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Please show me a way... What must i do


You May know my story …
My left vas deference entrapted in to the hernia mesh. İ felt sexual pain and mesh was removed. Now big scar is formed and again vas deference is captured in the scar tissue. That scar cannot be removed because if removed bigger scar is formed.
My pain is related to erotic aurosal pain in the vas and ejaculation and post ejaculation pains…
Pain is not so much. A strange knife cut feeling in the groin.
When i thing or see something attractive or when i Kiss my wife then i feel pain (2/10) in the vas level.
İf we want to have sex then in the begining i feel pain. İn the ejaculation Same pain. Sometimew i dont feel pain because orgams iş much more higher.

  1. aurosal pain (2/10)
  2. ejaculation pan (2/10)
  3. post ejaculation discomfort in the groin (1/10)
  4. daily pain. Allodynia. (1-2/20)
  5. masturbation pain (9/10)
  6. depression (8/10)
  7. do nothing live with this
  8. radio frequency (risks; permanent damage) (temproray relief)
  9. orchiectomy (risks; phantom pain. Reduced libido. Strange scrotum. Depression ??)
    So what do You suggest???
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You’re in a different state than many of the men here in that you have identified the pain generator. In some respects, that puts you ahead of the majority here who are trying to figure out which nerve is impacted or if they have congestive pain.

I think your analysis that removing scar tissue simply generates more scar tissue is spot on. It’s the reason I’ve avoided surgery for the past 3 years and have tried to solve my pain in other ways.

Could you tell us where you feel the pain and where the vas is entrapped? I’m guessing the vas is entrapped up in the pubic region but that you’re feeling pain scrotum.

My father had a vasectomy up high in the pubic region rather than the scrotum while simultaneously having hernia repair. Pretty rare.

I’m wondering if that approach would work for you. In other words, sever the vas above where it’s entrapped to cut off the nerves that are transmitting the pain.

I guess my best advice would be to seek out opinions from a variety of surgeons. Urological, general, peripheral nerves. You may be a good case for Dr. Williams at the Dellon Institute.

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