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Post-micturition dribble

Part of this hellish situation that is the PVPS is, in my case, the post-micturition dribble or post-void dribble. Anyone else passed or is going through this? How did you solve it?
Thank you!

Hey man, I know everyone is different, and this may or may not help you, but it does help me.

What I do: after it feels like I’m done urinating I’ll take 2 fingers and press up on the “taint” area just behind my balls a couple, three, or four times and that usually clears 98% of whatever urine would usually come out once I started walking.

Give it a try and see if it helps.

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I had god awful prostatitis symptoms after my vasectomy. After I got reversed all of that resolved. It can be hellish to have those sorts of issues as a man.


@Lee1985 Yes, yesterday I started doing that and it helps!

@MikeO I´m not ready for reversal yet but thinking about it really often!. The prospect of a worse outcome prevents me from making the decision.

@Arynoso hey man, glad it helps some for you. I know how frustrating that left over dribble can be.

I had my vasectomy Dec 21, 2018 and I developed a hydrocele on my right side and pain on my left A small bit above my testicle.

I had a hydrocelectomy Oct 24, 2019 (6 weeks ago) and I’m still trying to recover from that. I haven’t had a pain free day in almost a year.

I went from a active 34 year old, lifting weights at least 3x a week to celebrating getting in a 1-2 mile walk a few times a week.

I had several friends get a vasectomy before me and had no complications. I even went in 2017 for a consultation and put it off a year, went back and the urologist reassured me he had never had a single case with an issue.

I decide to do it and get messed up pretty good. Some days it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around. I have a wonderful wife who has been very supportive through all this and a 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

I’ve heavily considered a reversal myself but I thought maybe the hydrocele should get fixed first, and I’m terrified of the reversal causing more pain.

This hydrocelectomy has been rough too, I’m just praying one day I’ll wake up and be back to normal.

I’m currently on diclofenac for inflammation and I take all the vitamins people list on here and started papaya seed powder a couple weeks ago.

I figure i wouldn’t dream of a reversal so soon after the hydrocelectomy so why not give it a shot to see if it helps any of the pain I’m feeling.

I can’t even tell what kind of pain I have congestion or nerve or what.

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@Lee1985 This is so bad… I cannot believe we are in this situation…
I just want to this to be over for everyone of us.


Good for you. I was by no means implying that you should do that and I don’t think you do that unless all else fails and even then there are other options.

I know how annoying those symptoms can be.

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@ Mike I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t express myself correctly because I didn’t read your lines as a suggestion to get a reversal. I was just expressing my thoughts.

As for the other options. I have read a lot in this forum and I have already tried:

Papaya seeds and different supplements
Pelvic floor therapy
Spermatic cord block
Cannabis oil
Scrotal support

Megablock (Dr. P)

Is there something I am forgetting?

Thank you!

i always followed the advice of ‘milking’ (?) ‘behind’ the balls but this doesn’t always work for everyone. what has worked a treat for me is doing it ‘in front’ of the balls.
everyone’s internals are different and most people will say, the area between balls and arse is the way to go but urine just ends up stuck in the same place then proceeds to come out after when walking or sitting down (annoying!!)
try using the edge of your thumb on the ‘very’ base of your penis, between penis and balls. there is about an inch of urethra that is missed using the perineum method.

not caused by vasectomy by the way

I’m going to try it, thanks !!

I have developed the dribble, too, post-vas; although it could be age-related as well. Maybe I would have developed it without vas? Anyway, I’ll try that method using two fingers after urinating.

Using the technique above, I get no dribbles at all after peeing. Just make sure it’s not between ball bag and anus but between ball bag and base of penis, a bit further up.

It appears to be caused by that little bit of excess fat in the pubic region not allowing us to fully drain the penis after peeing with squeezing as access is denied due to the fat.

You don’t have to be excessively fat for this to occur, it’s just something that happens as we age. I have a relatively healthy weight, go to the gym and cycle but still have the fat pad. I’m sure if I did more and had a stricter diet this wouldn’t be the case but hey ho, I like my food!

Important to also keep your prostate healthy as you age as this too will have an effect on your urology. Google ‘looking after your prostate’.

If anyone in their 40’s, this is for you…

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