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Pain began 8 months later. Comes and goes

I’m in the same boat, Chuck. Trying several non-invasive treatments while researching the next step should those not work. It’s been a frustrating several years dealing with this. I hope we’re both able to get past it in the near future.

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Hey @ChuckFinley. I’ve had prickling/burning feeling in my hands, arms, face and tingling, prickling, burning in the abdomen, legs, feet. The upper body symptoms have eased a lot. I noticed it is heightened if I do not sleep well or get sick.

The pelvic organs are under the control of the autonomic nervous system and I think it plausible that things such as urinary urgency, constipation, nausea, anxiety, arousal and erections or lack could all be affected by a sensitised system in pain.

As well as the autonomics, pain in the scrotum will be transmitted by the peripheral genitofemoral and illioinguinal nerves into the lower thoracics / upper lumbar nerve roots. Moreover pain in the scrotum may lead to secondary pain in the perineum. Pain and altered function in the perineum/pelvic floor will sensitise the pudendal nerve which feeds into the lower lumbars and sacral nerve roots. This could explain how some people like myself experience symptoms into the legs and feet.

Most of the symptoms I have read guys experiencing on here are possible and explainable. I think the black and white statement “it’s not related to your vasectomy” is fucking dumb. There’s nothing black and white about the human body. Hell, I can scratch a spot on my left thigh and feel it in my left scapula. I have had some amazing BJ’s where my face will tingle afterwards. It’s cause and effect and reproducible in my body but that probably won’t be in any medical text books.

Good luck with everything, I hope you can start to turn things around.