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Possible Congestion ON Testosterone? (TRT)

So a bit of a background on me:

Had no scalpel vasectomy 2.5 years ago. Day 3 my pain shot up to a 10/10 on my RIGHT side and had to do 10 days of antibiotics and NSAIDs.
Settled down, went on TRT after 6 months (my levels were low before the vasectomy), and over the next 1.5 years my sperm granuloma progressively got worse, began to ache more and more, 2 steroid blocks didn’t work so proceeded to have the granuloma removed. 1 year total of excruciating pain which has since resolved.

In the following weeks after I had the granuloma removed, I would get the odd pain on my left testicle. At first I thought it was a strange referred nerve pain because it would never seem to hurt on both sides at once. Over this past year this pain has gotten worse.

Now I have severe pain on my left testicle. Xray in February showed “things were normal with very little scar tissue”, had an appointment with a urologist like 2 weeks ago and he says “things feel normal” and shrugged his shoulders as usual. I have another ultrasound scheduled for next month.

It feels like my epididymis is hard and swollen compared to the other side, and the back of my testicle feels bruised. I can still jog and do my job, but sitting on hard surfaces can sometimes be a challenge. I use to work out 5 days a week before Covid started, but I haven’t since because I’ve been afraid of hurting my balls more and also staying away because of Covid.

The pain is strange, some days it’ll go back down to 0-2 pain for a week, and then it flares up for a week. Very off and on, like my other side was. Sex and orgasms are still OK, although I feel my penis sensitivity and orgasm strength has dulled out a bit.

I was hoping the TRT would sort of be a saving grace, but apparently it hasn’t. My balls have only shrinked maybe 15-20% on it?

Hi mate can I suggest you ask for an MRI scan and not ultrasound, as an ultrasound will show your testicle are fine , were as an MRI SHOWS The swelling and blow outs that can be in your epi.

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Will do through my regular doctor then. I also didn’t mention I started amitriptyline 2 weeks ago.