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Pain Starting after 2 years


Did the reversal help you at all?


Yes. About a month after my reversal I woke up one morning with typical morning wood which normally would have been acompanied by excruciating burning along the base of my penis in my groin. I waited for it to kick in and miraculously it didn’t. The tissue/area was fine. Instead of laying in bed in extreme discomfort or pain starting my day with my adrenaline surging and my heart jackhammering I was comfortable. You have to remember I had gone through almost 5 years of almost nightly excruciating pain. To me it was a miracle I went and told my wife and I was crying.

So yeah it helped me.

Removing the scar tissue from my vasectomy fixed the worst of it. I was essentially disabled physically and emotionally due to sleep deprivation and pain. If you want to drive a person mad, give them untreatable chronic pain that interrupts sleep.


Well, another update. I have had an MRI and went back to the psychiatrist. MRI was negative (as expected) and the doctor had nothing else to offer me. He recommended that I look into acupuncture or something similar and then dropped the case. He was not very positive that steroid injections would help me.

So, where am I at now? I have mild discomfort “most” of the time and shooting pains a few times per day with a pain level of about 1-3 depending. Every once in a while I have a fairly painful “ache” that happens mostly when I am sitting. My current pain started nearly 4 months ago (which was about 2.5 years after my vasectomy).

I am not sure what to do next. I thought I would continue papaya seed therapy to rule out congestion as an issue and also in case it could be auto-immune. I also had an idea that maybe I have a small granuloma near the end of the vas which may have formed and impinged a nerve? If I reduce sperm count to 0, wouldn’t it eventually dissipate?

Anyways, those are just idea and I most likely have some sort of nerve damage/impingement. Denervation is not an option for me as I am in Finland and there are no surgeons performing that operation anywhere here. I have thought about reversal, but this option isn’t easy either. I don’t want to be fertile again and in order to have an specialized, experienced microsurgical layered reversal surgeon, I would need to travel to Germany. I am also not sure what pain/time threshold I should place on this.

I know that answers aren’t easy to come by, but I like the support around here and thought I would keep my story up-to-date. Thanks for listening.


Well, I was in the hot tub last night and then went to the shower. I got to checking my sack really carefully and noticed that, to me at least, the epididymis on my left side (where the pain is) feels really large and distended. I compared to my right side, which also felt slightly bigger than maybe pre-vas, but left side definitely feels like it is “puffy”.

I am wondering now if maybe I have a case of epididymitis? The pain back when it started felt like it might have begun in the left testi, but eventually that pain went away and I was left with the mostly pelvic pain I have described in above posts. Thing is, although it feels enlarged, it is not painful, so not sure if that is a pre-requisite for epididymitis. Anyways, the pain lately seems like it is more radiating on a general basis vs. sharp localized pain (which I still have a bit). The uro did a physical exam and he thought things felt normal, but he didn’t spend a whole lot of time at it and this was months ago now. Due to that and the fact I had no real testicle pain, he kind of wrote off the idea of epididymitis, I think. The US and CT I had focused on the pelvic region and not my scrotum, so it is highly possible they missed it. One of the symptoms of epididymitis can be pelvic/abdominal pain.

So, I am now wondering if it would be worth going back to the dr to try to get a prescription for AB. My mindset is to rule out everything first and this seems like a really basic thing to try. I am having the same question as @NC79 in his thread. How to tell the difference between epididymitis and congestion?


Hi @blueweb sorry to hear about your pains. I slowly started to realize don’t quote me on this but congestion is what is causing your epididmitis. When things were really hurting I had an ultrasound done that showed an enlarged epi. Antibiotics didn’t work as it wasn’t viral but because of congestion. But if your not really in much testicle pain could be a case of slight distended in the epi my uro told me a good indicator of congestion is that pain right behind the testicle and any pains during or after intercourse. Might be worth taking anti inflammatories, papaya seed powder and some good supportable underwear that might help bring down the epi. It’s a long shot but maybe a ultrasound of your scrotum might pick up if your epi is enlarged.


Hmm. I don’t really have any pain in the epi either nor behind the testicle. Also no pain during intercourse.
A few times it felt like I might have had a bit more pain some hours after ejaculation, but that hasn’t been consistent. Maybe it isn’t congestion after all. I’ll continue my papaya seed therapy just to be sure, but looks like I might be a nerve pain guy. :frowning:


Well, I have been taking serrapeptase and vit B daily, as well as, my 1 tsp of papaya seed powder since my last post. I did actually start to feel better. For a few weeks there I was very nearly pain free. Then I decided to go for a run because I was feeling so well. Big mistake, I guess.

It was a little achy during the first part of the run, but then went away…all good. The rest of the day and the following day the pain was a little elevated, but not bad. Then on the 2nd day afterwards, boooy was it angry. Aching all day which has been ongoing more or less for 1.5 weeks now. The longest period of time by far that it is achy all day everyday. It used to be that might go on for 3 days max before calming down a bit, but so far that hasn’t happened. I guess I pushed too hard too soon, dammit.

I think I am going to lose it soon. This goddamned pain is driving me crazy and the docs don’t seem to give a shit. :frowning: I have been going to a pelvic floor therapist and she has suggested I try TENS treatment. Has anyone tried/had any luck with that?


Hey there, can you pinpoint where your pain source is?

Have you had an ultrasound to rule out a few other possibilities for a pain source such as cyst’s, hydrocele, varicocele, etc?

Do you think it’s possible you are suffering from scarring within the end/s of your vas? If you were, that could explain why papaya seed powder doesn’t seem to be helpful.

I’m not trying to steer you into anything specific, more like trying to be of some help to you. If you fit the criteria regarding what I’m saying about possible scarring at the end of a vas/s, a cleanup via unilateral or bilateral redo vasectomy, or a unilateral or bilateral reversal may be beneficial. Many choose reversal for a clean up on this site, but there are some positive redo vasectomy stories on here to.


Type tens unit, or other related search terms into the search bar on this site. Yes, a few have tried it, or posted something about it on here.


Hi Ringo. Yes! My pain is in the groin region, about 2 cm up and to the left of the base of the penis. There is almost (never?) any pain in my nut.

I have also think it is scarring or impingement on the cut vas. Specifically on the non-epi side since the pain radiates up or out much more often than down.

My original thought, and why I tried papaya was that maybe I had developed a granuloma at my cut vas that had enveloped a nerve. The reason I thought that was that it seemed like nerve damage would surface sooner than nearly 2.5 years in?

I had US on the region of the pain, but not the sack. I had CT scan and MRI as well. Everything came back normal.


Yea, I’m not a big fan that papaya seed powder has the capability of reversing the scarring, and/or damage that’s likely created by sperm granuloma, leaking sperm, etc. It would seem that some men may be more at risk of this kind of scarring via the inflammatory response to one’s own sperm that seems to vary man to man.

I’m not a big fan of the ideology that purely nerve damage spontaneously shows up several years after the vasectomy. I’m more the type to be looking for the catalyst, chain of events that lead up to, etc, etc.

Yea, these are pretty typical findings.

There’s things to take into serious consideration when comparing redo vasectomy to vasectomy reversal. There’s pros and cons to both. Keep in mind that vasectomy reversal doesn’t mean guaranteed patency, long term patency, etc.

If you’ve read much material on this site, you are already aware that many of us, including several veterans believe the benefit of reversal is generally more related to the clean up of scarring, nerve entrapment, sperm granuloma, etc. Nerve endings have a chance to grow back together over time to, etc.

Obviously there’s no guarantees that a redo vasectomy, or a vas to vas full clean up reversal will help, but both do carry their own success rates, and obviously there’s a slight chance of making things worse, and a chance that it may not help at all.

We know far more data regarding success rates with reversal than we do redo vasectomy, open ended conversation, etc.

I’m personally not a fan of open ended conversation, especially in cases where scarring, and/or sperm granuloma seems to be the catalyst, and/or culprit, but to each his own.

I won’t complicate this post by getting into electrocauterization that’s done during many vasectomys. That can be a problem to, but I’m not thinking it’s applicable to your case.


As dumb as it sounds, I hadn’t thought about a vasectomy redo. I would probably have a much easier time getting something like that than a reversal. (I am in Finland, so getting a primo reversal surgeon means another country.)

I am also not a big fan of being fertile again either.


I’m guessing you mean your not a big fan of being fertile again.

Whatever the case, I’ve laid some options, and food for thought out there for you.

I don’t recommend taking the easy way out of pvps, not traveling, settling for less, etc, but to each his own. My opinion regarding what I just said doesn’t mean something you might choose locally may not work.

I don’t like to see people making hasty, and/or the wrong decisions for whatever reason, getting cut on again, and again, and again, etc. On contrary to what some may believe, docs, Uro’s, etc, there’s definitely risk involved with cutting, etc.


Haha. Yeah, sorry, fertile.

I really am not sure if granuloma was a catalyst. I’d have expected them to see it on the US/CT/MRI? I am also thinking it isn’t autoimmune since I have 0 pain on my right side?

I really am at a loss. :-(. Maybe a cleanup would be a good next option since it definitely seems to be nerve related.

During the surgery, right side was a breeze, but when he moved to the left, there was a jolt of serious pain that felt like it went up my left cord. Not sure if that makes any difference at all, but it was the case.


I hear you brother. I’m not sure what else to say other than perhaps set up a phone, skype, etc consultation with a pvps expert of your choice that resides in another country. Perhaps that would be helpful to you.


And btw, thanks for your input Ringo. It helps just to bounce experiences/ideas, etc with others who understand. Thanks for taking the time.


No problem man. Keep us posted, and good luck!


One more thing. What did you mean about the electrocautery? I know I was cauterized, but yeah, probably not the issue after this much time.

Also, you said that nerve endings can grow back together. Did you mean in the sense of a reversal, leading to a better result? Or just generally?

I would definitely travel for a reversal, no question. It’s just that for “cleanup” specifically/only, I am not sure that would be the right choice for me yet.


It’s said that electrocauterization that’s done during the process of many styles of vasectomy can lead to more of the nerve type problems during, directly afterwards, or down the road. Some vasectomists are completely against using electrocauterization at all costs.

All at the same time, some vasectimist’s are completely against open ended vasectomys due to the variable inflammatory response to ones own sperm that seems to vary man to man.

Electrocauterization tends to be more typical with closed ended vasectomys, but it’s certainly not limited to just that style. Once again, and specifically when we are talking about down the road, we are likely talking about scarring again.

It was more of a general comment. Providing everything heals right, I can see where this may be beneficial to some men.

Take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt, yet take it all seriously at the same time. You could consult with a handful of the top tier pvps doc’s worldwide, and get different answers, opinions, and/or input from all of them. I’m absolutely certain of that.

Don’t rush into anything buddy.


Figured I’d mention…

There’s some other terminology that I never got into in my responses to you that some may find relevant to your case, and/or could be relevant as well. I’m not an expert when it comes to neuralgia, neuroma, etc. If you want to make things really complicated, add those terms to your thought process.

To be honest with you, I’m not an expert, nor a doctor, nor a trained professional. I’m just a self taught guy that’s learned much over time. I’ve followed, and researched material posted in pvps forums since 2010, and have done a lot of homework myself over them years gone by. I have my own story myself, I’ve worked with several pvps doc’s regarding my own case years ago, and then some.

Thus, I’ve seen pretty much all of the leading ideas, input, etc, hashed out for nearly a decade. I have a general idea regarding the ideologies of several of the top tier pvps doc’s worldwide. A lot of stuff seems to be pretty consistent across the board, yet some stuff definitely isn’t. There are many uncertainties regarding this vasectomy stuff as a whole to date.