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Quick note for those of you who’ve tried and not succeeded with Pain Management.

Without naming names, one surgeon often named here on this forum told me he doesn’t understand why Pain Mgt. specialists use so little anesthetic and steroid. He said they seem to be proud and in a contest to see who can use the least solution. I didn’t solicit this input from him, but it jived with my personal experience with Pain Mgt. who told me he uses “only a spoonful.” No wonder I didn’t get as much relief from the II/IH and GF blocks from Pain Mgt. as I got from Dr. P.'s “mega block.”

Same experience 3 weeks ago at the Cleveland Clinic’s General Surgery Dept. After my US, the imaging doc did a GF block. Whereas Pain Mgt. used a spoonful, I think this guy used 3 vials of anesthetic and steroid. He injected a lot of solution.

Results: I was already feeling pretty good starting after Thanksgiving following my mega block with botox from Dr. P. in October. This 2nd injection at the CC has had an additive benefit, and my pain levels have been consistently down 70-90% with many periods pain-free.

Food for thought in terms of those seeking help from Pain Mgt.

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I was told the same thing from a dr not in PM. With PM they are only permitted to give you so much steroid per year to be in the safe zone at least that is what they told me. So they need to keep this in consideration if they are planning to give you multiple blocks over time.



Hi. I’ve tried one nerve block so far and it was unsuccessful. I am willing to travel for relief. Can you give me more info on your doctor and where they are located? Also what have you had done after your vasectomy?



A lot of my info is posted in my history. I have seen and consulted with multiple doctors. I work mainly with a local pain management doctor close to my location found throughout the U.S. This week I tried something different. I had a GF block yesterday and today a II/IH block to see if that helps settle things down once the steroid kicks in. I also had trigger point injections in my back and neck to try to release the tight muscles which is where my worst pain is at typically. I plan to do the trigger point again in a couple weeks. I have gotten relief from blocks in the past.

To @raising4girls point the pain management definitely does not use as much anesthetic as the nerve doc I saw a few weeks ago. I was numb all through my inner thigh, lower abdomen, side of penis and ball after nerve surgeons block. If that is what nerve resection feels like after I don’t know. It was a weird feeling and lasted about 6 hours. He did not use steroids. I don’t feel nothing like that after pain management and typically don’t get relief till the steroid kicks in.

I think this is why Dr P prefers denervation before nerve resection first and actually told me this last time we talked. Denervation does not cause as big a loss in sensation as neurectomy because they are going after nerves lower compared to higher up like nerve surgeons. Dr P does resection of II and GF with denervation and does bury it in muscle from what i was told similar to nerve surgeon just alot lower. I’m not sure if he has alway done it this way or changed over the years.

I personally have not done anything I would call surgical to date. I did try pulsed radio ablation of II nerve at lower temperatures and it seemed to help several months but not a fix all.

I’m trying to give all conservative options a try before moving to anything surgical as long as my pain stays at a point I can manage day to day. Some days are harder than others. Feel free to ask questions

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