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Post reversal hematoma, advice?

I had a reversal for pain about 3.5 weeks ago. So far the right side has healed up very well. If both sides felt like the right I’d be ecstatic. I have what appears to be a hematoma on the left side, above the testical, near the shaft, and it extends a bit into the flesh over the pubic bone. The hematoma is putting pressure on my left spermatic cord and testicle. The left testicle also swells up fairly dramatically when the hematoma is aggravated or swelling up. It actually seems like some flesh or sac around the testical swells up cause it feels like a soft layer on top of a harder inner layer. Overall its not painful if I’m laying or reclining. But I can only sit, stand, or move about so much until it gets bad and I have to rest and ice. I have not been able to return to work yet because of it.

Over the last week I haven’t seen any measurable improvement in the hematoma. I’m still icing several times a day which helps considerably with the pain and swelling. I didn’t think icing would be required this long after surgery. Wearing the tightest most compressive support underwear I have helps keep the testicle swelling in check. It might diminish the size of the hematoma a bit, hard to say. I tried some heat but that seemed to set of swelling.

The surgeon and internet say give it time. But how long? I feel like this is putting my recovery at risks with a new complication. Are there any other remedies folks have used to treat a hematoma successfully at home? Medically it seems like the only thing available is having it drained. Hoping to avoid it but I’m not clear at all at what point I should pursue that option. Should I lay off supplements and medicine that act as blood thinners? i.e. the same stuff you avoid before surgery. Or is that helpful in breaking it down? I’d welcome any and all advice.

Took around 4 months for my haematoma to reabsorb. Have a look at arnica and serrapeptase tablets. They suppose to help with post operative swelling

4 months! Not what I wanted to hear but thanks for the honesty. Did you have any lasting damage or pain that you attribute too to the hematoma? Any reason you opted not to drain it?

Unfortunately this is the nature of the beast! No lasting damage, I was told that if I drain it, there’s a chance it would come back, so decided just to leave it alone.