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Persistent pain 4 weeks out

Had my vas 4 weeks ago. Initial pain was not bad. After a week the right side had settled down pretty well but the left side swelled. I went back a couple weeks later and he said it might be epididymitis. He gave me bactrim and naproxen. I took the naproxen for 4 days before starting the bactrim. Naproxen helped some with the pain but not the swelling. Once I started the bactrim the swelling went down some. Maybe 25%. Still having pain especially if I do extended walking. He wants to extend the naproxen and bactrim. And if that doesn’t work he wants to do an ultrasound. I am getting a little worried. Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Could still settle down yet, I think you’re probably on the right course with NSAID and antibiotics at the moment from what I’ve read - if it doesn’t settle down there’s plenty of advice and experiences here to try and isolate your problems hopefully

I had nonstop pain after my procedure and alternated between Advil and Tylenol for almost 6-9 months nonstop. Neither seemed to really help honestly but I kept doing it. Warm baths at night helped the most. I also had an ultrasound done which didn’t really show anything wrong. I did have some swelling in my epididymis. I was to the point If anything hit the back of my right testicle it was excruciating.
I went to the doc about 8 follow ups and he thought I was having nerve issues from the procedure. He prescribed gabapentin but I really didn’t want to start on that.
Long story short I had pain for almost 9 months, but my body finally healed on its own and life is good now
My advice is be patient with your recovery. I was told this would be a 1 week event and things would be back to normal. This was not the case for me at all and sounds like it might not be for you.
The good news is the pain will finally subside as your body works through it. I was pretty much fine after 9 months and at 1 year was my old self.
It’s two years out now and I have forgotten I even had it done , sex is great and no pain even if the wife grabs em good lol. It will be fine for you too just don’t push yourself too hard while your body heals and don’t panic if it takes months for things to settle out. I thought once I hit 6 months and still was in pain that I might need to try radical procedures to be pain free/ but my body healed on its own time table. Stay positive and don’t let it get you down like I did, it will work out fine.

I appreciate the reply. I have had some improvement on the pain in the last 2 weeks. Took my kids to Great Adventure and there was a lot of walking. I wore a jock but did not have much pain. The swelling is still significant and has not changed much in the last couple weeks. it is just below where he cut the vas and then extends to on top of my testicle. Not much meaningful pain or swelling behind the testicle. I am looking for suggestions other than antibiotics and NSAIDs to reduce the swelling. I guess I should start icing or heating. Any other recommendations for swelling/pain?

For me my issue was congestion and inflammation of cord and epi, I just had reversal today but in another country so will do a write-up when I’m home at pc in a day or two. I used really hot baths for my issue the pain would go away and turn in to a tingling sensation in my epi. For pain itself ice also helped