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Post op pain 1.5yr later?

Hey all, new here, so I thought I’d ask the group a question and hopefully get some guidance. I got a vasectomy a year and half a go, no issues, one side took a little longer to heal, but was back to work in 4 days.

About a 2 weeks ago, I had some discomfort on one side where there appears to be a tiny lump where surgery was done. I aggravated it more when I continued to workout a day or two after as this was new to me. My Urologist said is normal. He recommended take it easy, take aleve, compression shorts, etc., until the mild pain goes away.

Again, my surgery was a year and half ago, no issues, and I’m highly active, boxing, muay-thai, weights, etc. I’m thinking, maybe I pulled something while exercising during the quarantine? Has this happened to anyone else after they were perfectly healed?

I went to my Dr. on Friday, he said everything is fine in the region, and I could get an ultrasound if wanted to, which I will, just to be safe, but I worry about this pain happening frequently in the future? I find it strange that it came out of nowhere.

Thanks in advance for any insight or similar stories. I really want to get back on my active horse again and my workout regimen.

Many men on this forum, perhaps not a majority but many like me, had a normal recovery with pain onset later. In my case 8-9 months post-op.

Back in 2005 when it happened to me, the conventional wisdom was that it took us more time to become congested. In my case, though, I’ve never had the congested-epi form of PVPS. In fact, during my reversal, the doc noted “actively leaking” on both vas tips on his post-op notes.

I’ve since read many papers about nerve pain and damage settling in post-vasectomy and on other surgeries a year post-op. The PUR Clinic cites something called Wallerian Degeneration of nerves taking time, not something that happens immediately during the surgery. Learning about this in 2017, I’m confident that’s what happened to me a decade earlier. My inciting event that brought on pain was bicycling.

At the same time, don’t panic. It’s not a life sentence and can be “turned off” if that’s what you have. I had 10 years pain-free after my reversal because I was no longer flooding my scrotum with sperm which was, in turn, caused my immune system to create more and more scar tissue.

IF you have aggravated nerves, I’d strongly suggest a supplement called Nerve Shield. It’s helped me tremendously. If you want to add a natural anti-inflammatory, I’d suggest Zyflamend. I take one of each every day. A few months ago, I stopped the Nerve Shield as a test, and my pain levels returned (back at 0-1 consistently now with no OTC or prescription meds).

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Just read the ingredients list, I take most of the herbs individually. I’m hoping that my setback will eventually settle down too

Thank you so much for the reply. I will definitely look into those. I really want to avoid a reversal if at all possible and I hope this passes. I appreciate any details from anyone who went through something similar, thanks!

@gharriga, there are many possibilities as to your symptoms. I would be looking for the obvious first.

Might want to check out the link below and read through all of the subtopics. It’s an educational and fairly accurate read.

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Cool thank you for your help!

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Ultrasound UPDATE:

So, I received my results from previous 2 weeks of discomfort, keep in mind my VAS surgery was 1.5yrs ago. The ultrasound said I had “tiny mild hydrocele,” which doesn’t warrant any draining or surgery. Also, a “slight right epidydimal ectasia.” He recommended keep taking Aleve and compression underwear. From my research online it seems common and should go away on its own. My question is, how long? His anyone had this experience? Any recommendations to get back to where I was kickboxing again? thanks all!

Thanks for the update @gharriga. Glad you are working with a urologist who seems to be taking a typical path regarding the ultrasound and concervative options for the time being.

It’s always a good idea to diagnose and/or rule out findings via ultrasound. It’s probably one of the most common and valuable diagnostic tools in a urologist’s toolbox when it comes to testicular pain.

When I seen this quote ^^^, to me it read more like a description of sperm granuloma, or something along those lines. I assume it’s fair to say that there was no mention of such findings during the physical exam nor ultrasound.

Your symptoms definitely might clear up, or very close to it on its own. I don’t think anyone could tell you how long your recovery might take, including your doc or uro. There are to many variables involved to accurately predict such things, including everyone is different. Just hope that there are no new developments and you make some progress over the weeks and months to come.

This seems to be a rather vague condition. To me it seems to fall somewhere between this that and the other. In all honesty, it’s kind of a new one on me.

As for “slight right epididymal ectasia” seems to fall somewhere between this that and the other, if you come to the point where you feel like you are on the wrong path, you might try searching the internet with other key words such as epididymal hydrocele, epididymal cyst, or other search terms within relevant articles.

Hope that helps. Perhaps someone else who can truly relate to your symptoms and findings will chime in.

Edited - I forget to ask you if you recall any event that may have been associated with your onset of pain?

PS, please post some updates on this thread as you wish. I am definitely interested in learning more and/or hearing how things go over time.

Thanks so much for all of this, I really am grateful. It is very hard to find answers online and you have been wonderful with these posts. So, the onset of all of this I believe was a result of working out. I am very active, but I think when it started getting better and was trying to ease back into my routine and flared up again. I am just hoping it gets back to normal soon.

That is interesting and valuable additional information. It’s not surprising either.

There are quite a few guys on this site that have some sort of physical trigger in their story - but as a whole they have a wide array of findings.

I have a testicular pain trigger story myself but it happened several years pre vas. It took me about ~9 months to recover to the point where it didn’t bother me to much anymore, but I never recovered 100%.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor. I am an avid researcher on this topic as a whole that has personal experience with testicular pain, concervative options, vasectomy pain, surgical procedures, complications, and so on. What worked for me and the next guy might not work for you. All of our stories have similarities, yet they are all unique in many ways.

Another thing I should run by you is - you might want to consider getting a second opinion elsewhere. Perhaps the doc/uro you are working with is way off. Perhaps they are ignorantly and/or arrogantly dismissive, or perhaps they are missing something. IDK, just some thoughts.

I have heard of that kind of stuff many times. I have also heard of ultrasound techs and the doctors that sign off on the interpretation/s of ultrasound findings, etc, missing something important the first, second, etc, time around. That is not the norm, but you have to keep in mind that medical professionals and their gizmos are far from perfect.

Anyway, I hate to give you a whole lot more input as I am not in your body day in day out. I do not know every single detail about your case. I am not your doctor, urologist, and so on. I tend to think that whatever is going on with you has been addressed to some extent in my previous posts, links, etc.

Assuming your doc or uro is spot on with his/her diagnosis - tips for concervativly managing a testicular hydrocele can be found online with ease. Just type “tips managing testicular hydrocele” or other relevant key words into a search engine.

I have thought about ^^^ for several days. Again, it’s literally a new one on me. After I read through the literature, I’m not sure what to think about such a diagnosis. How did anyone come to that conclusion, and/or how was this diagnosis made?

Side note - in my case, there came a point where it was helpful for me to obtain the written findings and digital images from all of my ultrasounds. You might consider doing the same if you get to the point where you feel like you are heading down the wrong path and/or want to become more of an active player in your case specifically.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again my friend, I’ll keep you posted and just may get a 2nd opinion if things don’t get any better for sure! Also I used the wording that was at the summary on the bottom of the ultrasound. I was unable to find much in the internet except hydraceales are mostly not painful unless they are large enough to cause swelling and need draining

My pain set in 4 years after my surgery, still hoping to understand more,
Haven’t had an ultrasound yet.

Yeah, my gut tells me that you won’t need to get a second opinion any time soon - if ever. My gut tells me you should stick with concervative options as per your doc. Concervative options such as OTC or prescription meds, OTC supplements, supportive underwear, time, whatever else your doc may have recommend, and so on.

Try to not overdo it during you’re workouts as well. Try to take it easy a little more often. Try to give your boy a chance to adjust, heal, and settle down. Don’t be feeling around down there often either.

During my pre vas pain incident which involved a left varicocele, I was very concerned as I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I was feeling around down there all the time, and it definitely did not help calm anything down. In fact, it seemed to make things worse.

Yeah, thanks for that. Seems the diagnosis was made via ultrasound. At least one of the articles I linked earlier suggested the same, but I wanted to be more certain rather than assume.

I have linked a few articles to this site about hydroceles that were not very informative either. Here’s a couple more, perhaps they will be helpful or useful to someone.

Many of us long timers know all of the concervative options. I think I pointed out the main ones earlier. I’m not sure if ice or heat would help, but maybe. Hot, warm, or cold soaks? Maybe. There are more concervative options, but nothing comes to mind as a concervative treatment that would be relevant to hydrocele/s specifically.

Back in ~2006 I jumped through all of the hoops you recently did. Physical exam, ultrasound, diagnosis. A couple of concervative options were recommended to me, and out the door I went. I am certain that I was a bit confused about everything, including my future.

If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck

Again thanks so much for your support my friend. This past week was much better, did some mild cardio, no weights, wore my jock strap when working out and made a huge difference. I thinking training kickboxing a few weeks ago without a strap is probably what triggered All of this since Ive always worn one pre and post vas at my classes. I guess being in quarantine I didnt feel the need to strap up when training and maybe I agitated that area. Thats my theory so far. This week went well but I had a little bit of discomfort return after some time with the Mrs., not during, but after, so I guess theres still healing to be done

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