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Pain improving but still worried.. advice appreciated

Hey guys, I’m sorry any of us are here. I will say after reading some of your stories I feel lucky that my pain is not to the extent of some on here. That being said I am still in some pain 4 1/2 months after the vasectomy. On Halloween night my wife and I went to a party and had sex that night. I noticed when I did her from behind there was a sharp ache when my balls hit her. My balls really started to get tender over the next month. Pain 2/10. The first flare up was after one of our sex-a-thons where we had sex multiple times while kids were at Grandmas house. After my pain was a 5/10. Creeped into my abdomen. I shook it off as too much too soon and saw the doc. Prescribed Bactrim and 2 Alieve a day for 3 weeks. Seemed to work. On week 4 started training to run the 5k with the misses and had another 5/10 flare up. Doc tries trycycline. I break out in hives. Tries Ciproflaxen next. My body felt like it was shutting down after 4 doses. Went to the ER because arms and face went numb. Got off of it and got my ultrasound results back. No inflammation in epi and they say no infection. Pissed me off since I had no infection and they gave me antibiotics throwing off my whole system. Saw a new urologist yesterday who wants to try 30 days of Meloxicam. Pain right now is a 1/10 and not horrible but uncomfortable. It worries me that this could be long term and I can never have a physical life again. My wife and I have always had a great sex life and I’m scared that will go away. Definitely don’t want a reversal I have 3 kids and I’m set there. The doc seems pretty confident that even with no meds that I would clear up within a year or so give or take. He did admit that for every 100 guys that 5 usually come back with the same symptoms but the are all better with a years time. Anyone have a positive experience of healing and getting better? I have read all of the horror stories of guys in excruciating pain years later. I don’t believe that is me but my heart goes out to you.

Hi Lewis,

I too did not really start having pain until about 5 months out. Then it started every time I would get aroused. This was on my left side. I recently had a reversal. The doctor said I had quite an accumulation of scar tissue that had built up on the left side. He thought that was interesting and it makes sense since I didn’t get pain until down the road and it takes time for scar tissue to build up.

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My pain was minimal at first too, but mainly from the pressure. But about 7 months it hit me pretty bad especially the right side. I also developed autoimmune disorder, sex would make me feel ill.
I would wait and see, if you are not improving after 6 months to a year max , then start looking at your options.

I would give it more time than some others are saying. I’m 22 months from my v and still improving. The WORST time period for me besides the first week was around 5 months out. My recovery has been very irregular with many flare ups as well as some pretty good times in between. This is very common with persistent post surgical pain from many types of surgeries. Just look up “chronic post surgical pain.” You will see it is very common and follows irregular patterns. I do stretches, deep breathing, and most importantly pelvic floor therapy in order to keep the irritation from setting off my pelvic floor muscles and causing all the other symptoms. This does help. But you have to think of recovery in terms of months/years, not days/weeks. I would go at least 18 months and look back to see if you think you are still improving over the long term. I had a big improvement around that time. Mild exercise and pelvic stretching/relaxation can help a lot. There WILL be bad days/weeks here and there, but focus on evaluating the overall.

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