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Pain on the back and Upper Abdomen after Vasectomy

It might be a huge coincidence, but the next day after surgery I start feeling pressure on my back. It came in waves. After a few hours, it moved from a pressure to pain on the upper abdomen and a few hours later I had to go to the hospital. They did a ton of exams and all came clear.

The next day I woke up with the worse pain of my life (still coming in waves) in my upper abdomen. I went back to the hospital. The gastro said it doesn’t look gastric. I saw a urologist and she asked for an ultrasound that didn’t show any issues.

Nobody was considering it to be related to the vasectomy, however, one of the neurologists said that he believed that the pain was related to the vasectomy but he couldn’t understand why.

I know is quite odd, but did someone ever had a similar symptom or heard of something similar? I’m really concerned and I’m on a lot of pain medication. My surgery was a month ago and the pain still persists.


Sorry you are in this position I have read that some were else. I believe and I could be wrong that it comes down to nerve damage.


I second nerve damage. I had a granuloma removed and I feel it up into my abdomen as well. The nerves of the spermatic cord travel that way

Is there any way to find it out and if so, is there any solution for that?

Ive recently started taking something called concentrated tart cherry juice. You can get it at a health food store. My pain has almost disappeared. I would like other guys to try it to see if it helps them too. It has been shown to decrease inflammation and nerve pain, and work almost as well as ibuprofen. As well as being cherry juice, its an antioxidant amongst other things. Here’s some studies:,pain%20from%20nondiabetic%20peripheral%20polyneuropathies.

Bing cherries are cheaper and you can get them in supplement, but not as potent as tart cherry.

Thanks for posting. I am keen to try it. Only thing is the actual juice seems ridiculously expensive everywhere online. I have ordered some of this. Dont know if it will work as well but ive bought a lot of good supplements from these guys so ill report back if it helps

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The stuff I’m using is actual juice, so if that doesn’t work try the juice. Just be careful, i tried a full dose all at once and almost shat my pants haha. The powerful effects of cherries :sweat_smile:

Definitely report your findings to me if you can. My relief was literally the next day.

Wow, this hits home. I had a relatively normal vasectomy, back to normal in 3-4 weeks. At the 4 month period, I bent over and couldn’t bend back up. I was 40 and in good health. Injured my lumber spine. Got it straightened up through chiropractic, but didn’t realize the journey I was beginning.

Three months later, scrotal pain (PVPS hit) and that took me 14 months to get over with nerve injections and a cleanout and reversal in between. While that got me 10 good years, the damage done to my back began getting worse.

For about 6 years, I dealt with the back…chiro, PT, epidural steroidal injections, but ultimately succumbed to fusion. Been much better, but that was the 2nd major restorative surgery that was set off by the vasectomy.

Today, I’m convinced the back problems all started due to core weakness which was due to nerve damage.

In pretty good condition today, all things considered. No or limited scrotal pain, and the back is good enough to do most of what I want, just no golfing or amusement parks.

I wish you well.