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Pain at the connection sites

Still taking them. I also take gastro resistant tablets to protect stomach (omeprazole or similar), have no side effects. I have noticed a marked drop in semen when I discontinued them (scoped at home)

How long has it been since your reversal?

I haven’t had any gastric problems, even though I’ve been taking 2400 mg a day since Aug 2019, but my BP was way up in the fall and I wanted to stop them if I could. I guess I wean off them and if the pain gets way worse I’ll restart.

Will be 18 months mid Feb. I’d still suggest gastro resistant pills, from what I’ve read stomach ulcer can appear without warning.

How much do you take a day? In what doses?

500mg naproxen first thing in the morning and before sleep and 400mg ibuprofen around midday and one around 6ish. Also take herbal anti imflammatories.

How are you doing brother?