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Pain Breakthrough!

Hey guys. To sum things up, December 2019 was my date, and I’ve been in constant pain since. I have probably averaged 12 ibuprofen a day or 6 naproxen every single day since and that just took the edge off. Antibiotics did absolutely nothing at all. I took four different kinds. I also have bought heating pads and hand warmers to keep the goods warm all day and that has helped a bit. I have talked with several doctors and was just about to schedule a reversal but I decided to give it a bit longer and try more supplements/medications.

About a month ago I started taking two zyflamend tablets per day, and I started up the papaya seed powder again. (I’m not sure how much, I bought gel caps). I can honestly say that I feel about 80% better! I actually have forgotten to take any ibuprofen for several days! (This has never ever happened.). I’m starting to feel hope again and honestly at this point I could live with the remaining pain. At this point I’m not sure if it’s the papaya seed powder, zyflamend, complete coincidence, or all three. Eventually I can test it out and share here, but for now there is absolutely no way I am going to mess with what is working.

Hope you are all hanging in there!


Good to know! Keep us all updated!

@AngryHusband - that’s great news! Can you share what type of pain you typically experience. Is it in the epi or do you have nerve pains. I am 3 months in and looking for any advice!

Nerve pain in addition to inflammation in both the epi and vas.

My pains started day 1 and I think it was a combination of issues. I had a previous testicular trauma. I suspect that this caused me to develop antisperm antibodies. At this point I’m not sure if it’s congestion or some type of autoimmune issue. :confused:

Glad to hear you have found something to take the pain away.

I’m hesitant to respond so quickly, but I wanted to give another update. My pain levels have gone down even more, from a constant 4-6 (in the evenings) to a 2 and now a 0 or 1. I also have had very little delayed pain after ejaculation. (Previously this was unbearable after about 10 hours) My mood is suddenly improved. I didn’t even realize how much the pain was weighing on me. I would highly recommend trying the papaya seed extract and zyflamend. (Take it religiously for a month) I read about both of them on other threads here. I had tried them before but never stuck with it since the papaya seed powder is a pain. What helped me this time way buying gel caps on Amazon and pre making a bunch of them.

I plan to stick with this for another month. Then I’ll cut out the zyflamend to confirm if it’s the papaya seeds, 18 months of time, or zyflamend that worked.

Hang in there guys. I can’t help but share just because I know how completely hopeless and depressed I have felt for the last year and a half. Don’t give up!


Great news glad you improved

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The best part is you arent taking any Rx’s and should easily be able to do this regimen long term. Bravo friend!

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Are you taking the normal zyflamend or “zyflamend prostate?”

It doesn’t say anything about prostate… Just “new chapter zyflamend”.

I would also note, for any reading considering a vas… Things are NOT back to pre vas. It’s obvious things aren’t the same (for the worse). But my pain has calmed so substantially that I would never risk another surgery at this point.

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Awesome, please keep us updated in the coming months. I just started papaya and I think things might be calming a bit too. Also taking with tart cherry, interesting studies with it and nerve pain as well if you google “tart cherry nerve pain”

Good to hear. I take Zyflamend and Nerve Shield every day and definitely notice an uptick in pain if I stop either one. I think their concoction of herbs helps knock pain down 1-2 points on the 10 scale…not enough when things are really buzzing, but enough to help a guy take the edge off.

That’s exactly what I have noticed. It takes me down about 2 points. Seeing as how I was hovering around a 3-4 constantly, 1-2 is livable. Enough of an improvement, combined with the occasional nsaids that I am no longer considering a reversal.

I would recommend to those reading this to give papaya seed powder and zuflamend a shot. It’s not a cure, but I have personality experienced a serious, noticable improvement that has given me some quality of life back that I was completely missing before.