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Penis shrunk both flaccid and erect

I’m glad that I’ve had an inquisitive mind regarding all of this…

Cut to the skinny-

I never measured my dude flaccid, but he is much much smaller now. Basically I can only hold him to urinate. As for erection he went from 8 inches to about 4.5 inches. I also have trouble getting aroused now. Before the procedure I could go from six to midnight in seconds…

Two days ago my wife and I decided to take a sildenafil (generic viagra). I says it takes about an hour. Nothing happened. At all. Nodda… I even pulled up pork when my wife was in the other room. Nothing…

To be honest my wife and I got these pills two years ago as party favors. I took one and she said I was too big and hard for her. They have been in the dresser drawer ever since.

I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else. Please let me know if you have had a similar reaction.

Vasectomy 11/2020
Infection- 3 rounds of antibiotics/Norco
Bed rest ~six months
Cord block 4/2021
Was on gabapentin
Now on lyrica

I’m like uber new to this forum, and it’s a terrifying, humane, wonderful place. I cannot fathom seeing my erections shrink to .500. That must be frustrating as hell. I have no context or similar experience, but I cannot let that post go silent. Keep researching.

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Hey, I take 5mg Tadalafil every night before bed and it helps with my pain. It also gives me solid morning erections and my penis seems much fuller and longer pretty much all the time. Maybe look into giving it a try instead of viagra which only works for 5 hours.