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Papaya Seeds / Powder

Thinking about dropping $11.99 on eBay for an ounce of the stuff. Here’s my logic.

I’ve pretty well shot the wad on non-surgical therapies. I seem to have rid myself of the perineal and pudendal symptoms and am left with intermittent, left side pain. Focus seems to be a tender epi. I get through my days without the misery I was in 6 months ago. I dropped off of all pain meds a few weeks ago except for Dr. P’s mix of oxytocin and Cialis. Well, I also take a natural anti-inflammatory called Zyflamend.

I’m wondering if my tender left epi could be congestion. I tend to doubt it because my last bout of scrotal pain was 2008-09 and that went away after 6 months of Celebrex and gabapentin. This bout just passed 13 months.

My SA (about 10 months ago) was just 10MM, but at 52 and 11 years post-reversal, they say that’s OK.

Just thinking that a few months of this seems like low risk and might be a good diagnostic. Advice? Where should I buy from?

Here’s my thoughts, first of all, I do have concerns about guys getting on this stuff post reversal that have great SA numbers. I suppose in theory, it could cause a reversal to close up if there was a lack of sperm flowing through the repair for an extended period of time.

As for guys that have had a reversal that are still open, I generally only recommend it to them when I see their doctor/s are recommending testosterone therapy, AKA, TRT. In theory, TRT should have the same effect far as lowering your count, or taking your count to nill over an extended period of time.

As for guys that are somewhere in-between, I’d say a bit of common sense might go a long way. Some men may come to a point where they don’t care if they remain fertile post reversal. Perhaps their numbers are low, perhaps they feel they blew out, or have taken damage in the past to their epididymis/blockage, had a reversal and still feel full/pain, etc, etc, etc.

I say, to each his own, and to use a bit of common sense when taking any sort of medications, and/or supplements. From allergic and/or bad reactions, to taking/mixing 2-3+ things at a time, from pharma, to all natural, everything comes with some sort of risk/s to consider.

As for me personally, and in my case, I worry more about lowering my count to far, and feeling hormonally imbalanced. That’s my main reason for not going overboard with my daily dosage.

I bought mine on eBay from a seller “voodoo_deals”. I received it in a timely manner. It looks the same as the organic USA stuff I bought in the past. Has the same earthy, nutty flavor. I can’t tell any difference.

Far as your dosage, and if you are concerned about your reversal closing up, perhaps you should start low. 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon once a day. Some are taking 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, but the guys I see doing this haven’t had a reversal, or their reversal has already failed.


Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. I’m going to hold off for now, maybe get another SA or two just to be sure I’m still patent. My counts last year was only 10MM, but back in 2008-09, I had 3 different SAs and two were in the 10-20MM range, but then I shot 60MM and we assumed all was good.

I’m thinking that this is another bout of nerve-pain but wish I could prove it for sure.

I was doing quite a bit better until earlier this week. I think I overdid things activity wise. Decided to go back onto a Celebrex-Gabapentin regimen for the rest of the summer. My uro and PM guy keep telling me I don’t need an anti-inflammatory, but since I got some pretty good improvement from Dr. P’s mega-block, I think they’re wrong. Might ask my GP to try a prednisone hit too to get the inflammation down again.

So where are you these days with all of this? Did the papaya help much?


I totally understand where you’re coming from far as holding off for now. I’ve seen top tier pvps docs recommend, or put their patients on TRT shortly after their reversal, or further down the line. I’ve even seen some odd reasons posted fas as why TRT was recommended.

I’ve still been trending better since my last update on my experience with papaya. When I received my second order of papaya seed powder I spoke of ^^^, I started taking 1/4 teaspoon once per day.

I started a new job not to long ago that was supposed to be 30-40 hours per week, and turned into 45-70 hours, 6-7 days per week. Lots of bending, stooping, kneeling, lifting, twisting, etc, etc. Long story short, my soft tissue injury in my lower back decided to show its teeth with a vengeance by week 4.

I suppose its possible I have been trending better with my PvP/s because I have been back on celebrex almost daily for the last 3 weeks. All at the same time, no doubt I have been trending better. My PvP/s has been almost non existent, other than a few minor bouts of non linear post ejaculate pain.

Time will tell as I won’t stay on celebrex forever, but I will continue taking the 1/4 teaspoon once a day till I have a reason to change/up my dosage. The main way for me to know if the papaya is working is, ejaculate multiple times within a 24-36 hour period. If it doesn’t cause any problems, I’d say it’s working, celebrex or not.

@raising4girls, to be honest, I’d tell anyone I’m still in the trial and error phase with the papaya.

I have done some pre trials on myself, tested the waters if you will, made sure it didn’t make me sick, feel funny, when to take it, not take it, etc, etc, and got some interesting results.

I wanted to get past the placebo, psychosomatic, etc, etc part as well. IMO, taking a supplement like this one may come with some of that to sift through. Given what I read in a few posts prior to me using it, I had a hunch it may take some time to figure this stuff out.

When I got my last batch, I was dealing with my back pain, and went low with my dosage for several reasons.

Given the fact that I don’t feel so “lightened” anymore, and I swear I feel the horny level rising since my pre trials, I doubt 1/4 tsp once a day will be enough to get me there. It’s likely I will dose up to a fat 1/2 tsp by tomorrow.

I just got out of the shower not long ago, and upon examination, I’m definitely filling up again, thus the reasoning for another post.

Anyway, for anyone reading about this, I just wanted to be clear about all of that.

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@RingoStar. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I’d encourage you to watch your triglycerides while taking papaya seeds. A buddy went from low 100’s to 700’s in triglycerides while taking papaya seed.

Thanks for the heads up. Nice of your buddy to post all the details about that, lol. I’m curious what his dosage was, his frequency of dosing, and for how long. Did it even work? Etc, etc…

I’ve had moments where I’ve thought to say elf it with the papaya. I’ve made it so many years using Tylenol, tramadol, and celebrex as my go-to help, sometimes I wonder wth is the point? Not only do I have to be on the lookout far as my hormones, feeling off, etc, etc, but now my triglycerides to?

I have made a point to de-bunk, etc, etc the papaya. I will have to give this some more time, thought, and do some homework on the triglycerides.

It’s early on. He’s been on it 4-6 months and his last tests were off the charts high. Who knows what it is. Might not be papaya but it’s a significant jump.

@RingoStar Where’s your back pain? I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own body. I feel like the majority of my pain is quadratus lomborum just to the side of my low back.

Something tells me you already asked @raising4girls if it was ok to hijack his thread. Perhaps we should start another thread on back pain shortly. Here goes, lol.

Short version, I likely inherited a degenerative condition, and my back problems from my mother. I knew of this growing up, but didn’t take it seriously.

I’d injured my lower back several times by my late 20’s. Nothing crazy. No more than most people I know of. Just over doing it. I worked with sheetrock in my early 20’s, and steel/metals most the rest of my life.

One weekend in my late 20’s, I was partying w friends at a local swimming hole. I did some crazy drunk stupid running dive off a tall boardwalk. I landed wrong, it knocked the wind, and shat out of me.

By midweek, I was black and blue down the entire side of my body, and my body felt like it to. It was from hitting the water so hard.

3~ days later, toward the end of the day at work, I bent over to pick up a piece of steel from the floor. It may have weighed 25 lbs. On my way up, it felt like someone stabbed me in the lower spine with an ice pick about 2" above my butt crack. I haven’t been the same since.

I was out of work for days, it took weeks to get anywhere near normal. I continued to throw my back out every 2-3-4 months. This cycle continued for years, and to this day. I’m not as bad as I was years ago, regardless, I’ve got serious problems that that aren’t apparent to those that look at me, unless I’m in a blowout period.

When my back goes crazy like this/that, I have an S shape to my lower spine when viewed from the front. Since the swimming/work blowout, I have a permanent S shape, but more pronounced when it’s pissed. When it’s pissed, I’m as much as disabled. It feels like bone on nerve. Walking, sitting, wiping my a… all are nearly impossible for about 3-4 days.

I had all tests you can imagine. MRI’s, x-rays, etc, etc. Worked w a great doctor. He read my MRI’s like a book. He could tell where, and when I had taken damage in the past a couple times as well.

I have some scoliosis, and that’s been a known since I was a teen. Combine that with a diagnosed soft tissue injury, and I have big problems to live with for the rest of my life. To my knowledge, there is no known cure for this type of injury. I’ve been told this by many. I’m sure someone would love my money, but a back surgery is highly not recommend.

Where you have “tight”, I have some of that. Imagine all the muscles in my back, and core pushing things off to one side to relieve the pressure off the injury. It’s even more so when I blow my back up. Just a simple wrong twist can be all it takes. 15~ years later, my back blows up about 2-5 times a year. The rest of the time I’m either ok, or somewhere in-between.

Assuming you are curious, no, I don’t have any real correlation between my PvP/s/left ball, and my lower back. About zero “cross talk” as some put it. My body/nervous system/mind has always seen my back, and pvp/s as two separate injuries. Interesting that my pre vas varicocele incident happened 4-5 years after my back injury too. I don’t think they are related.

If I have missed something, let me know

That’s interesting your buddy has been on the papaya that long. It’s very respectful on your part to not release his personal account, but I’d still be curious to know if 4-6 months of papaya did anything. In theory, and assuming he was dosing 1/2 tsp twice a day, he should be there already.

Perhaps you can ask him to anonymously post his personal account/experience with papaya.

I really think it’s premature to say it’s the papaya that made his triglycerides level shoot through the roof. I’m guessing this person is in the early stages of vasectomy recovery. At that point, shat can be screwed up all over the board.

As for me, hearing this story, and the fact that he been on it that long, makes me consider pulling the plug on using it myself. I don’t think many people would be into taking papaya indefinitely.

He’s a member on here. I didn’t mention his name because I don’t know about triglycerides and don’t want to spread misinformation. I just know about his experience going from 125 to 700 in a 5 month period with the only thing changing is papaya seeds in his diet. Sounds like he’s had great success treating post vas testicular pain with it. He stopped for a week and pains came back so he jumped back on it.

That’s interesting. If it was a success, and you miss a weeks dosing, an have a return of pain that fast, idk, I’m not buying something about all that. Should take longer than a week for things to get revved up again. The pain might be multifaceted, could be many things I’ve already mentioned in this thread.

It was a weird tingling sensation if I recall. It could’ve been as simple as the boys waking back up. I don’t know.

I started taking this toward the end of January, took one teaspoon a day for about 2.5 months. Ran out, started up again around the middle of May.

After about 3 weeks I noticed that my testicles felt “lighter” and I had less of what I’ve come to think of as “congestion” fullness.

I was planning to stay on it somewhat permanently, but I’m now planning a reversal, so I’ve decided to come off of it for now. Overall, placebo or not, I feel like it helped some. Did not notice any side effects at all.

Here’s the stuff I used:

@Tempe5 is your pain congestive or nerve?

I think it’s some of both potentially. I have times where my epi’s are definitely inflamed/full, and there are a couple knots of scar tissue that I believe irritate my scrotum. But honestly I’m just guessing. I’m hoping a reversal can clean up any scar tissue as well as relieve congestion.

I don’t have any burning/tingling/numbness etc. that would definitely indicate nerve damage.

This is interesting. I had a nearly identical experience.

I don’t think this stuff is a placebo either, but when I see someone say they used this stuff for a few days, or a week, and it helped, I can’t help but wonder. I’ve seen some other stuff that made me wonder as well.

As I was just saying in another thread, there is so much about this stuff we don’t understand. There are no controlled studies on average men. No controlled studies on men with an above average sperm count. No controlled studies of any sort far as possible negative side effects that we should all be aware of, etc, etc.

I feel it would be in the best interests of this group for every man that uses this stuff to post their experience with it. This is not a controlled study by any means, but it’s the best we got at the moment. If you don’t post your experience with it, you do nothing for this collective but take without giving something so simple in return.

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You had said on another thread that guys who have had reversals should be cautious about the Papaya seed powder because the reversal my collapse if no sperm are going through it. I know that my sperm count is way high (which is likely the source of my pain) from the semenalysis done after the reversal and I just started talking the papaya seed powder. I don’t care about restoring fertility I just want the pain to stop, thoughts? (The reversal was 1.5 years ago)

I am thinking about getting another sperm count done after taking it for a month.

This is interesting. Yes indeed I did say that in the other papaya seed powder thread. I said a bunch of stuff that pertains to papaya seed powder safety.

I believe some men may come to a point post reversal where they don’t care about remaining open anymore. I gave several reasons for why a man that’s had a reversal might justify such an action.

If I had “any thoughts”, do you have bilateral pains, or is it just one side imperticularly?

I have no advice for you other than to take all of the warnings seriously. If you do decide to do this, please post your personal account.