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Persisting pain 4 months after surgery

My story: I had my vasectomy in september 2020. Pain resisted for months. First on both testikels, later on only on the left side and in my groil and the inner side of my upper leg. In april 2021 I had a second operation. The original vasectomy was turned into an open end vasectomy, scar tissue was removed (they said a nerve was pinched) and some peripharal nerves were cut through (neurolyse).

Now after another four months the pain resists:

  • My left testikel is still hurting all the time. A nagging constant feeling.
  • Every morning I wake up and my scrotum is tingling. During the day the tingling comes and goes, when I’m sitting.
  • There is pain in my groil and inner side of my upper leg.
  • The pain gets worse after effort (sport) or a short time during ejaculation and also the days after drinking too much.
  • It does effect my quality of life every day. Fysical and mental. It makes me depressive and hopeless.

My questions are:

  • Does somebody recognize these symptoms and is willing to share the outcome of it?
  • What can be the cause of the tingling and is that a good or a bad sign? Is it possible it will fade away in time.
  • What can I expect after 4 months. Is there hope that giving it time will solve the problems?
  • Are there any other options left: is reversal of the vasectomy (vasovasectomy) an option to get rid of the pain? Is that even possible after my surgery?

Thank you.

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This sounds like nerve related rather than congestion. I would consider nerve meds like amitriptyline, gabapentin, lyrica. Maybe try pelvic floor physical therapy. Try ice and warm baths. Definitely would look into reversal and SCD (spermatic cord denervation).

@Sentosa Thank you for your answer. Why do you think it is more nerve related rather than congestion.
What are typical symptoms of congestion?
I thought a reversal is more chosen for congestion problems and spermatic cord denervation for nerve related problems. Is that right or not?
At night (lying down) there is less pain. During daytime my testicle and groin hurts more. Another sign of nerve pain? I’m new here and in search of some answers now pain persist.

Your symptoms sounds very similiar to what I had for also close 3 to 4 months. Had numerous visits back to the Urologist but he could not find anything specific. Just kept me on ant-inflammatories and pain meds to cope with the discomfort. It seems that the pain have now resolved on its own. For the past month I now feel almost back to normal for the first time. (taking no meds) No pain during running, exercise or sex.

Hopefully your resolve on its own as well. My advice is just to give it time, in general most guys i have spoken to says recovery was 1 -2 months rather than the 2 weeks the Urologist indicates.


The tingling you mentioned is a sign of nerve origin. Someone else here would have a better answer for congestion as my pain is probably nerve related. I think congestion would have swelling of the epididymis. I had a reversal of my left side. In theory, reversal might sound better for congestion, but it’s a conservative treatment option. May be worth a shot for either case. My pain level dropped 5-10% after reversal.

Thank you, the tingling is more present when I’m waking up in the morning (lying down) and when I’m sitting.
There is still a dull ache (nagging pain), but after a week of flaring up my testicle seems to calmed down a bit. Can that be a sign of fragile recovery? I hope so.

Do you mind if I ask how long your pain lasted?

@Elijah110 I had my Vas in september 2020, and a open end (with removal of scar tissue and neurolyse left side) in april 2021. Still every day in pain. So 4 months now after my second surgery. My left testicle seems to calm down a bit. But it fluctuates. Testicle pain, tingling and pain in my groin. Hope it will resolve itself but that’s only hope. Still having mentally and fysically a hard time.

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Yea the mental toll I’ve found to be immense. Hang in there. From what I’ve been reading, a lot of guys are saying it can resolve itself.

Another chapter in my story. The urologist won’t take my questions too seriously. Says I have to go to a psychologist because it’s all in my head.
Reversal has no use he says, and they can’t figure out which nerve causes the pain. So denervation is no option. My tingling, he doesn’t know what can cause that. He’s done. Tried an open end with neurolyse and that’s it. Pain is still there but only a psychologist can help, he says. Unbelievable a dr who says he’s an expert won’t listen. Another door closed in my face.

I’m really sorry to hear this @Padi. I lost count as to how many members of this site alone have been told exactly that by their vasectomists or urologists.

As I have said before - you or anyone else have got to ask yourselves how these people supposedly became qualified to tell you or anyone else such a thing. Since when did urologists, vasectomists, etc’s, become qualified to make such diagnosis and tell their clients such nonsense.

Believe it or not, doctor’s telling their clients it’s all in your head is happening in countless fields within modern medicine. One example - several decades ago, a dentist had the audacity to tell my mother everything she was experiencing after having a couple cavities filled with amalgam was all in her head, when in fact, she was suffering from mercury poisoning. It took some time to get some actual help, but she eventually found another dentist that took her case seriously and helped her.

He or she is obviously uninformed or outright lying to you. The kind of people you are describing should be stripped of anything and everything that suggest they are qualified to be a helpful doctor or any such thing.

That’s actually really common. Keep looking elsewhere until you find someone who will listen to you and take your case seriously.

Also - keep in mind that many men get better over time. Statistically speaking, the majority of men that post on this website do get better over time without resorting to needles or knifes. A year or less is very common. Sometimes it takes longer than that. In your case it may take longer as you have already had 2 surgery’s in a short period of time. Everyone’s situation is a bit different. Some men want to have a reversal for various reasons and others don’t. Some this, some that, and some the other.

BTW, don’t you think it’s kind of odd that a urologist suggested that a conversion to open ended would help you, but a reversal would not help? Sounds rather contradictory to me.

FWIW, there is more going on with reversals for pain than meets the eye. I wouldn’t consider reversals to be a magic bullet either. I have warned countless men as to what they should expect post reversal and it would seem that countless people simply didn’t get my memo or didn’t believe me. Recoveries can be far more challenging than one anticipates beforehand. Can be challenging should not be confused with always is. Based on everything I have seen or that I am aware of, challenging is more typical than not. It’s truly a roll of the dice.

I think I would stick with concervative options for the time being. NSAID’s, hot or cold baths, the typical concervative stuff that can be found all over this website and elsewhere.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Thank you for your reply @RingoStar , it strengthened me.
I think keeping hope alive is very important. Even if doctors tell you otherwise. It’s devastating what a doctor can damage with his words. I got 5 beautiful kids and a beautiful wife, and their love keep me going on. Even when my mind wants to give up sometimes. I’ll keep searching for a solution and hope time will be on my side.

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Do you mind if I ask how long (approximately) your pain lasted before it resolved on it’s own?

About 3.5 months I would say. It has been 5 months now since the operation, and I am pain free for the past 1.5 months. But the first 3 months was a real struggle.

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Good to hear that the pain can resolve and good for you man. In my case it is still going on after 5 months now. The pain specialist is suggesting Pregabaline and TENS therapy to lower the intensity of pain and relax the GF nerve. I hope in time it will get better and my nervous system will come to ease.