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Please help!... Epididymitis after vasectomy


Hi everyone,

So now Im 4.5 months after my vasectomy and have been diagnosed with epididymitis since 1st week, confirmed by several ultrasounds and also varicocele (both on left side). My right side is completely healthy. My uro said this is not infection and it is due to sperm pressure, so it is “congestive epididymitis”. Does this ever goes away? Have been 4.5 months with discomfort and mild to moderate pain in my left nut. Does anyone went thru something like this? Any suggestions? :frowning: I dont know if I should consider surgical options.

Thanks in advance!



Yes mate I know that pain well mild to heavy pain depending what I was doing sex was not pleasant it took that from me. And it lasted 26 years turned me into a full of regret person



Hey Andrew, sounds familiar. I had mine done Aug 2018, and have had similar problems on/off since. Lots of good info here (looks like you already commented on one of the longer threads elsewhere). For me, papaya seed powder (off Amazon) has definitely gotten me back to 95%. Only occasional twinges of discomfort. Good luck, and sorry you’re here.



Hi @Chad85, thanks so much for your advice! my papaya seed powder is on its way :slight_smile: what is the dose you are taking of this powder and how long it took to bring you relief?



I have very similar symptoms but I’m only 2 months post vasectomy.

Balls are sore, tubes feel swollen and painful.

I’m going to order papaya seed today.

Already done 4 weeks of bactrim and a steroid pack (which provided temporary relief).



@Chad85 I have the same symptoms as @Andrew24 and have had those for two years post vasectomy. Antibiotics helped a lot but still have issues and mild pain time to time. Biggest issue is numbness and lack of sensitivity likely due to the same epididymitis.

See my other longer posts.

My question is: how much papaya seed per day, how to mix it, and what grade? Can you post a direct link from amazon?



Sorry for delay, I’m not on here a whole lot. I started taking 1/2 tsp twice a day, and within 3 days started feeling better. I’m at 1/4 tsp twice a day now, and if I forget/skip 2-3 days I start to feel twinges again.



Bulk Supplements is the seller on Amazon.



@Chad85 that’s great. Thank you very much. Ordered it right away.



hey dont worry!.. thanks for the info!! will follow the same dose to see how I improve.

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Hey @Chad85 do you feel a difference between one full tsp once and half twice? I am knit picking here but I want to see if this is something that helps? I started with one full tsp yesterday but can convert to half twice. It’s just easier to do it once a day!!!



I don’t know if the dosage amount specifically made a difference, but I do know that when I got lazy/sloppy and skipped a few days that I began to swell/feel tenderness again, which began going away as soon as I resumed taking the powder. It sure seems like it helps…