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Pain has returned

Thanks for that info Ringo. Yes I may take a little step away from this website for a bit for those reasons. Difficult balance between the wealth of info that can be gained on here vs going down a dark mental path.

As mentioned I’ll be back to update this after ultrasound and discussion with Dr. Jarvi.

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Sorry to hear this buddy, stay strong and live in hope, time is a healer. My wife and daughters is what has got me through this too, but 14 years of my life have been ruined because of this pain, it annoys me why medical science don’t know more about men like us?

Hi mate, I was offered the embolisation but turned it down, I had a varicocelectomy instead.

What amazed me was how the panpiniform plexus and spermatic cord swells up so much, mine went rock solid and thick as my thumb, it’s gone back to normal now though; thank goodness.

Doe’s anyone also get an ache/pain down their legs?

What about after a bowel movement, doe’s this make the ache/pain worst, doe’s it aggravate the pain in your testicle?

@Chip5, yeah, I experienced some really screwed up stuff post embolization. It didn’t happen immediately either. There was a period of time where I thought I was out of the woods and it was going to be a success.

For me, the uptick in pain went from pretty much nothing to progressively getting worse week by week somewhere around week 2 - similar to my vasectomy. It seems that it literally took several weeks to go completely off the rails haywire. I was optimistic about my recovery, but I will never forget the day at work when all hell broke loose again.

Yeah, I was experiencing some sort of swelling below where the titanium coils were placed within my internal spermatic vein - which would be within the spermatic cord and everything below. I wasn’t able to measurbly gauge the swelling like you described, but I knew it was happening.

Yes, I experience localized pain, pain within my left hip, left hamstring, front of my left upper leg, etc, at times. Post embolization, my biggest complaints were - localized pain within the area of the varicocele, pain traveling up my spermatic cord into my abdomen, and pain running down my left hamstring. Pre embolization, I could lay in bed in any position and it would help matters. Post embolization - post haywire - laying in bed made things worse, especially if I was laying on my right side. I have a bizarre story.

My embolization procedure was considered failure at my 30 day post op ultrasound and follow-up appointment with the IVR who did the procedure. It didn’t have any effect on the size of my varicocele, nor my symptoms. As I have already made clear, it made me worse.

The good news is, I eventually did make some progress, but it took nearly a ~year. ~9 years later (present), I still have hiccups and side effects from the embolization procedure alone.

Beyond the guru surgeon that thought embolization would make me worse, the only person that was straight up with me in regard to post op hiccups, pain, side effects, etc, was the anesthesiologist (twilight) who took care of me during the procedure and as I recovered in a recovery room. He had a lot to say about it as I recovered, and said it was pretty typical. I was like - really? :frowning:

Anyway, I don’t have issues associated with bowel movements. Many men that post on forums like this one do though. It’s not unheard of.

Yes I had this at times. Still do after a reversal. Pain and constipation seem to have a feedback loop for me. Sometimes its painful before and during BM. Usually feel much better though a short time later. Not really sure what to make of it. Just another wonderful side effect from vasectomy.

So much for taking a break from the thread. Anyways, went to bed at 830 in excruciating pain. Stress got me to sleep and woke up 12 hours later. Pain is considerably less. Still there ofcourse but not the screaming 9 it was last night. My testicles (I don’t know if it’s Epi or what part) swell right up sometimes and hang much lower. They just look angry. My balls have always hung kind of high I guess and look small/normal and when pain is lower this is what they look like. When things get painful my testicles look atleast 2-3 x the size and hang way lower. Even this morning with them smaller there is way more scrotal skin and wrinkles where you can tell the skin has been stretched right out. I have the look of a man with like 90 year old balls they are so wrinkled from stretching out. Pain is pressure/full and also sharper nerve type one on right side that is more in groin connecting to upper thigh. I know it is from referred pain in the testicle itself and pain point is kind of at the back I think where the connection site was.

Should say I don’t always even know the cause when they start swelling. Usually seems to be movement and sex. Did not have sex yesterday. Trying to enjoy the long weekend with my family so maybe a little bit more active but we’re only talking a little driving and a little walking, nothing serious. This is so frusterating.

The nerves in the pelvis are many and seemingly all inter-connected.

During my 3rd bout with PVPS (2016-2018…my original were 2005-06 and 2008-09), I had perineal and anal pain for the first time. Docs suspected more pudendal than GF or II/IH. Sure enough, injections and pulsed RF to the pudendal solved those problems.

Who knows. There seems to be so much interconnection of the pelvic and scrotal nerves to the lower half of the body that one begets another. You might simply have pelvic floor tension which seems to occur with a lot of us. Either way, it might be worth talking with a Pain Mgt. specialist and/or pelvic floor physical therapist.

Hi, I was meant to have a ilioinguinal pulsed radio-frequency nerve block last month (August), this was booked in January, but they cancelled it in March when the Covid situation developed, and I still don’t have a new date set; the pain team I’m with are absolutely useless.

What confuses me a little, is when my surgeon mentioned that during my varicocele surgery, he found the surface of my right testicle was inflamed, something about tunica vaginalis hyperaemic; the serous membrane that covers my testicle is inflamed. He reckons I’ve had a previous infection which has damaged the tissues, more than likely the cause to my pain, so I guess nerve blocks wont work.

Thought it was time for an update. No real change in pain over past couple of weeks. There are times I’m pain free but that’s if I’m not moving around much and either laying or sometimes standing. Sitting in the car is a bit better if I’ve got a good recline.

When pain comes on my testicles look swollen and sometimes twice as large as first thing in the morning. When it gets really bad they look much larger and feels like a barbed wire wrapped around testicle. Luckily that’s not too often. But frusterating not having any form of exercise other then slow walk. Look and feel like I’m 80 years old. Also I’ve usually always had issues with just right side but left started a bit the other day. Vascular congestion maybe? Don’t know for sure what the heck is causing it tho.

I was on antibiotics which was maybe helping slightly but developed a weird rash on both hands, ankles and elbows. Dr. Jarvi suggested stopping antibiotics as it may be causing rash. Rash was causing burning hands. Anyways rash went away but have also noticed slight uptick in pain since being off.

I’ve also been getting near daily headaches, some dizzy spells, muscle pains and buzzing in ankles. Not too mention some pretty extreme anxiety. I’ve contacted a naturopath and he says symptoms sound consistent with Lyme disease or mold. We’ve had a couple recent guys on this board who have had issues relating to Lyme and it could be possible based on where I live and I know on two occasions in the past my wife has pulled ticks off of me. My plan is to pay for the testing although Lyme can be difficult to test. Really thinking this could be strong possibility.

Anyways, I have to be up very early to head into Toronto tomorrow for another ultrasound Dr. Jarvi has ordered. He prefers I come to mount Sinai to have it done so we shall see how it goes. Normally they don’t find anything on those but last time were concerned regarding a varicocele. I’ll update again if/when I get something noteworthy.

Emailed Dr. Jarvi to inform him my rash has cleared but still dealing with scrotal swelling and pain that seems tied to movement and had my ultrasound this morning so he should have the results in two or three days.

Dr. Jarvi would like me to start taking another antibiotic instead. He’s faxing in 3 week course of slightly different type. I know antibiotics won’t usually work for pvps guys but I’ve had some other weird symptoms and in my case the pain had gone away and now come back (I’m 2.5 years post vas) so I can’t rule out an infection. Obviously Dr. Jarvi feels the same way so we shall see how this goes. I’ve had a negative reaction to two separate antibiotics now over the past couple of years so let’s hope this 3 week course will not only help with pain/swelling but allow me to complete the course without issue. Pain did seem to reduce somewhat while on last round before rash so I’ll just try and remain optimistic for now.

Also, Kudos to Dr. Jarvi for responding to my emails at all hours of the day/evening and usually in a very timely manner. If anything it’s so reassuring having him in my corner and he genuinely seems to really care and responds quickly.

Hi there, I’ve taken ciprofloxacin antibiotic a few times over the years and it always gets rid of the pain, but once the course has finished the pain always comes back, bit odd really.

Yes that is odd it comes back again after. Cipro damaged both of my Achilles pretty badly. No way I can take that stuff again…

Time for an update. I have finished taking antibiotics for about 5 weeks now and no huge difference.

My scrotal pain luckily comes and goes and not constant like it was. The scrotum will sometimes swell and sometimes not and the worst pain is ofcourse while it’s visibly swollen.

I’m also dealing with several other issues and now I’m really not sure if my scrotal pain is directly related to vas. Indirectly likely but not directly.

My other symptoms include: extremely sore throat (feels like swollen glands) that has lasted months but intense and constant for two weeks straight now, extreme jaw pain, dry mouth, stiff and painful back of neck, intermittent Achilles pain and other joint pain (mainly shoulders).

Living a nightmare here guys but we all are.

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Hi Folks,

I’m in the same boat as well in that an ultrasound showed either a hydrocele or vericocele (I’ve had two ultrasounds, one diagnosed it with one and one diagnosed with the other). I am considering getting a reversal, but am concerned that getting the reversal won’t fix the fluid buildup in my left nut, which always gets worse as the day progresses. Would getting a vericocelectomy rule out the possibility of getting a reversal later?

I am having epi pain on both sides with a dull pain running down the inside of my thighs and up into my groin. I almost feel if my left (worse) side was more like my right side that does not have the significant swelling, a reversal would be straight forward. I’ve tried icing my vericocele / hydrocele and it makes the swelling go down, but I have always felt as if it makes it worse in the long run. So, now I use heat instead. Same thing when I was first recovering from my vasectomy, I iced for the first couple of days, but then used heat as that seemed to help more.

When you heat the capillaries, they dilate and the natural anti-inflammatory response can do its thing. I would like to think of it similar to how our eyelids work. I kept getting eye infections when I used to wear a sleeping mask (bacterial like closed, moist environments . . . who knew? Lol). I kept icing my eye lid and it just made it worse, but hot compresses solved the problem within a day or two (and not using a sleeping mask anymore of course). It seems like there are so many small capillaries in the balls as well. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this as I’ll admit, this is all conjecture for me.

@Help and @keeping_faith

Both of you guys should read my very first post and check the updates out there.

Both of you sound like what you are dealing with is very close to what I was dealing with.

I’ll try to figure out how to hyper link the post here so you can just click it. I’ll edit this if I can figure it out.


You can read my PVPS issues in the above link and what I have done since Dec. 2018.

I am 2 weeks post reversal today and you can read my updates for that in the below link

I have been trending very well since my reversal. I have had many things improve. I still have some post surgical soreness, bruising, and swelling, but I no longer have left sided burning pain in my groin, outer or inner thighs, hip or back. My prostate area doesn’t hurt, epis don’t hurt to touch. I don’t feel nauseous. I have almost no pain when sitting and it doesn’t hurt to have an orgasm, but not just that it actually feels good.

For the first time in a long time, I am very hopeful for my future. I am hoping all of these things continue to trend upward as I was told it could take 3-4 months to see improvements.

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Hey Lee1985,

Read your story and the reversal thread you started . . . man, what an ordeal, right? I have an appointment tomorrow with a reversal guy. I pray he doesn’t give me the run around and he is capable and willing to help me out.

One thing mentioned in your other thread that I will ask him about is to see about the MRI . . . we’ll see. It may just be me, but after reading hundreds of threads on this wonderful site, it just seems like if anyone is going to get surgery to address PVPS, a reversal seems like the best chance of getting one’s life back. Unlike your story, I had no problem post vas for about three years and then the shit hit the fan. It’s like the parts were injured before and I just didn’t realize it. Now, both my testicles fill heavy, sensitive . . . sort of like a speed boxing bag flapping around now. If I lay down, I can get pain free with some pillows between my legs, but sitting sucks . . . hard to get comfortable and pain emanating down my inner thighs. Standing sucks too. Walking almost better than standing, but if I walk too much . . . not great. I ran a quick errand at the grocery store yesterday and it was okay; didn’t make things worse. In a way, getting out and walking a little was better for my mindset.

I am overwhelmed by the info on this site and I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. I agree with raising4girls in that this is like managing an old injury to a body part. I just like the idea of putting things back together to give the body the best chance to heal. Loved hearing how your ends were squirting . . . fucking great and happy to hear it. Looking forward to further updates and praying for good news for you and all of us. And, yeah, can’t imagine going through this alone (my wife is a godsend as well). Keep the faith brudda!

My reversal surgeon told me back in 2006 at my 3-month check up (when I was still in some pain, albeit less than pre-reversal) that all he did was put my body back into a position to heal itself. That line has stuck with me for nearly 15 years.

Word bro! Just saw a vas reversal guy today (Dr. Aaron Spitz in Orange County, CA). He’s having me do PT before going down the road of a reversal. Probably a prudent move (no harm if it doesn’t work). I posted more details of the appointment in my persona story thread.

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