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Pain in one testicle

I had my vasectomy about a year and a half ago. Recently I began having pain in my right testicle during intercourse, specifically when I’m close to ejaculation. The pain doesn’t happen every time, maybe one out of every ten or so. I’d compare the sensation to an uncomfortable stinging shock, and it only affects my right testicle. And yes, the pain is localized exactly in the testicle. The pain is gone after ejaculation and I have no pain or soreness otherwise. I’m 26 years old, relatively healthy, and had no complications from the surgery, besides this. Anyone have any insight?

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Unfortunately side effect of vasectomy. If its just very mild and not limiting you in any way, I’d personally leave it as is

Yup, one of those things they conveniently forget to mention in the pre-vasectomy consultations. Things don’t work exactly the same, you get used to it, but things are different. Be glad your pain is gone after ejaculation.