of stories out there. Rickettsia, which includes both RMSF and e. chafeensis, are both well known to lay dormant in the epididymis and are well known causes of epididymitis even without vasectomy. For me, was it the pain or the exposure from separation of the vas deferens. Ironically, i developed cysts on my right testicle within months of my tick exposure and several months prior to the vas. I’m convinced the bug was in there when he cut but at this point…what difference does it make. If I could prove its still in there, my right testicle would be gone tomorrow. I’m sterile and I’m taking testosterone, they’re strictly esthetic at this point anyways.

Feel free to reach out if you need to. I’m happy to help. Please get tested with a reputable PCR lab. It ain’t cheap but it could save your life. I’d be careful removing your alloy fillings. Research shows that you are exposed to more mercury during the removal of the fillings than you are chewing on them over a lifetime. I don’t care if they use a dental dam or not, the only way to do it right is with a $120k ventilation system that most dentist aren’t willing to pay for. Alloy removal is a very easy procedure and extremely lucrative if you are desperate to have them out. Dentists are crooks and alloy removal is a very crooked and lucrative business. Resin fillings commonly have BPA and other caustic agents. You really can’t win on that front. I’ve refused resin fillings my entire life in favor of silver fillings and they aren’t going anywhere for the time being.


You asked about disulfiram. My current goal is heavy babs treatment until Dec 31st, one week recovery, then start disulfarim immediately after. I’m nervous but i don’t drink even a little bit so hopefully that’ll help my situation. Haven’t tried the coffee game but you know what they say, “the best part of waking up is folgers in your butt!”



My mother has a horror story about silver/mercury fillings (amalgam). She had all of hers removed back in the mid to late 80’s due to illness, and other serious problems that modern academics ignore. She went to countless dentists, doctor’s, etc, and was treated like a kook for the most part. Seemed nobody could figure out what was wrong with her. Seems her journey into understanding the problem began with this book.

My wife had all of her amalgam fillings removed a couple years ago, and had them replaced with a non toxic white substance. They are said to not have the lifespan of amalgam fillings (IDK), but she did what she thought was best for her. The place she had them done at had the ventilation system, etc spoken about in the previous discussion.

I don’t have any amalgam fillings. I have the white version that contain toxic BPA. I’d rather have BPA in my mouth than mercury myself - but that’s just me. After what happened to my mother, no way would she allow me to have amalgam fillings. I am to much like her. The majority of my white fillings were done back in the late 80’s. Knock on wood - no problems so far.

Keep me posted on the disulfiram , you may know this but there are groups for each of these ailments on Facebook. I belong to tons of them and tend to obsess when I’m particularly sick. The only other thing I’ve come across that claims to kill not just beat into submission is bee venom therapy but its a 3 year commitment. In addition to the above issues I also have a tight spot in my esophagus that had been getting slowly worse many years before I got sick. Going for an endoscopy today but the doc thinks I need to have my upper esophageal sphincter sliced so I can stop choking on my food. At this point I no longer take pills and have to get meds in liquid form. Its not crazy bad as long as I have water while I eat but when my throat gets swollen from fungal overgrowth I can hardly function, it feels like I’m water boarding myself just swallowing spit. I’m hopeful to get my function back but scared to have surgery with this illness. I had also been considering a reversal but again it could make everything much worse i think. I’m leaning toward risking the throat surgery as its endoscopic so they would likely just go through my mouth and lazer cut the stricture out but it should be fun healing there with fungal growth. I’m watching closely in my disulfiram groups, its only a 4 month ish therapy and tons of people have just started so we should be getting valuable feedback soon. I’m trying hard to not go broke in all this. In the middle of this illness I had a few lucky breaks and have been able to sell my old house for a profit and convert and only pole barn into a nice cabin. I was afraid the pole barn would be more moldy than the old house but it just tested pretty low. I still have serious doubt about the mold being a factor. I even went on a mold sabbatical but to date I cant say for sure that I’ve had a noticeable reaction to mold. Who knows. Thanks for sharing

I was sure I was sick with toxic mold for many months of hell. I had been camping and staying at other people’s houses before I went on a mold sabbatical which is basically an experiment where you cut all ties with anything that you had previously touched and then go camp at high elevation to see if symptoms get better it if you notice a stronger reaction when you return home. I didn’t make it the full 2 weeks because i had a tooth infection that blew up at elevation. I decided to have it removed vs root canal. They gave me amoxicillin afterward and it instantly disolved 7 months of pain in 3 days and I felt pretty dang good for about 3 months drug free even. It was only after i got sick again and reviewed my health journal that I made the antibiotic connection.
In terms of mercury fillings, I’m down to a single one. I’d like to work on removing heavy metals but most of the chelation material says to remove the mercury first otherwise I risk distributing it in my body. I will probably focus on sweating to get out what I can as opposed to chelation. But then again its just that 1 filling, tempting…


My mother has had run ins with toxic mold too. My mother has many allergies, asthma, and isn’t quite the norm per se (her system). I do not have asthma BTW, but I do have a very sensitive and/or finiky system.

I was staying with someone for several weeks not long ago, and I was developing some abnormal respiratory problems. It didn’t take me long to zero in on a serious mold problem at the residence. The person that lives there full time has developed some serious respiratory problems deep in one of his lungs over years gone by, and their doctor’s cannot figure out what the problem is. I told the homeowner to seriously consider toxic strains of mold, a high count of various mold spores in the home - etc as the culprit. That person also suffers from some other strange stuff and/or symptoms. IMHO, some of their problems could be related to the mold as well.

Post vasectomy auto immune issues - Countless men talk about that stuff. Many suggest or claim that post reversal such symptoms cleared up. Far to many men have made such claims to disregard all of their statements as fiction.

I was like many of the men who report crazy stuff post vasectomy. Hormonal, night sweats, brain fog, and so on. I was leaking sperm bilaterally shortly post vasectomy (granulomas).

Those issues went away in a reasonable amount of time post reversal, or at least for the most part. I’d have to fact check myself - I have wrote about my experience here in the past. Unfortunately, I had two reversals in the past. If I had went with someone more focused on fertility rather than just pain the first time, I highly doubt that I would’ve had a second reversal. Furthermore, it’s also possible that I might still be fertile today if I had got it right the first time. Redo reversals do not have the patency statistics that a first time reversal hold. I didn’t know that beforehand (sigh).

Given the odd genetics that I inherited from my mother, if I had known the truth about vasectomy beforehand, there’s no way I would’ve risked it. I am to much like my mother. I had a really bad feeling beforehand, but I never would’ve guessed just how deep and complex the rabbit hole was that I was getting myself involved in. Welcome to modern medicine.

Hard to say what’s going on with you - it could be one of these things, perhaps several of these things, or perhaps none of the things we are discussing in this thread.

PS - I’d have to pick my mom’s brain in regard to my previous statement regarding how many of her amalgam fillings she had removed. I also don’t know if she had one cracked filling, more than one cracked filling, perhaps an improperly installed filling, some other related complication, etc. IDK at the moment, but I will ask her the next time I see her.

While mold has been something I’m concerned about, i have never had respiratory issues or many of the common mold issues. From my experience mold at most is silently disabling my immune system. Lately i am leaning more toward leaking sperm is taxing my immune system and some type of tick illness is the real issue. I hope that if I tackle the tick illness that I’m still not sure I even have that my body will handle the vasectomy like most men with slim to no issues. This would explain how my girlfriend and I both got sick and why antibiotics are so effective at reducing symptoms. Each of these areas are so mysterious and untestable that there will have to be some guess work and trial and error. I have times where I feel pretty good so I’m hopeful that its still possible to recover. Thanks


I hope you get better, and/or find some answers too.

Figured I’d post another link to another book that is relevant to part of this discussion.

“It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness”

Boy, the title says it all. That’s exactly what my mother was being told by many dentists and doctors back in the day, and many urologists tell their clients the exact same thing all to often.

@Citizen5, and whomever may come across this thread in time…

I talked with my mother, and got the details regarding her horror story regarding amalgam fillings.

She had 6-7 amalgam fillings put on her mouth by her late teens. She got married in 1973, and she didn’t see a dentist for at least 10+ years after the fact. She never experienced anything weird during that time period. In 1985 she had 2-3 more amalgam fillings put into new cavities. She says that’s what set things off.

Her symptoms began ~3 weeks after the fact. Lots of saliva, breathing problems, heart palpitations, severe headaches, clenched hands, etc. It got to the point where she was balled up on the floor in a fetal position.

Somewhere ~3 weeks after the fact, she was taken to the ER several times, seen several doctors and dentists - etc. Eventually she found a dentist that diagnosed her with mercury poisoning. He referred her to another dentist who agreed with the diagnosis. I will note that there were no cracked fillings, improperly installed fillings, etc.

That dentist removed all of her amalgam fillings. He removed one top and one bottom quarter per session, and he replaced them with the resin type that contain BPA (white).

My mother says that after all was finished, it took about ~3 weeks to recover from that part alone. She says her body was depleted of vitamin C, and she started taking 5K+ mg doses daily for quite some time afterwards. She says it took about 6-9 months for her crazy symptoms to go away, and feel normal again.

I do not wish to disclose my mother’s identity, nor my own, but get this - the dentist that did all the work, helped her, etc - he wrote a published paper that contains details regarding my mother’s horror story back in the 80’s. I’m going to guess that published paper can also be found in one of the countless books that have been written about this controversial subject. Many of them books are written by dentist’s, and/or high achieving scholars that have solid backgrounds.

I’ve had 2 sperm granulomas. You will definitely feel them in the sac as it is acute pain rather than dull ache; in my case, they hung from the vas or attached to my testicle/epi. 2 weeks of Celebrex 400mg got rid of them both times.