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Pain Starting after 2 years


Thanks Ringo. Jeez, this is a lot to take in.


Try a lidocaine patch on your groin pain which may give a little relief while sorting this out. You could also look at options to decrease inflammation which may help as well. I had the same jolt and experience similar groin pain.


Take it in slowly, lol.

I didn’t see much of the neuralgia stuff discussed in much of any detail until 2-3~ years back. I’m honestly on the fence regarding how often this happens, how relevant it is to the majority of pvps cases, etc. If I had to guess, (I edited this part out, I’m not guessing).

I haven’t seen neuroma come up in many conversations online, nor in person over the years. You can probably omit that one as relevant to your case.

Your case doesn’t read as anything to out of the ordinary to me.

And as @Ben is saying, try to buy yourself some time to possibly recover, and/or for things to resolve themselves. Exhausting all conservative treatments first is recommended. It’s not a hard fast rule, but the logic has its purpose.

I’m guessing that won’t be likely as you’ve been at this a while, but it can happen.


Actually, don’t make this so complicated @blueweb, lol. I apologize if I made it sound complicated.

I just reread this entire thread just to refresh myself on what had all been discussed by you, and others prior to yesterday.

Seems the majority of people who posted in this thread, including several veterans, and even one of your urologists agree that your likely dealing with scarring, entrapment, something along those lines, etc.

Reread this thread, including your own posts. I think it may help you look your situation over better.

We talked about conservative treatments, and/or options yesterday. I figured I’d mention them again. Some guys have had some luck with various forms of physical therapy. I’m not saying it will work, but you never know. You’d have to find them threads, and see if you can relate to those guys symptoms, etc. It should be fairly easy if you use the search bar on this site.

Figured I’d also mention that I’m not a fan of redo vasectomys. I’ve seen guys report success with various versions of them on occasion over many years gone by, but I’ve also seen about an equal amount of guys that didn’t. I have several reasons for why I would go vas to vas reversal with a clean up instead of a redo vasectomy, but that’s just my educated opinion.

Honestly, I hope you get better one way or another, and I certainly don’t want to see you made worse by anything. Remember what I said, don’t rush into anything (surgical), especially in your country.


@blueweb, thought to tell you, I edited a couple of my posts in this thread as to not present some of what I said in regard to clean ups as a fact, and/or what I said as something that could be interpreted wrong, or confusing.

I will just say that clean ups likely vary case to case, and methodologies can definitely vary surgeon to surgeon. What I’m say doesn’t necessarily make one way better than another. There’s what I’d call the more common ways, and not so common ways. It’s hard to say what’s best with any certainty, and I suppose it would depend on who you asked.

Figured I’d also mention, to the best of my knowledge, there is a such thing as an infertile reversal (sterile). It seems there’s a pvps reversal surgeon that’s been mentioned on this site that seems to offer this option. There could be more of them for all I know. If this is the case, as it seems to be, this may be a viable option for some men.

I’m not encouraging you to have a corrective surgery, I just wanted you to be aware of my corrections (edits), and throwing more information at you.


I’ve also had great success so far with vit b and serrapatase. I’m feeling more and more pain free and tempted to start exercising a bit. But truth be told I’m very fearful that something like this may happen. I also think there’s a lot of inflammation going on and rustling things could really set things back. So tired of living in fear. Hopefully with more time and anti inflamatories this will settle down for you.


I’ve had a rough couple of days. Tuesday I was just having these throbs of pain every 30 sec or so. It got bad enough that I needed to go home from work. I can’t keep this up. I am starting to think about reversal now. I don’t have congestive pain, so I’m not sure how successful it would be, but I can’t keep going like this either. :frowning:


Damn, sorry to read this man. You’ve had a rough go. If your really considering reversal then just make sure to do your homework. I’m sure you have but search these boards to ensure you have the best possible chance at success (vas to vas etc.). Make absolutely sure the surgeon does this under high powered microscope and has a history of performing the reversal on guys with pain and not just for fertility.

I know it’s costly to fly wherever but I would seriously look into all options for a surgeon that has a good track record, even if that means having the procedure done in North America.


Well, there is a Dr in Germany that does a number on par with many NA drs. He does the micro surgical vas to vas with the hundreds of small stitches or whatever they are called, under microscope. His clinic is for fertility, but he he does a number of them per year for pain patients as well. IDK. I really don’t know what to do anymore.


I know, these damn decisions are never easy. I’m contemplating reversal myself. Personally I’m going to give it another few months but my pain is somewhat manageable right now (still don’t want to live this way forever though). If you have a good feel for this doctor and he has a track record of reversing other pain guys then he could be good. Mind I ask the doctors name? Throw it out to the board. Tons of unfortunate guys on here from across the globe. Maybe someone else has been through a reversal with this doc.


Sure, the name of the doctor is Dr. Petsch out of Dusseldorf. He has yearly reversal numbers pretty on par with NA surgeons and he does do a number of reversals for pain patients as well. Here is his website:

In the german version, he does have a little blurb about post vasectomy pain syndrome.

Translated, it roughly says:


The vast majority of men have no problems after sterilization.

However, there are occasional isolated cases in which chronic testicular or epididymal pain develop after a vasectomy.

This so-called ‘post-vasectomy pain’ (also known as post vasectomy pain syndrome) can start shortly after the vasectomy, but sometimes only after a long delay.

Causes are sometimes a so-called sperm granuloma or an infection - in most cases, the pain improves without further therapy or by the administration of medication.

Rarely, there can be permanent problems with chronic pain or sexual changes.

It is believed that the pain is caused by the backwater of seminal fluid in the epididymis. The actual cause is unknown, however, because most patients have no problems after vasectomy.

Many surgeons who perform a vasectomy do not know the post-vasectomy pain syndrome or do not know how to treat it. Some tell patients that pain is psychological. The sufferer may therefore try to come to terms with this feeling. Others give antibiotics to patients on the assumption that it is a bacterial infection of the epididymis - but this is almost never the case. Bariatric interventions or nerve blocks (through injections or surgically) have been tried many times.


Of the many patients I operate every year, there are always some who come to me for a post-vasectomy pain.

In my experience, refertilization solves the problem in almost all cases. If you are a victim, just write me. If you wish, I will send you a sample bill according to the scale of fees for doctors, with which you can try to apply for a reimbursement from your health insurance company.

For questions and a personal consultation, I am at your disposal - please write us by mail or call us.


Good stuff. Sounds like he sure has some experience. Good luck and keep us posted on if you go ahead with the reversal and how it goes.


Thanks man. I think I will keep trying to exhaust other options first. Some days are just really rough and I start thinking about things like this, heh.


I had pain a lot like yours. Nerve related pain at the site of my incisions. I got a reversal and it helped me a lot but I had been in pain a long time and it “came back” to a certain extent. Never to the degree it was but bad enough to make me miserable. I tried a lot of therapies and got lucky this year when I asked my primary for a course of metformin to help me lose weight. My pain disappeared after 3 days on it. It is a known property of metformin that it helps neuropathic pain but not well known. I wish I could go back in time and have the opportunity to try it before reversal surgery which was very invasive and creates issues itself. I’m in a pretty good place right now relative to where I was and can’t say I am in pain anymore.

Please give it a try if you can. I took 1 500mg tablet a day for three days and that’s when I first started noticing the relief.


Interesting. Well, my pain is actually higher up than the incisions even. Up nearly where the pubic bone ends and abdomen begins. The pain will radiate into my lower abdomen even sometimes.

My pelvic floor therapist has been working on my psoas muscle which seems to always be tight. I am skeptical about the reversal anyways because my pain doesn’t seem to be congestive.

Maybe I will try to see if I can get someone to help me try the metformin. Thanks Mike.



I throw it out there (metformin) for guys that have burning/pinching pain and when the pain is not really testicular. I have been disappointed with the pain doctors I have seen. When I experienced relief through sheer happenstance taking Metformin it kind of reinforced my belief that doctors are pretty clueless when it comes to pain. Even the Hopkins guy I saw could only offer me Lyrica and Gabapentin, which I had tried multiple times years before. I never even got a script because my insurance company kicked it back and then the guy’s office couldn’t sort it out with the Pharmacy.


Yeah, that sounds like me. Burning, pinching, pulling, radiating, stabbing kind of pain.


If you have blood glucose issues you could just ask for it. My numbers were borderline but I was in a metabolic rut and could not lose weight for the first time in my life. It was remarkable how well it turned off the pain I was experiencing.


Good on you for still visiting this board even though your pain is pretty much gone. Sometimes it’s only users going through the worst stages that are on here it feels like. So nice reading success stories. Really gives hope. Damn burning pain right now for me so posts like these are good to read. We’re all in this together…


You’re right Help. Last post is spot on.