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Pain from Granuloma? And other sperm granuloma questions


Dude! Where did you go???
I went to Dr Reese in Cleveland, Ohio.
He botched mine or something. And of course doesn’t even call me back after I call. I am still waiting for a call from over a year ago!



Urology Group in Cincinnati. I thought Cleveland had some of the best folks for that?



I went to a guy who was the considered the best on the West side of town. I also went to see the best on the east side after the surgery when the original doc refused to see me or do anything about it.

Yeah, we have the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital and Case. But everyone has their own ideas and most don’t even want to admit that PVPS is real. That’s the whole problem.

So yeah, good people here doctor wise. But when it comes to the whole PVPS problem, they are just there to listen and that’s it. And sometimes, they are in and out of the room in a minute. That’s what happened with the pain management guy recently. I was pissed about that.




Guess I’m not seeking help there then lol thats some bs



At least with @Uncomfortable has proof of what causes his discomfort.



Yeah, it’s tough when the doctors, specialists, pain management and hell your own family and wife doesn’t even believe you have a problem and are in pain!

I guess that’s the biggest bitch of all. My own wife, she doesn’t believe or want to believe there is a problem. Really sucks and is tough to figure things out when there is zero support.



As per question: If I get knot removed… Only way knot goes away is with reversal. You’ve been vasectomized dude. That bundle of nerve pain is with you now unfortunately. You say it’s a pain that comes and goes and describe it as discomfort. Not down playing anything but could be a lot worse.
Hang tough, take ibuprofen as needed,wait for 6month follow up. Ooooo saaaa.
For ultrasound go to GP and ask for a rec for scrotal ultrasound and get them to get a date for you. Sounds like it might be a bit early for you. At 6 month if things haven’t settled down. Once the cut is done it’s done. I know more about optional drugs that DRs have at their disposal to treat this and not many work. Not many without shitty side affects .
Bad day for me to be posting. Horrible pain and frustration. That granuloma is causing me some serious grief. I want a biopsy like right now.If not remove it.



Hi Rss,

Quick question about the pain from your knot. How would you describe that pain and to what level is it on the pain scale?




Wow, years ago my doctor put me on Amitryptaline also, three days later my wife was calling my doctor in tears. I have become unbearable a-hole. From the pain and this meditation I was on edge about every little thing. I would fuss and yell over minuscule stuff because it amplified my mood from bad to VERY TERRIBLE. I didn’t see it and felt the same but everyone around me saw it and said something. Needless to say I gave the bottle to my wife and she flushed the contents down the toilet.



How large of a dose were you on?



I really don’t remember. It has been 7 years ago for this medicine, I think. I’ll look in my file/folder when I get home. With trial few years ago we ended up collecting copies for all of my visits, scans (MRI,CT,Ultrasounds), medicine lists. I have my 3.5" thick folder beside me where I sit on couch. With so many different doctors, procedures and so many medications over last 11 yeas it’s hard to remember time lines and names, but some always stand out.



Well, I’m hoping that it will help take the pain away. I should feel blessed that my pain is not as bad as most on this board. But whether it’s a dull ache constantly or a really bad pain, it all wears on your mind. I’m just praying that I can get my mind wrapped around my situation sooner rather than later and get it in a better place overall. I think that would improve my overall health as well. Maybe not the pain I have, but at least let me look more heavily on the good things in my life.

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You know it’s hard to scale. If you were a guy who had no pain there ever and woke up with it . The guy would freak out and go to hospital lol.
Can be at a very negligible one moment and then after some walking, sitting(putting pressure) , anything that stimulates nervous system negatively…stress, it I guess can get to a 8-9. It just does whatever it wants. Nerves are messed up. Hard to explain. When it’s fired up the pain radiates down inner thigh, front etc.
I had a blow out with sperm Granuloma on right which is still there but shrunk way down now. The pain from that was just plain scarey. Radiated into hip, down inner thigh etc. Wanted to vomit. Should’ve went to hospital. That was a 9.5.Have to save .5 for passing out lol. Was on hand and knees. Wall punching type pain.

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Has it always been like that, since the beginning?



It’s a cycle for the right granuloma. I just never realized what was going on. Pain there would calm down then get worse when things pressured up and then blow out. Then pain calmed down and so on. Very messed up.
The left knot is there to stay and just causes continuous nerve irritation. When left is hurting and I try to see where it’s coming from its coming from knot,(granuloma).



What is your pain level from the knot and has it gotten worse over time?



Hey, guys. I’m thankful I stumbled across this forum. After reading several of these posts, I don’t feel like I’m one in a million with my vasectomy issues.

I had my vasectomy performed in July of 2015. The procedure went smooth and didn’t have any immediate concerns. The Dr. said I can resume my normal workout routine on the 3rd day so I went for a short run. That was a mistake as my boys swelled up for a couple of days. I always noticed a routine deep pressure and dull pain in my right groin area. The pain would come and go and I just thought it would have to be something I’d learn to deal with.

About 6 months after my procedure, I noticed my knot at the vasectomy site. The knot was very tough and can be tender to the touch. My right testicle began to be very sensitive to the touch. My Dr. sent me a 1 year follow up survey asking about my experience. I answered them honestly and he responded right away and requested that I make a follow up appointment with him.

In September of 2016 I went to see my original Dr for an exam. During the exam he mentioned that I am likely dealing with a granuloma. He suggest I give it some time to see how I feel and if the symptoms get better. My situation did not get better so I had the same Dr. remove the ganuloma in October of 2016. The Dr did this free of charge as he does not want any of his patients in pain. After the removal, I was essentially back at square one. The pain was about the same as the initial vasectomy and I had to take it easy for a few days.

About 2 weeks after the procedure I noticed another hard lump at the same site. I notified the Dr and he suggested that we give it about 6 months and see what happens. 6 months later the lump is still present and so is the pain. I went back for another exam and he said I have yet another granuloma. He suggested we give it time and that another treatment would be a steroid injection.

I decided to seek a second opinion. During the exam the Dr agreed that it was likely a granuloma but he wanted to make sure there was not anything else going on. The Dr. mentioned that he couldn’t remember the last time he had to remove a granuloma from a patient and agreed that my discomfort and pain was rare. I had a ultrasound performed and I am going back to see the Dr on Monday. I dread this appointment as I will likely ask for another procedure to remove this granuloma. This weekend the pain has become worse and prompted me to join this site.

I attached a pic of the granuloma that was removed. You can see the titanium clip that was in the middle of the mass.

Has anybody’s granuloma shrunk or symptoms become better? Thanks for letting me vent and tell my experience.




I too had a granuloma and pain associated with it and the rubbing of the nerves. I had my vasectomy in December 2015 and started having what can be categorized as granuloma/nerve pain starting about 3 days after the procedure. The first couple days was pain, but seemed to just be surgical.

You can see my story and such above. Fast forward to July of 2016 and I actually had the granuloma removed, because it did not go away. While it had decreased in size it wasn’t getting any smaller. The urologist I saw, thought that with removal the pain would subside and hopefully go away entirely, because he felt it was rubbing against a nerve. However, since I waited 7 months to take care of the issue, he didn’t know if the pain would entirely go away. I saw Dr. Nangia out of KU Medical Center for the recommendation and removal. He performed the removal under full anesthesia (which I am glad to have done it that way). When he completed the new procedure though, he did not use any clips. He just cauterized I believe and then used some dissolvable stiches. He didn’t want anything that could cause additional rubbing.

After the operation I had another knot form and some swelling of the spermatic cord, but that was all temporary for me. That has all gone away. My pain is almost gone now, but I do still have minor discomfort at times, so I am not fully healed. I also don’t think I will be able to run anymore without causing flare ups. But, I can lift heavy weights again, which I wasn’t able to do and I can do the elliptical and ride a bike. I think the impact of running causes some issues.

I’ve heard that some of that pain can go away as the nerves heal and could take up to a year to 2 years for damaged nerves to heal. So I’m still hopeful that it will slowly diminish and possibly fully go away. Time will tell. But I can tell you that I am 100% confident that I made the right choice with the removal of the granuloma. I may have just gotten lucky on another one not forming so far or it may have just healed properly this time.

Here’s knocking on wood that things don’t turn south.


1 month out, burning pain

That picture is fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Is the granuloma on the testicular end of the vas or the vesicle side? Why clips are still used is beyond me. They dont seem necessary and there are plenty of complaints on this site about them.

Granulomsa are a necessary evil and your body’s response to the new anatomy. If the granuloma is on the testicular side, there’s a high likelihood it’s there in response to the sperm. (The opposite side is probably the titanium clip)

I speak teeth. When a nerve dies in a tooth, granulomas form at the ends of the roots in response to the toxins that are now leaking from the dead nerve. A root canal sterilizes the inside of the tooth and within days the granuloma shrinks and after a few months it’s completely gone.

Remove the irritant and the granuloma should go away on its own.

The key is the figure out the irritant. It could be bacterial but I doubt it. Perhaps it’s the clip but I think you’ve fixed that. It very well could be sperm and considering the fact that your immune system is now targeting that stuff, I’d pint my finger at that.

Just a guess but I feel like if you can shut that off it should help. I’d try T replacement therapy if you’re even marginally low in testosterone. If those numbers are good, try papaya seed therapy as mentioned on this site. That’s my advice

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Was the procedure covered by insurance, including the anesthesia? I’m curious. I have a pea sized granuloma on my left side. I’m getting a reversal in a couple weeks, which will include having the granuloma removed. Of course insurance says no to covering the reversal. However I’ve been arguing that removal of the granuloma is something covered and that the insurance company should at least cover the cost of anesthesia. No answer back yet but my urologist thinks they’re going to reject it.