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There is no need to completely derail this thread with all of that my friend. What you are getting into goes way beyond the title of this thread. You are free to believe in whatever you want to believe in. Please do not take my statement as a personal attack on your belief system. You’re first post on this site was rather snarky, and now this. Please get it together.

This is a bit out of context. I can debate the topic with you in another forum not here :slight_smile:

Please take the off topic stuff to private message (PM) gentlemen. This thread started out as something that could have been very useful to others in the present and future. Now it’s becoming totally jacked.

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No need, sir. I didn’t make the statement for a debate. I don’t debate my faith in God.

I would like to say more, but I won’t. As I understand it’s just my flesh wanting to fight a battle that is not mines to fight.

I think this is a good topic to report on the post-reversal experience, I will ensure I keep it going with my updates. I agree @RingoStar this is a useful topic to continue discussing.

I didn’t have clips. I don’t think the initial vas was necessarily too low. I had an air gap plus some fascial interpositon. That comprimises and obviously removes a good amount of vas right there. Good reversal surgeons don’t try to hook up the two ends unless they both have good blood supply and are not clogged. They resect until they get to clear fluid. I think on my right he had to resect a bit more due to “thickness” of the “stuff” in the lower end on that side. No sense hooking you up if there is not good clear fluid on the lower end. So I probably had some damage due to cautery/inflammation and the bout of epididymitis I had on that side. I think he just had to go lower to get to clear fluid. In hingsight I would rather he just have removed the old scar tissue and put me back together on that side as best as possible with minimal cautery and suturing. I’d probably have better “swing’” and things would feel better down there.

For me I made the right decision based on everything I knew and my particular situation. I’m typing this and have not committed suicide and I’m working full time so I’m good. I’m not the same though and I know my life would have been much better without vasectomy.

Bottom line. Don’t get a vasectomy unless it’s your idea and you want one. If anyone is pushing you to do it tell them to fu** off. If it’s your wife tell her you’ll divorce her. If it’s a friend or relative tell them to fu** off.

Only get a vasectomy if you want one for you which many guys do. Good for them.


Covid19 is putting a lot of pressure on me these days being the person I am with four kids and the free America it’s hard to trust anything and this is the reason I have not been here for a while - actually learning a lot about a nano meter scale virus that has brought the world to its knees. More important than my hell vasectomy and later reversal. Doctors are dying, in Iran and in Italy we are seeing a devastating history has never seen before. Now in Iran every hour there are 42 getting infected and god knows how many will die …

To make the story short I’m doing much better than pre reversal. No ejaculation yet for like two week and half and will wait until three weeks is over.

First week lived with ice on and off, and with Tylenol and narco, things went ok, mostly in bed legs up or straight and worked from home. Went to work second week but then rerouted back home to work from home. Two weeks after reversal I felt lichee in the scrotum, tried to take is slow, did not hug or carry kids, no lifting or spots, not much walking. Some driving etc. now I feel it’s coming back, like it’s getting better. I still see stitches on the sack and they’re there in the middle right below the penis and likely there pressure relief of fluid discharge (which I did not have much).

Now I feel:

  • my cognition and energy up there is higher. Feel like the circuitry is reconnected. Can be placebo who know right?
  • pre ejaculate happens time to time, more than during vasectomy, all positive
  • morning boners are more or less happening and seem normal
  • sense of relief as I don’t feel back pressure on the right side but pinches are there time to time and I feel mostly the sutures are whaling but the wires are probably there rousting and hurting.


  • urinate pressure has come back, and it did since day 1: I can control the pressure when pissing and the line empties when I’m done!! So it’s not that I am getting old and it’s in my head: it was a problem with prostate and now it seems relieved. Hoping the same will happen with ejaculate…

Anyway that’s all for now. Will report more hopefully after the curves are flattened!!!

Best to you all: STAY HOME!!

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My understanding is as Dr Marks also mentioned in his very old message the lower and the closer to epi the worse it gets. That surely was my issue. Thanks for the long message and I agree: I was pushed by others to go do it - just because another guy was ok after doing it I should not have Ben tempted to go do it. It was foolish … but that’s history now.

My first intercourse post reversal wasn’t anywhere close to what I expected. It was sort of dull, and was not joyful at all. Pain level was ok, not much really, but no improvement in sensitivity. That’s strange.

Honestly I was very nervous before and during because I felt something would happen. Luckily nothing bad happened but not much good happened either. It was a dull orgasm.

My feeling is my T has dropped since reversal. Never been this way: 3 weeks no sex and I was sort of careless all this time. That’s a little strange. And now I’m still like that however it’s probably normal to feel this way one day after sex.

Not sure what to expect next. Hope the dull ness starts improving with time.


Doctor offices are close and likely won’t see a doctor in the next month or so for sorry count (which I want it to stay low :pensive:).

It takes months for things get back to normal, just be patient. I started enjoying it roughly around a year post reversal. Saying that, just be careful with too much activity, as you may irritate nerves down there

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Thanks yes I feel like down there still needs time to heal. However I am still careful with strenuous things that I do. Did a little bit soccer with my daughter, and felt ok but a bit like being pushed down there.

@SomeGreyBIoke My understanding is, and based on your comments and my own observation, the less irritated the nerves around the vas and testicles are the better it feels generally and during orgasm. I had started seeing improvements after like three months in post vas (which really went down the drain later). This probably lasts longer to heal though doctor recommendation is in four weeks things get back to normal. Not sure :thinking: if that’s really true.

SA tomorrow with Kavoussy. Gave my sample last week. Will see how things are.

So far comfort and pain levels are ok. Tingling son both sides happen still but not in a major way. Prostate is better and pressure is improving.

Will write up something soon.

Has any one in the group fathered a child after a reversal?

Based on your comments I get the idea that a number of guys in the forum feel that the were forced to have a vasectomy and was not really ready to deal with it.

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Had a reversal three months after initial vasectomy due to constant pain. Pain continued after reversal, although changed in nature somewhat from a sharp local pain to a more diffuse burning sensation.

Only tested sperm levels once after reversal, which did indicate presence of sperm although no count or motility recorded.

Now one year post reversal - perhaps after Covid I will retest my sperm count with more detail and maybe do a T test also.

My feeling is that my pain is nerve related - even a year later I still have swollen, hard, sore epis, but docs don’t seem to find that particularly interesting. I have been placed on meds which make pain manageable, but I don’t see an end point at this time!

I did. Vas in March 2005, pain onset October 2005, reversal June 2006, 4th daughter born September 2007.

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