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Perhaps our word is getting out

Hey guys, there has been 2 interesting articles about the decline in vasectomies recently in both the US and UK. They fail to state that the decrease could be attributed to PVPS awareness, but it could be playing a part. Sites like this and getting the word out on the inter-web might be reaching more people then we think.

Here’s the articles:

The article from the UK states the reason is about relationship fears but with the NHS 10% PVPS rate, I’m sure it has played a part.

Ha ha…

I’ve seen these stories and feel the same way. Just by coming here and telling our stories guys are making a difference.

So true guys.

Another thing that this site exposes is the sexual side effects that a vas can cause. Not every guy has this issue, but I’m sure quite a few do. You can ask a vasectomized male all you want if they’ve had any problems, but unless they’re debilitated with pain, most guys are gonna say ‘no problems.’

How many guys have come on here with no pain but had ED or lack of sensation thereafter? Not to mention the whole lack of orgasm intensity. Do you really think your buddy or co-worker or brother’s friend’s uncle is going to admit to you that they can’t get it up after the vas or that they dribble semen or have low libido or dull orgasms since their vas?

That’s embarassing, and men aren’t going to talk about it, except for under the guise or anonymity (the internet is great for this).

But of course, urology will tell you ‘its impossible’ or ‘it’s in your head’ or the ED is just old age…

Add to that the psychological impacts. That was one of more terrifying events in my life. Here I was a normal, healthy 39 year old, and a week later I’m crippled up with pain. In my case, the pain subsided after 3 months, but it still impacts me today. It also left a permanent scar on the relationship with my wife, who pestered me to get it done.

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