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Papaya Seeds and Prostatitis Urination Symptoms


This sense of urination is driving me crazy. My first issue with epididymal blowout caused some issues with this, but it seems like this time is all this crazy urination feeling and pelvic cramping.

Seems to rear it’s ugly head as soon as I go to the bathroom.

Just curious if the papaya helped at all as I started trying them a few days ago. Thanks



I haven’t noticed anything positive or negative after taking papaya seed powder for the last 6 weeks. I know someone has been taking it for many months. He might be able to answer it better.



@Bruce, type the words prostatitis urination symptoms into the search bar on this site, and you will definitely find dedicated threads, posts, and possible solutions that pertain to your inquiry.



@Bruce, one dedicated thread to possibly check out is titled something like “marshmallow root tea - try it”. The title of that thread doesn’t have your key words in it, but it’s content definitely pertains to your inquiry.

Once again, use the search bar on this site to find that thread.



I’m a little over 4 months on papaya seed powder which has restored me to almost 100% better. I still get a random pain or twinge here and there but it’s very brief - maybe 15 seconds then it goes away.

For the frequent urination, I tried marshmallow root. Search that in this thread. I did it a few times a day for a week. I was also doing physical therapy. Can’t say which one for sure knocked it out, but it’s worth a shot. I had the constant urge to go for a couple weeks. Completely went away.

Good luck!

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Thanks to you both! Bought this on Amazon but not seeing the slimy swirl mentioned in the thread. Is this the type being recommended? Did you tackle the urination issue after the 4 months of congestive pain, or during it. Just curious as my main issue at the moment seems to be the frequent need to urinate and painful cramping a few times a day that take maybe an hour to pass.

Thinking about calling my urologist tomorrow as I am not scheduled to be back in until the 26th. My general doctor gave me cirprofloxacin and diclofenac anti antiinflammitory. Wonder if I should keep taking as they don’t seem to be helping, and all symptoms went away last time a week after taking them.




My congestion pain started about 1-2 weeks after my surgery. The urination issue started probably around weeks 5-6. I don’t remember exactly when. I’m still taking papaya seed powder and plan on it for the foreseeable future. When I was on the marshmallow root, I purchased it from a local herb store. I don’t recall a slimy swirl or anything like that. To me, it just looked like murky water. I’d also suggest looking into a pelvic floor therapist if nothing works for you. I did that along with the marshmallow. Again, check out previous discussions on here regarding that as well. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Wanted to provide an update.
June 10th I took a Cialis and the urination symptoms seemed to disappear. I only had a sample so the urologist prescribed it for me. The rest of June, July, and August was good. I was drinking the marshmallow root tea and taking Cialis 5 mg daily and things were good.
Had a few days where I thought the sense of urination had returned but it would go away the next day. We vacationed, I drank what I wanted, and ate what I wanted for almost 2.5 months including alcohol.

The end of August we had a concert we attended and I drank more beer than I usually do. All the symptoms returned the next day. For two weeks I was running back and forth the bathroom it seemed. I could sleep all night but as soon as I would go in the morning, my bladder seemed to start cramping again. I went to the urologist again and he put me on a month of Doxycycline. He did a prostate exam but said it felt normal.
The pain moved from crazy urination down to the perineum area. I still have the sense of urination but it is not as bad. I just cannot seem to shake this. I have been taking papaya seed powder and I have very little discomfort in the testicles.

To summarize, I am taking Doxycycline, Diclofenac anti-inflammatory, and papaya seed powder daily. It seems like I have the testicle epididymis pain under controls, but this pelvic BS is driving me nuts.

Does anyone have any recommendations. I was going to finish the dose of antibiotics before doing anything else.



Sorry for the late reply, I don’t get on here much anymore. Hopefully you’re better by now, but if not, maybe check out a pelvic floor physical therapist. There’s some dedicated threads on her that may help you out. Good luck!



Was just going to suggest that. Treating symptoms doesn’t always work. It’s possible that pelvic floor dysfunction is actually the source of the symptoms.



Actually went a few times to see a Pelvic Floor Therapist. They prescribed me Valium 10 mg to take at night for a month (been taking only half). Perineum Pain has reduced to where I can now sit in a standard wooden chair and not cringe. They wanted me to also try Lexapro for anxiety and stress, but my primary care said to start with the Valium first. I went close to 2.5 months (September – mid December) with ridiculous perineum pain that seems to have gone away.

I still have the suprapubic pain but it is not as bad. If I eat or drink certain items (beer) then the urinary symptoms seem to return and also certain things I do at the gym that activates my lower abdominals. My lower abdominals I swear are so tight and I never can recall them being like this. I have been thinking of going to get a standard massage to take the edge off. I know this has something to do with this vasectomy and yes I still have been using the papaya seed powder.

Things are better but it’s still in the back of my mind constantly. Thanks for the input.

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I’m listening to Headache in the Pelvis on Audible. Very interesting stuff that aligns with your comments. You might want to check it out if you haven’t already.