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Post Vas Reversal, fingers crossed!

Greetings from Australia.

Short version:
Had my Vasectomy in 2015 (Australian Army)

Suffered severe pain ever since - usually 3-6/10, with fairly frequent 10/10 spikes. Both sides. More on the right.

After years of stress, uncomfortable conversations at work (Why can’t you run/jump/crawl/whatever?) I finally got one of our doctors to listen to me and refer me to a Urologist.

After another year of the pain management/psychologist/psychiatrist/urologist merry-go-round (not to mention a crazy cocktail of drugs to try and mask the symptoms) my Urologist finally agreed that the best course of action would be a reversal.

Two weeks later it had been approved (paid for by the Army) and I was in surgery.

I’m now 2 weeks post surgery, and hoping recovery continues.

Early days yet, but I feel hopeful.

Anyway, thank you all for the great info and support I see on this forum, and good luck on your individual journeys.


I had mine in March. Things that I found useful:

  • Avoid heavy exercise like jogging, especially soccer; after these activities I feel pain for a day but then it subsided. Any activity that causes my balls be hit by my legs from inside is a no no.

  • Have vitamins. I additionally have ginko bilboa and horny goal leaves - these are heavy sperm producers (should be avoided by anyone who is not yet reversed) and these keep “keep things flowing”.

  • Take things slow, as many will tell you here.

Good luck!!

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Thanks Friend!

The most exercise I get lately is transferring from couch to bed! Haha! I’ll definitely be easing into it. I’ve spent too long in pain to go charging back into life head first!

I’ll check out vitamins. Any recommendations (besides ginkgo and horny goat)?

Good luck mate! Had mine reversed in October 2018. Best decision I ever made. Pain and a huge drop in testosterone was the result of my vas. I can now comfortably say, pain 100% gone, testosterone doubled and proven via three month blood work.

Do not listen to what you know isn’t true. Every uro and GP will fob you off. Hang in there. It will get better.