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Pain started about 2 years after open-ended vasectomy

Hi guys, I am new here and thought I’d share my experience and ask for advice. =)

I had an no-scalpel open-ended vasectomy almost 2 years ago. I didn’t have any issues with it until a couple months ago I noticed soreness in my left testicle during sex, but then the soreness went away.

But for the past 3 weeks now I now soreness/burning sensation in my left testicle almost all the time during the day, and sometimes radiates down by left leg. It feels like a pulling or tugging behind my testicle, and sometimes feels like an aching pressure on that side kind of like ‘blue balls’. It makes me feel nauseous sometimes. After sex, it makes the soreness worse.

My primary care doctor examined me a couple weeks ago and diagnosed Epididymitis, it was definitely painful to touch. He prescribed a 10 day course of Doxycycline and said if it didn’t get better to get an ultrasound. I finished the antibiotics course, but it didn’t really help at all. (Maybe slightly, but I read Doxy can have a slight anti-inflammatory effect). Warm baths seem to help the most. It doesn’t feel like an infection since I don’t have fever or any UTI symptoms.

I am meeting with a Urologist tomorrow and hopefully will get the ultrasound then.

Questions for you all:

  1. For those of you who have experienced congestive epiditimitis, does this sound like your symptoms?
    I know I had an open ended vasectomy, but I read that the vas tubes may close on their own after the vasectomy. Also, the side with the problem is the higher and smaller testicle, so perhaps the other side just has more space.

  2. Also, what therapies would you recommend?
    I started taking the papaya seed (1/2 tsp twice a day) a few days ago. Also wearing a jock strap seems to help, and taking warm baths.


Urologist should know best but it is not uncommon to have an infection w/o fever. DO share what he/she said. Hopefully it is a short term problem and hope you’re back to normal again… experiences here vary and after reading inputs you really need to try all things and hopefully one of them works for you… all the best

Thanks for the reply and the kind words. I will share what the urologist says.

In general, I wonder how common it is to get an epididymis infection years after a vasectomy. Since there is no path to prostate anymore or the outside world, it seems to me it would be less likely than before a vasectomy.

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan going already. Many have found relief with the papaya seed. Another option is testosterone replacement therapy - personally that would be my next route if the papaya didn’t work. TRT has its own risks as well.

@Krz673804 have you talked to your doctor much about TRT? I’m at almost 10 months post open ended V and have been offered TRT by a urologist to test the congestion theory.

My pain is low level and intermittent, but very troubling to me when it’s there. I have tried Steroid pack, NSAIDs, papaya seed for a month, acupuncture, ice packs, and hot tub. I get the most relief from heat/cold therapy, but it’s only a temporary band aid.

It’s probably the more cautious route to do TRT before jumping straight into reversal, but I do feel like that’s where I’m headed anyways and sometimes am tempted to just go for it. I am a little worried about the unknown risks of TRT, but hope they are small with only short term use. I have a phone appointment to go over my T lab results and ask a bunch of questions of the urologist next week.

Any reason you stopped the papaya seed after a month?

I haven’t talked to a doctor about TRT. It’s not worth the risk to me since papaya seed powder has taken care of my congestion pain. I know there’s plenty of threads on here discussing TRT though.

I stopped taking it mostly because I noticed no difference after 1 tsp/day every day for a month. Maybe I stopped too soon. I’m on the fence about a reversal still and also thought I should stop taking it several months beforehand. The urologist I spoke to said that TRT would be more effective at “shutting off” sperm production than papaya seed.

How long did it take for you to notice a difference with the papaya seed and was it gradual? 100% reduction in discomfort?


So I just got back from my appointment with the Urologist. I included a picture he drew as well. =)

He didn’t think it was an infection. He said it felt a small bulge or granuloma at the bottom of the Epididymus where he said there is usually a weak spot. So he thought that it could be sperm leaking (granuloma) or a bulge due to congestion causing the pain. He said he has seen this 4 or 5 times in the 20+ years he’s been in Urology. He told me to continue doing the warm baths and try taking Aleve 2x a day to bring the inflammation down. He also booked me for an ultrasound appointment next week.

I’m praying and believing that this goes away quickly. I feel a bit better today (not nauseous) so that is good.

If you continue the papaya, it should knock out the congestion pain within a month or so (hopefully). Everyone is different. I felt relief within 2 weeks (still taking it 3 months later).

Good luck!

I’ve been on it 3 months. I noticed improvement around 2 weeks and it kept improving over several more weeks. Now my pains are random maybe 1-2 times a day for a few min and the pain is minimal. Assuming scar tissue or nerve related.

Thanks for the info and encouragement!

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I had this samr issue pretty consistant for the first 2 years. Just after the two year mark it went away for the most part and im at year 3 now with the 3rd year being largely pain free. I ended up at the year 2 mark having a enlarged lymph node near my groin, had a full body (lower lung down) scan and extensive blood work done, then last month a sentinal lymph nodr biopsy done. Everything came back normal, they said it was just a reactive lymph node but i cant help but suspect it had something to do with the granuloma i experienced and a shift in the way my body was handling the unnatural changes in my body and inability to process sperm. Good luck to you and all on this forum. I am in large a success story but was in considerable pain for a lot of the first two years. If i could go back i would never have had the proceedure

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@Davidfromoregon Thanks for posting!

Over the 2 years did you try any therapy, drugs, blocks, etc?

Did you ever consider further surgery?

@Davidfromoregon your symptoms mirror mine in a large way,would love to know how your 2 years went ie did you see a gradual reduction over time or was it just a case of it going away rapidly ??

Thanks for your post gives me hope without surgery even though I have one foot in the door in that regard.

I did a lot of reading and decided the potential complications from them going back in was not worth attempting to take any action. Followed up with my urologist and was fed the same super rare bs, so decided to ride it out. I had weeks that were worse than others. Definately had the granuloma enlarged and the pulling / buring sensation on the body side of the cut on my left. Things settled down now. Im 36 and have an active sex life. Now and then after sex there is minor discomfort but i havnt had much to complain about for nearly a year now and am glad i rode it out. After having a biopsy a few weeks ago tho i now have a bit of a burning ache down both inner thighs. Crossing finders against lympedema but am hopeful, still to early to judge as i still have undisolved stitches. Will see where the next year takes me. Good luck

Was pretty bad the first year, fluctuations during the second and at some point i just kind of forgot about it and had to reflect to determine when it stopped bothering me. It was stressful and depressing. But right aroubd the time my lymph node enlarged last june, my mind perhaps went another direction worrying about that and im guessing simething just changed in my body, maybe my lymph system started picking up the slack on my sperm production. Biopsy indicated it was reactive from a past infection, who knows the body does strange things. The biopsy was on the right side, my prior pain was on the left. My imaging shows however slight enlargement of both right and left clusters and my left sentinal was visibly large before they cut it out. At any rate, no tesi cancer and no lymphoma, melenoma, or anything else of significant concern. I have two small nodules in my lungs and am a smoker, but they are common in everyone to a degree and are only 1mm and 2mm… so getting rescanned in 9 months to keep an eye out. I really suspect the lymphs swelling around the time my pain subsided may be related, but my drs think im off base. They are just people tho, worked in large of assumtions

@worship01 @Davidfromoregon

I went to the Cleveland Clinic a couple months ago. I spoke with the chairman of the Urology dept. His answer to me was to “just deal with it”. “I’ve been dealing with it for 5 years, just keep dealing with it”.

I told him I shouldn’t have to deal with it. This isn’t something I shouldn’t have to “deal with” for the rest of my life. And he agreed. But also acknowledged that there is always risk when getting opened up again. Which is what I was worried about and told him so.

The comment from any doctor of just deal with , i so want to hurt them and tell them to just deal with it. It’s such a bullshit answer. Cause you know they would never submit to that. They’d never take the chance with their own life/junk. But all of them are perfectly happy to take chances with ours.

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I think this is something rampant in the medical field as a whole. They psuh proceedures and pills for profet and so many of them just preach the gospel theyve been fed. There are a ton of people working the industry, and a very small percentage of people in this world who are truely smart enough and skilled enough to dable in it, sadly were stuck with a 90% incompotancy level or worse. Same goes for this specific topic, and any truely honest and compotent urologist should tell you, look… you nees to weigh your options and risks here before you go forward with this. Sadly, most people will never heard that during thier initial consult. Even the most skilled and maticulous surgeon could make an error, and even with a perfect proceedure, our bodies all handle things differently. I always warn those i come across who consider it, and i know my problems could return at any time, maybe permanently, maybe not… hopefully not at all. I hope something in your body changes for the better… there is hope as we all change constantly with age and the things we go through. Good luck man


Hi guys, since I started this post I wanted to provide an update after getting an ultrasound today.

The tech did the ultrasound and then said everything looked normal, but then the Dr. said he wanted her to do it again while he was watching. So I went back in the room and the second time they did find a granuloma. Good thing they double checked.

He said the granuloma was about 1.6 cm at widest, and irregularly shaped. I guess the size of a marble. It is located at the base of the epididymus from sperm leaking. He could tell it wasn’t just a bulging epididymus because there was no blood flow in the granuloma. He also mentioned that there was some inflammation around the granuloma itself and localized in the epididymus.

As far as options to deal with it, he recommended anti-inflammatory and just give it time and eventually the body will stop fighting it and wall it off. He said it could grow, or shrink. He wouldn’t recommend surgery to remove it unless it really bothered me for a long time. He said if he removed it he would need to take the lower section of the epididymus with it as well.

Do you guys think papaya seed would help with granuloma? Any other advice?

@Choohooo, hi I read on another thread where you suggested that granulomas should disappear once the irritant (sperm) is gone. Have you seen papaya seed do that?

Doctors I have talked to seem dismissive of it, that “if it worked then we’d all be taking papaya seed for contraception”. But I think maybe one reason why there hasn’t been big studies on it yet is because there isn’t money in it… drug companies can’t patent it and more money to be made elsewhere.