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Pain with Driving

I am now 16 months post reversal and back in a pretty decent place – maybe 75% recovered. However, driving long distances still sets me back. I work with an excavting/mining company and often times have to drive all over the state of Nevada looking at various jobs. I notice anytime I’m on the road longer then a couple hours pain becomes worse… It will then stay at heightened levels for several days then subside back to normal levels.

I know some of you have experienced increased pain with driving… I’m trying to figure out what makes this happen – my best guess is long periods of small vibrations somehow cause pain to spike. Any input on this? Anything you’ve done that has helped pain while driving?

Driving caused me problems in exactly the way you are describing up until late December 2013.

I was mostly ok, but driving (or trains) for > 45 minutes would cause pain and the pain would last at a heightened level for at least 2-3 days.

Motor vehicles seemed to be the only trigger that caused me pain.

What worked for me was a change in diet and daily exercise.

Diet change:

Basically - go Paleo and stop drinking coffee.

I eat only high quality protein (meat, fish) and vegetables. No high starch foods at all including bread, white rice, potatoes or pasta.

When I say no more coffee - I mean it. I cut it cold turkey. I’ve had coffee once in the past 8 weeks but other than last week on Thursday.

Exercise - I’ve outlined what I do in a previous post , but I think in short - I do a lot of hip hinge and squatting daily. I tried doing it at various times of the day, but really - the only way to make sure I could do it consistently was to do it before everyone else in my household wakes up.

So it’s up @ 5am to workout.

I’ve tried backing off the exercise - and I notice a slight uptick in pain levels. It might just be in my head, but frankly - I don’t feel like messing with what is currently working.

Good luck!

For me it has been sitting pain. It doesn’t matter if it is a car or at a desk. Sitting, especially on hard surfaces, causes problems. It has gotten a little better over time, but the two things that helped the most for me are: a comfy forever pillow (Wallgreens) and Xanax when the sitting pain is really bad. It helps me get a good sleep and I almost always wake up feeling better than I think I would have otherwise. …Once I was able to start exercising and walking on a treadmill (I still can’t run) that helped as well.

I also have problems with sitting for long periods – but sitting in the car is always the worst. Maybe I’ll pick one of those pillows up. Exercise helps me when I’m actually exercising – I can usually hardly notice the pain – but after exercise it comes back. I try to exercise outside as much as possible as the fresh air seems to also help. I also believe diet can have a big impact on guys in our situation… Sounds like my diet is pretty similar to yours Vic. I notice if I splurge on a little junk food – pain is worse the next day. Been pretty much Paleo – just trying to have lots of fresh fruits and veggies, quality meet, very little bread, trying to keep things as natural as possible….

@balkenbushb re: splurging on junk food - I have the same reaction. The two times I’ve had any kind of increae in pain in the last 2 months have been after some Redbull or coffee.

I don’t remember which medical treatments you’ve had - can you maybe add it to your profile? Putting your history up makes it easier for others to compare what you’ve tried.

Have you thought about having an ice pack with you while driving? Or considering keeping your legs apart and not compressing on your scrotum/testicles during the long drives? This may help decrease pressure and inflammation. This is not research based just relaying helpful information from patients of mine.

Jamin Brahmbhat, MD
The PUR Clinic

I haven’t tried icing while driving but will give that a shot. Whenever possible I have my wife drive and just sprawl my legs up on the dash and lean my seat back which seems to help some – thanks for all the input…

Hah! I have actually assumed the same position. Not having any pressure in the area seems to help. I’m pretty sure there was something going on with the vibration of the car causing my nerves to become hyper sensitized.

A quick update on this topic… Last week I picked up a “Comfy Forever” cushion which I believe Tim recommended. I’ve been using it while driving and it has seemed to help some. Helps me relax and relieves some of the pressure bringing the pain levels down etc… I think it also minimizes the vibration to the groin area.

Glad the pillow is helping. I have a few of them: in the car, the office, at home. Funny, I got in my car the other morning and found that the gel in the cushion was rock hard. It froze over night. (It’s been a tough winter in CT.)

One more update from me on this topic.

I just got back from Whistler, BC for a work week.

Buses have given me trouble when commuting to and from work. For this trip, it takes ~2 hours to get from Vancouver to Whistler and I definitely notice that the non-bacterial epididymitis that came after vasectomy is very angry. It feels like a point at the bottom of the testes where there is a lot of pressure.


I think my perspective of my recovery with neurolysis is skewed because I mostly work from home, and I mostly (4/5 days) work at a standing desk. For those days at home with a standing desk, I may never need to sit in a car or train all day.

Take a look at this cushion it is pricey but easy to travel with, it folds up and it also has Velcro to move cushions around for your liking.

Funny you post this Vic…

I was up in the San Juan Islands just days ago (we have some property up there which is close to the Whistler area). We tapered the drive up there with various stops etc…, but for the trip back we drove 13-hours straight with family. The extended driving spiked my levels higher then they’ve been for months, maybe even a year. Specifically the pain was targeted on the right side (which has always been worse), and increased my basic discomfort (2-3 range), to a solid 5-6…. The pain only lasted for roughly 24-hours and now its subsiding again. Bizarre - brought back some dark memories… Anyhow, extended driving still bothers me.