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Pain from Granuloma? And other sperm granuloma questions


Sorry you had a setback jdubb. Stay positive man. I’m 2 months post vas and it’s been rough. I’m enjoying the good days and pushing through the bad ones. Better days are ahead!

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Hey Jdubb,

It’s been 2 and a half years since my removal of the granuloma. Things still are not perfect. I have managed to be about 90-95% most of the time now. It’s a matter of remembering your limits and just persistence. I do a lot of stretching, whenever things feel tight. I still believe some of mine is overtight muscles, that I am having to learn to relax, which has been a very slow process, because I always jump ahead too fast, once I start feeling better. Over the past 6 months, things have progressed a lot. I still have some setbacks, but a lot less than before. I am now off all medicines and have been for the past month and a half or so, with no differences.

A lot of it truly is relaxing and not worrying. It is soooo difficult to do, if your personality is anything like mine and worry about things a lot. I went from running and lifting weights all the time, prior to the vasectomy, to not being able to do really anything (this has changed over time and now I am able to do most everything again, with minor issues, depending on what I do). So whenever I would start to feel even remotely better, I would jump into things with both feet, causing a setback and then more anxiety. I think this tightened muscles back up in my groin and thighs, causing more pain. Try reading posts from @RichUK and @PVPSux. Also, you may try looking at @ljtomono1 and @keebler456. These are all posts that may help you during any setbacks you may be having.

Remember, with anything you try, whether it is stretching and/or getting back into working out, go slow and also, there may be setbacks, but it doesn’t mean that things are progressing.

This information may pertain to you and may get you on track, but I can’t promise anything. There are success stories out there on this forum, sometimes you just have to hunt them down.



Here’s what you have to tell yourself->Feeling 90-95% after two operations on your scrotum/spermatic cords is perfect. You are doing great. You are a PVPS survivor/warrior.

Thanks for sharing this. It helps guys to see other guys working through this in a positive responsible manner.

I’m not perfect either but I can function and that counts. Every day I live and don’t think about this or have a good/successful day working towards things that were/are important etc… is a victory.

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Thanks again Uncomfortable!

Your perspective, experience has been invaluable…

I guess the short of it is that I’m very much in the early stages of this next journey. I’m very similar to you in the sense that I push things so in retrospect I definitely did too much early last week and it wasn’t like I went to the gym, but was probably just playing with my kids too much. Running, picking them up, etc and I paid for it.

I also noticed that the knot you have mentioned its definitely still there and right under it it’s a little black and blue. (I wonder if this is happening cause I over exerted myself or is just part of the healing process) It was not black and blue a couple weeks ago. I’m a little confused. There’s the knot with the black and blue and then I do see what I think is the incision point… I have another appointment on Friday so I will get all the details.

J Dubbs



Good Friday afternoon gentlemen-

Just wanted to give quick update get some more perspective.
Went back to uro on 2/22 and next thing I knew I was on a 6 day intense prednisone course of treatment.
Helped, but a few days after, the pain ramped up again somewhere around the scar tissue knot and the surgical site. The icing on the cake was that I basically couldn’t get it up for my essentially bi-weekly romp with the wife last week. So that was not fun. I’m always the one to initiate sex so she won’t ‘bother’ me on this for a few weeks, but WTF! Past few days have been a bit more tolerable, but just hoping it’s still part of the overall healing and again know it can take time.

Heading back to uro on 3/22 so his next step (not that he’s going to this visit) is some pain management, but it’s really his last resort. Thinking I’m ok to go on something while the nerves are still calming down. Frustrating thing was that even with my granuloma I wasn’t having any ED really at all. Could just be a combo of things, but still very confused and bewildered. Wonder if he feels comfortable giving me some Viagra or something… anyway… happy f’ing Friday guys…

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