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Pain in testicle, stomach and in the back


First of all sorry for my language :wink: I am from Poland.
I had my vasectomy 4 months ago. Left side fully fine so I will focus only on the right one.
There was a lot of pain during the vas like somebody was touching my nerves but it wasn’t killing (I am pain resistant). I didn’t take any meds after. I started sports few days later.
1 month after surgery I realized something is wrong with right testicle. I could touch and squeeze it gently without pain but when I knocked with my finger in the testicle I felt pain. It wasn’t like this before. I don’t have any problems with sex. I saw the doc 2 times and he said all is fine and I should wait until 6 months. 3 weeks ago another urologist gave me antibiotics and NSAID. No help.

At that time, 3 weeks ago (3 months after vas) I started to feel pinching in the bottom right of my stomach. 2 weeks later the pain moved also to my bottom right back. Since 4 days I feel lot of pain generally in my middle and bottom back. I am still doing sports and don’t feel any pain then but it comes later and sometimes before. During the night I don’t feel any pain but during the day my back is worse and worse. For me it seems that the problem is progressing starting from testicle through stomach and now in the back.

I read your posts and my story sounds like nerve related. I will try B-vitamins but I am very worried. I know many of you have bigger problems than mine and I am sorry for you.

All your comments will be highly appreciated.

Your symptoms sound somewhat like mine. I often feel pain in my scrotum, but when I actually touch and inspect it doesn’t hurt. I had pain all around my pelvic area. Stretching, yoga, and physical therapy have been very helpful. Check YouTube for pelvic floor yoga. My PTs theory is some muscles tighten up in response to the trauma and cause referred and neuropathic like pain. Pelvic muscles like the psoas are very hard to stretch and release. I’m about a year past my vas and of all the non surgical stuff I’ve tried the physical therapy has helped the most.

It hasn’t got me 100% better and I don’t what else might be going on. I feel like it may be ongoing inflamation and immune related. But that’s for another post.

Same here as the PT goes. I’m 5 months post vas. The first 3 months were terrible. Things have slowly started getting better. After doing some stretching and finding that my testicle pain dropped as I was stretching I told my Dr I wanted to start PT. The hip flexor stretches have helped me so much. I still get Inguinal aches but not nearly as bad as before. I think in my case the vas and the complete rest and do nothing approach I took after only made my hip/pelvic issues worse. I still have testicle sensitivity but over the last couple months it has decreased. I also take vitamin B Complex, turmeric, and garlic supplements everyday and have been for months now. Hang in there…find what works for you…and stick to it.