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I think you’re assuming too much by thinking the pain is from the high sperm count. It could be one of many things. I think nerve pain is #1

I had a denervation a month ago and it wasn’t successful. I think a congested epididymis is the only thing left.

I’m just realizing we were already in other papaya seed powder thread, not the original one. Long day yesterday.

The link below is to the study that was posted by the OP in the original thread. The one below that one is another excellent link posted by another member, in a non-related thread.

I think we all assume to much sometimes :wink:

Let’s not forget, just because your de-nervation wasn’t successful, doesn’t mean your pains aren’t purely related to nerve damage.

I’m not saying it is, or isn’t, sounds like trial, and error, which seems reasonable to me.

I’m not thinking these symptoms definitively indicate anything specifically. I don’t think anyone should get all wrapped up in the idea that, “this pain means this, and that pain means that”. Every single pain in our body is nerve pain. I think it’s about as silly as believing a cord block will tell anyone what kind of pain they stuff from, and what corrective procedure will help them.

I agree with @RingoStar here on many levels. I don’t think a failed denervation allows you to rule out nerve damage. You had nerve damage, it hurt, so they go in and damage all the nerves in hopes of improving the pain? Nonsense. I see why it should work but I’m not surprised when it doesn’t.

The next question is, well then, what the hell do I do next? Honestly I don’t know. There could be something else going on. It could be arterial or lymph damage. I doubt it but anything is possible. This is obviously a very complicated problem on many levels.

Don’t mean to be Debbie downer. I literally haven’t tried a single surgery since my vas. The success rates are awful

I hear what you are saying about poor success rates with surgery but when you have life threatening/catastrophic pain you have to act. I have to say my reversal saved my life. It left me with issues but took the top off my pain which was agonizing and unliveable. There is unfortunately a state between emergent pain that is on the border of acceptable and where the course of action is less clear.

Yes I agree. But medicine doesn’t have the answer right now. You roll the dice and it’s like doubling down hoping for snake eyes. Extremely risky IMO.

I’m fortunate that I don’t have the high degree of pain but what pains i don’t have I make up for in dysfunction. I’ve suffered far more systemic issues than most others on here, aschiro being the exception. It’s given me a much broader perspective of the larger picture. Pain is a great motivator. It’s how I make my living. I see it 7-5:00 M-F.

With all the talk about triglycerides, etc, I didn’t stick with the papaya for a while there. I had to reevaluate things, and remember the purpose of my experiment.

I’ve been in it for about 3 weeks again, and it’s pretty much the same as last time far as the shrinkage. I’m trending better, but I’m still getting some bad post ejaculate pain.

I’m going to stick with it long enough to complete my experiment, and go from there. Something tells me it’s not going to cure me.

I swear this stuff makes my heart race after I take it sometimes, not sure if anyone else is experiencing that.

I think it makes my farts unbelievably bad

That’s interesting, lol.

For those that aren’t aware, my experiment is to try and better prove what’s causing all the ruckus here. I can prove I had a previous encounter with varicocele pain several years before this pvp/s mess. If I can eliminate the congestion from the equation, it has to be one of two things, or both.

I do believe this mess made my varicocele worse pain wise. My varicocele embolization procedure made me worse. I have suspected for years that the majority of what I have left is related to my varicocele, and nerve damage. This experiment should help me narrow things down better.

Just FYI for anyone reading this, you can read of guys that never had a vasectomy, that have varicocele pain, and it’s reads just like pvp/s. The symptoms can be quite severe.

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and the treatment for the Varicocele is a surgery? What are the odds that any of our pain is not actually related to the vasectomy, but some kind of other similar presenting issue?

I’ve already typed so much about that question in other threads. It would take a long time to explain all of that.

Odds of varicocele embolization making a man worse are astronomically high. Varicocele embolization has a higher failure rate than varicocelectomy. Both procedures have failure rates. I suspect these surgeons, and interventional radiologists are much like vasectimists. I think the vast majority of them don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and could give a shat if you have a good outcome, or if your procedure is considered a failure, or not.

The varicocele incident I went through 4~ years prior to my vasectomy was nothing like my vasectomy ordeal. It was the kindergarten version of pvp/s.

I have worked with some of the best if the best years ago trying to resolve my problems. Beleive me, I know what you are thinking, but I am beyond just a thought.

I think it’s possible that I could be fixed, but I feel confident saying I could be made much worse.

Ringo, I had the racing heart too! I was suspicious of the papaya, but with everything going on I thought it could be stress. But I haven’t had any in the days since I stopped taking it.

My thought was that the large amount of potassium in papaya was causing it, as potassium supplements are known for causing palpitations. Unfortunately supplements don’t have nutritional info to check.

I suppose I failed to address your question, and only added to my previous post.

I think any good doctor/urologist would look at all possibilities far as what’s causing all the ruckus in your nutsack post vasectomy. If they immediately diagnose you, want to do de-nervation, etc, etc, and don’t rule out all the other possibilities, IMO that’s bad medicine.

If pvp/s is so rare, why not turn over every stone?

Interesting, glad to know it’s not just me.

It’s not exactly a good thing tho. Things that make my heart race, affect my blood pressure, blood consistency, etc, are known to cause me more pain. I might be onto something far as the papaya seemingly causing me more pain sometimes. I noted it in my first post about using it.

I had to give up on high doses of fish oil, and some recommended vitamins years ago. Over time, I came to the conclusion they were making me worse.

finding a good doctor though, that’s the key.

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Fish oil makes me feel worse mentally. It makes me anxious and irritable as hell.