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Papaya Seed Powder UPDATE **Success**

I’ve been using papaya seed powder for 4 months now. I take 1 teaspoon once a day. I’m using the bulk supplements crap off amazon.

I felt like it did nothing the first 2.5 months. Since about the 3 month point it has been fantastic. My pain rarely gets above a 3/10 during flare ups and most of the time is either 1/10 or 2/10 if I even notice it. Sometimes I don’t even think about it at all.

My symptoms before papaya seed powder was a flare up once or twice a week with 7/10 pain focused in the epididymis but occasionally running down the inside of my left leg.

I notice when I miss a day because it begins hurting so make sure you don’t miss.

I recommend putting the powder in a half inch of water in a small glass and stirring it for a few seconds. Then keep rotating the glass so the liquid keeps spinning in a circle. While it’s still spinning quickly drink it so the clumps slide out of the cup. Trust me, I’ve tried loading pills, I’ve tried yogurt, I’ve tried it all. This is the best method.


Glad to hear of your sucess. In the experiments with monkeys and rabbits it took 3 months for azoospetmina (no sperm) to be observed, but it took another few months after stopping use for sperm to show back up. There is a 2-3 month process between the start to end of sperm production. So your feeling that it took 3 months to start working seems right on track.

It is interesting that you are noticing negative effects after missing one day; I wonder if it also has some other benifit that it is giving you said from reducing or eliminating sperm, such as acting as an antianflamitory maybe. I suppose all that matters is that it is working!

I started taking it Oct 1 (5 weeks after vasectomy). I’ve been feeling a bit better the last few days but that could be my constant use of large amounts of ibuprofen, taking it easy, the papya seed powder (I’m also taking the bulk supliments stuff) or maybe even my chilling out a bit. I started taking 1 tsp twice a day for 2 weeks then cut down to 0.5 tsp twice a day this week.

I agree it is hard to take; the clumps don’t dissolve in water so I mix it the best I can then try to drink it without breathing in the powder (unpleasant). I found mixing it with chocolate milk makes the taste more bearable, but half the time I just want to get it over with and shoot it fast with water. I discribed the taste to my wife as licking Schreck’s behind after a mud bath. Could be worse. Waiting to see clear results but I’ll probdbly stick with it for at least the next 5 months at least. If I see results I will likely test to see if stoping use bring a back pain so I’ll know if that was what did it or not.