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Pain at upper part of vas site

So I’ve been examining myself a bit lately and think I have discovered that my pain seems to be primarily in the proximal part of the vas deferens. This is the part that is closer to the body, not the part closer to the epididymis. For a long time I think my original urologist misdiagnosed this as epididymitis. New uro said pain was at the vas site but I think it is even more specific than that as the lower part of the severed vas doesn’t hurt. It is just a small portion the really hurts, it doesn’t extend all the way up to the pelvis it is just like a small segment that hurts, perhaps where they suture that part of the vas. I get a lot of discomfort crossing legs, bending over, lifting scrotum in any way etc but it all seems to be from any jostling of this little hotspot.

Anyone ever experienced this or know anyone who has? Any ideas?

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