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Poll: Which side hurts more?


I’ve read a lot of PVPS stories now, and it seems to me that there is one side that typically hurts more than the other. Before I tell you which one I think it is, I want to run a poll. Which side hurts more or more often for you?

  • Left side hurts more
  • Right side hurts more
  • They hurt the same

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Hi Ethan don’t know weather this will help you or not mine is due to how the closed mine I had the non scalpel vesctomy he worked on my right hand side in theatre they tend to be left side just how things are set up mine was in a doc surgery that deal with 3 countrys for vesctomy not a OPP theatre as he closed he caught my testical in first sergical clamp at the top of the testical. Now just 2 and a 3 months since opp.

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