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Pain both sides

I ask these questions to all testicle pain sufferers, either caused from vasectomy or from some unknown cause.

Q1: Do you get pain on both sides (left and right) or just on one side?

Q2: Do you believe you have a fault on both sides, or do you believe one side is also causing the other side to hurt (cross talk) from the L and S nerves in the spine?

I find both sides cannot be in pain at the same time, it’s either one side or the other. I was diagnosed with small cysts and varicoceles on both sides, both sides hurt like hell, but the right side was the worse, the left testicle rarely hurt.

But since the right side orchiectomy my left side is hurting more often, but only when I put clothes on (jeans or trousers ).

@Chip5 yeah I had the cyst removed on my right side, and some days the pain felt like it would literally switch sides. So strange, it’s been a year since this surgery. Now my left side is starting to ache more and my right side feels almost pain free.
So I’m going for an ultrasound to see if there are any cysts forming on my left. Otherwise potentially a nerve block.

Yeah when I get big flare up, the left side hurts most, but sometimes I get random pains in my right also - My pains usually feel like the VAS tube rather than the testicle itself, pain at the vasectomy site - awaiting reversal