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Pain has returned

It is heartbreaking to type this but my pain has returned. Vas in March 2018, pain started in Aug 18 and eventually subsided slowly sometime in early to mid 2019. Last week it started up again constantly and I’m a nervous wreck. Brings me back to 2018 all over again. My symptoms:

Nerve pain that I think is iloinguinal as it runs where the groin and leg/inner thigh meet. Tingling and burning. First thing when I wake it’s either not there or very low but within 2 min of standing it’s back again and ranges from 3-9 on pain scale. Laying with pillow between my legs usually lower end. Sitting or driving on the higher end.

Right is worse as it always had been but I’m getting some left side as well in same spot. Not really pain in the scrotum but my balls look a bit inflamed and pain got a bit worse after sex

Sitting definitely hurts, especially on hard chairs and/or sitting in a car

Anyone have any similar experiences they could share? I was so hopeful this hell was behind me but here we are. I did experience a small bump form on my testicle a couple of months back that was originally painful but subsided. Maybe that was a granunoma? Could this be caused by a blowout? If so is there any treatment or hope for recovery?

That sucks man. I felt nearly recovered then had a relapse around a year. Your symptoms sound similar to mine and many other’s too. I posted about everything I tried in the link below. However I did eventually opt for a reversal
My Experience, with list of non-invasive treatments

I hope you can find some relief. In fact I think that’s step one towards recovery cause you can’t make good decisions in pain. There are definitely a number of non surgical things you can try first. I’d just be speculating about your chances for a recovery.

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Sorry to read this, but it sounds very familiar. I had my vas in March 2005 with pain onset October 2005. That resulted in a reversal in June 2006, and I became pretty much pain-free by November 2006. First relapse ran November 2008 - April 2009 and second relapse ran April 2016 to November 2018, much longer.

The theory of Wallerian Degeneration of nerves jives with relapses.

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Jesus that’s scary. Honestly your story has been what has given me hope. I know you have dealt with and ‘beaten’ it twice now. Our pain sounds very similar as also with the poster above (thank you also for that info). I could see there being some degenerative thing going on with this happening yet again. What helped you get through again? You’ve already had reversal and some blocks correct? If it weren’t for my children I would be inclined to almost give up at this point and I’m only a couple weeks into this second round. The anxiety that comes with feeling it will never go away is all consuming and sending me into panic attacks.

On top of this I have insertions achillies tendinitis which has flared big time I think due to all of the laying down I’m forced to do.

Also are you pain free today?

Thank you for the link to all of that info. This website is amazing to allow all of us to share info. Just wondering, do you have any pain free periods at all or has it been a constant the whole time?

In my first bout it was constant but then went to intermittent before leaving completely for a year and a half. Man the mental health break you get for even a couple hour break is just so amazing. The constant is what drives you mad. For me it only starts around a 2 or so in the morning but runs up and down to a 9 or a 10 depending on level of activity and/or sitting/travel. God, even if I could get an hour without it I know my spirits would be much higher. Hopefully with time it will atleast move to intermittent again.

FAO Help

Have you taken antibiotics for epididymitis such as ciprofloxacin, one of the side effects is tendinitis and tendon rupture.

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Yes, I’ve been doing great since the June and October 201i cord blocks with botox.

Oh ya I took ciprofloxcin in my last bout with this two years ago and it almost blew out both of my Achilles. I still get some issues from them. I’m on doxycycline this time which she promises won’t do what Cipro did.

Well right now in recovering from a reversal and complications…

My initial PVPS bout was intense and lasted several weeks. It felt neuropathic in nature. After that intermittent flare ups with a low level irritation almost always present. This was more consistent with congestion like symptoms. Things started to trend worse after 1 year.

Have you tried either physical or massage therapy? I credit that with relieving my inner thigh pain which was driving me insane.

I am only replying to give anyone some hope. I think the majority of people that read many of my posts assume my issues are all related to varicocele pain as I speak about it often. If anyone got into my early post vas history, they would understand that I was experiencing pretty much the same things as the majority of people that post here. I used to post a lot about epi tail pain, congestion, not being able to sit, and on and on.

What I was experiencing for the first ~18+ months did not resemble anything like varicocele symptoms, pain, nor my previous experience with varicocele pain, etc. I only tackled my varicocele out of desperation. I did that because - like many, I didn’t think I was getting better fast enough. Big mistake.

Anyway, I’d say I am pain free or very close to it ~95% (+/-) of the time. Years ago, when I was having surgical corrective procedures, I used to post stuff like many others do. I didn’t think I would ever get better. I figured I would always be screwed up slash borderline disabled by pvp, PVPS, etc. I didn’t think I would ever get back to anything normal, and so on.

Bottom line, recoveries can be very long and very trivial and seem like the longest and mentally agonizing road ever - but don’t give up. I wish I could send my old self a message and tell myself where I would be pain wise, my mental state, my mind body state, etc, many years later.

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. Know where to draw the line. Anything is possible.


I’m very sorry to hear about complications. I really hope this reversal will provide you with great relief.

I did try massage therapy and found it helped overall but was painful while they worked and a couple of hours later. Too bad for this damn pandemic I’m too nervous to go back and try right now. I’m sure it’s in another thread I’ll check out but good luck on your reversal. Hopefully the complications are just a small bump in the road as I’ve read others say it can get a bit worse before it gets better. You will still be healing even a year out So have faith.

Doxy is pretty friendly. I wouldn’t give cipro to my mother in law and that’s saying something! Why that drug is still around when there are so many other options is beyond me!! Cipro is the devil!

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Update here for anyone following. Pain has gotten pretty bad. Last two days is tough getting out of bed. Wife and dad talked me into going to emergency. They performed an ultrasound and found a large vericocele. Sent me to another hospital as the doctor felt it could be lack of blood to testicles. After seeing urologist they ruled out torsion and said it’s too risky operating when they arnt sure what’s going on. That was a relief as I’m very leery of surgery making pain worse. Prescribed 6 week course of antibiotics (I’m going to speak with Dr Jarvi first as we all know us pvp guys don’t normally end up in pain from bacterial infection).

Atleast having pain two years prior allows me quicker access to Dr Jarvi as I’m still technically his current patient. Excellent doctor who already emailed back saying he will try and call me tomorrow. The poking by several doctors today and 2 hours of driving will make this a rough night.

I’ll keep updating this thread for my own documentation and others. As always any advice is appreciated.

My pain has changed through the past month. It started with sharp burning in my inguinal canal both left and right with not much pain in testicles themselves but they did look larger and swollen. After a couple of weeks pain became more focused in testicles with right being worse as always. Sometimes not too bad, other times felt like barbed wire wrapped around testicle. Laying helps a bit more but doesn’t necessarily take pain away. Now, over the past two days I still get the swelling feeling and also strongly like I was kicked in the nuts. Radiates into my stomach which I never experienced much of in my last bout with pain or this one yet. Feels like I will almost throw up from the sensation. Weird the pain keeps changing and I remember this happening with me the last time too but not necessarily the kicked in nuts. Trying to keep my mind straight. Ultrasound with dr. Jarvi in two weeks. He still says he thinks it will go away On its own but Kingston doctor said it could be something I have for the rest of my life. It’s crazy how little we all (including urologists) know about this. I’m only a month into this so I’m not going to rush anything but it’s sure feeling like possible congestion pain. I may bring up idea of reversal but won’t consider anything until atleast the new year and continue to hope it goes away on its own again.

This area and system is much more sophisticated than the medical world appreciates. Sperm are incubated at a precise temperature and your body does this automatically. No one can explain that, yet they go in with a bovie knife and melt things. It’s amazing there aren’t more of us on here. I don’t personally know Jarvi but I’d take his advice over just about anyone’s on PVPS. I like your chances brother. Hang in there.


As an update the pain had settled for a day or two. Comes and goes but not the constant it was before.

Had some sexy time with the wife this morning and pain is back decently. I think it’s reassuring to know that sex / arousal can trigger this. As long as it settles back to intermittent I won’t be as big of a basket case as I have been.

Still taking supplements: turmeric, fish oil, b complex, separate b12. Still eating papaya seeds twice per day with food. I had taken a day off naproxen 500mg anti inflammatory yesterday as things were settling a bit but popped another along with a tyenol now to calm this down. Will unfortunately try going atleast 5 or 6 days between sex to see if that helps.

Achilles seem to be improving a bit but now my right shoulder feels sore. Who knows if it’s a body wide reaction to something or from laying more then usual. Frusterating but overall feel a little better then a week ago.

Just to clarify, are you are eating papaya seed powder? Or are you are eating papaya seeds in their raw form? I’m guessing you meant papaya seed powder, but I don’t assume anything.

If you have ever been diagnosed with a painful varicocele or suspect that you might have one, fish oil may be counterproductive to getting better. Anything that thins your blood may be counterproductive for that matter. Just a thought.

Believe it or not, while many people reading forums like this one would quickly assume this pattern must be related to spermatic congestion, it can also be related to vascular congestion, or even both. Unfortunately, if a man has had a vasectomy and has a varicocele/s, diagnosing what’s really going on is definitely a bit more trivial, exhausting, inconclusive, perhaps impossible, etc.


I forgot to mention - I’m not sure if you are aware @Help, but papaya seed powder actually causes some people’s heart to race and/or similar descriptions, symptoms, etc. IMO, because of that, sometimes I swore that papaya seed powder was actually making me worse. It only made me worse a ~few times when I was experimenting with it several years ago. I can’t prove that the occasional uptick in pain was related to my varicocele issues, but I speculate that it was. It affected me enough to discontinue using the product. Anyway, users beware. Several posts about papaya seed powder making some men’s heart race, etc, can be found in the thread below.

On a related side note, I actually know of at least two guys in real life that never had a vasectomy that deal with vascular congestion regularly. One of them says that it only gives him issues related to sex, especially post ejaculation. The other guy seems to have a more complicated situation and experiences pain regularly throughout the morning, day, and night.

No I eat papaya seeds themselves. My wife had bought a whole pile of papayas. We took out the seeds, bagged them and froze them. I’m eating about a teaspoon twice per day with meals. Good info on it, thanks. At this point I had trended better for a couple days there so I don’t think they’re making me worse atleast so will probably continue on.

I did not know about thinning blood giving vericocele problems. I’m taking 4 per day (2 doses of 2 with meals). Maybe I’ll ease back a little bit. As you know I had issues two years ago (although that was started by a whack to groin by my son) that eventually subsided after a few months. I’m trying to replicate a lot of what I did then which included the 4 fish oils. I’m going to watch for this though and maybe cut back to 2?

Well that’s depressing regarding vascular congestion. I was really hoping that if this didn’t get better I may have a reversal option to get out of this hell. A reversal would likely not take care of this issue it sounds like? That’s terrible about the one guy dealing with congestion all times of the day. That’s my fear but I have to take solance in the fact that things had settled a bit and both yesterday and the day before things were atleast ignorable or down to 0-2 a lot of the day. Today has been more like 2-5 and was worse the few hours after sex. Right after I got that blue balls type of feeling as well. That’s what is so frustrating about all of this. No idea what it actually is.

Again, my hope in all of this is twofold. As Jarvi reminded me I had these similar issues 2 years ago (not started by same thing but pains and triggers seem very similar to last time) so hopefully it will go away again. Secondly I was in some bad shape where pain was near constant for awhile this round but have eased some and even given some brief moments of nearly zero pain. Jeez if it ends up being vascular congestion that doesn’t get better I don’t know of many options other then removal. Thanks for triggering the anxiety back up Hahahah jk. Let’s hope things start/continue to trend better.

My guess would be that eating whole papaya seeds would basically have no effect on your system, and basically no effect regarding the effect you are trying to achieve. I’d guess the seeds are passing through your digestive system whole. That’s my guess anyway.

It’s hard to me to advise you one way or another here. It might help, it might not. It might or might not a lot of things. IDK. If you have read many of my posts, you already know that given the right circumstances, I am an advocate of reversal, reversal for pain, etc, but to me, your case sounds similar to my own - complicated. In all honesty, it’s really a to each his own thing, but I don’t like seeing men regret their decisions - which does happen. I prefer seeing men make educated decisions for themselves.

Given the fact that you are already a patient of Dr Jarvi, I feel pretty confident that he will shoot you straight regarding weighing out reversal vs varicocele options - more testing such as ultrasound, or at least have him review all of your records, physical exam, etc, so he can make a thorough assessment of your case. Perhaps he can get you on the right track regarding the proper diagnosis/s, etc.

All that said, I hope you get better one way or another. Hope that helps.