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Panel Discussion on Chronic Orchialgia from AUA 2016 conference

Maybe someone else is able to pull the video down, but there is an interesting panel discussion here. The doctors talk about PVPS in reference to some of the cases. I found it interesting, especially Dr. Parekattil as he discusses if a surgical intervention is needed after conservative treatments have failed, whether denervation or reversal would seem to be indicated for the patient.

The PVPS talk starts at about 7 minutes and continues through case #3.

Complex Cases: Chronic Orchialgia

Presenter: Daniel A. Shoskes, MD
Panelist: Sijo J. Parekattil, MD
Panelist: Peter N. Schlegel, MD
Panelist: Daniel H. Williams IV, MD

Nice find and interesting. After watching the video and having talked to multiple guys on the panel over the phone, the conclusion I draw is nobody really has a clue. They are all just making educated (suspect) guesses at this stuff. I get a different answer from everyone I talk to including these “experts”. One of these experts suggested I do an orchiectomy out of the gates. They all seem so worried about restoring fertility with a reversal - do they really think a guy with severe scrotal pain that can barely sit or walk cares if his fertility is restored. They also make it seem like congestive versus nerve pain is easy to figure out - that is generally a hard thing to decipher.

I think we all suffer both congestive and nerve. How could we not suffer nerve pain after they cut shit up in there, so pissed I ever got a vasectomy. I am not religious in any way, but screwing around with a healthy body is so STUPID :frowning:

All pain is nerve pain. I think a better term would be to use more specific terms that describe the precise location. PUR sort of does that with a diagram but one thing I would get frustrated with is the tendancy for doctors, including Dr. P to say “so you’ve been suffering with testicular pain for …” Actually, No doc, I have groin pain where I was operated on. No pain in the testicle at all. Just stabbing buring pain in the scrotum right almost exactly where I was originally cut/accessed and altered.

@Andy Which members of the panel have you personally spoken with and who impressed you the most??

I’ve seen Dr. Shoskes. Very impressed with him. Poor guy was struggling with some knee pain while I was seeing him and underwent knee replacement recently, so it’s taken we a while to get back into him. See him on Friday 11/4.