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Pain at the connection sites

Hey guys. Its been 4 weeks since my reversal and Ive just ejaculated. The pain is excruciating and I have the feeling that my semen has not changed at all. Its still watery and the odor is not strong. I would like to know about your experience and recommendations.

It was the 3rd ejaculate for mine to go from watery to milky and it is thicker and feels great. Increased volume as well hang in there mate it will come right

Thank you Francis. To be honest, I just want to end my life. I cant live with this pain and regret. If the reversal does not work, I think Im going to hang myself.

Man I understand however that is letting yourself down I give you sympathy as I have had the same thoughts until I had my reversal the vásectomy was 27 years ago. Be patient man you will pull through this

Reversal is not last resort treatment, try not to think like that.

@Fighting, I am truly sorry you are experiencing such anguish. Try to pull yourself together brother.

In regard to your quote above, as a moderator, it is my duty to ask you to seek professional help. I also have a moral obligation as a human being to recommend the same to you when you post such comments in forums like this one.

We as a community are always here to help one another where we can, but this goes beyond what we as a community can help you with.

Once again, please seek professional help.

Keep calm @Fighting, I’m 14 months post reversal, I’m a much better place now. Keep taking NSAIDS if it is safe for you to take them, they helped me no end, and reversal surgeons recommend then to stop reversal from failing. I have noticed massive change in semen numbers under microscope when I was taking NSAIDS, and when I stopped

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Hey @Fighting,
I am also so sorry that you going through such a difficult time. I have read your previous posts, you have a lot going against you all at once, but understand that you are not alone. In these difficult times, support from friends and family is of great help. I haven’t gone through a reversal yet, to give you any useful advise but from what I learnt from this forum, it’s a long road to recovery. Try and think of your vasectomy and subsequent reversal as a bump in you life’s journey. To give you some hope, I have a 95 year old relative in my family that had a vasectomy after 8 kids. I am sure he is going to live till he is 100 atleast. So don’t let this get the better of you, don’t give up. Keep fighting !

Thank you guys. I really appreciate your comments and support. I am trying but my family think Im just pretending. After having it all in life I ended up living in a small dark room at my grandma’s. Four months ago I was really happy, a normal healthy guy. And now this.
Today I had an argument with my aunt. She said its been 30 days out of reversal, so according to her pain is gone and I should be walking and acting normally. I feel so lonely and desperate. Sorry.

@Fighting, you are going to make it brother. Just think about the countless men that have been where you are at right now, and look at where many are now. In the majority of those cases, they were in much worse shape than you prior to their reversal.

Many of us have experienced the same, similar, or much worse than you, and we lived to tell about it. I had 3 corrective procedures in my scrotom after my vasectomy, and believe me, it was no picnic. Not only that - like you, many didn’t believe me either. I know of many that ended up divorced over a vasectomy, or even over a reversal - and they were not pvps guys. Hell, I about ended up divorced. Many have lost their jobs, their lives as they knew them, and so on.

With a username like "fighting’, I like to think of you as a fighter, and a survivor like many of us here. Stick around my friend, something tells me you are fairly young still. If there is one thing in life you can depend on - it’s change- and I predict things will get better for you over time.

On a side note- please do not drop anymore comments about taking your life on this forum. A few of us have seen something like that happen to one of our brothers in the past, and we take that kind of stuff pretty seriously around here. I know I don’t want to see that happen to one of my brothers again. Nor does your family, friends, or anyone else here.

Keep fighting - and good luck brother.

Thank you. I promise I will never write such comments again. By the way, Im 31. Went for the vas because there are four men in my family who have it and recommended it to me. Just wanted to have fun without the fear of having my girl pregnant. One week after the op I read about the pvps and then found this forum. What a nightmare: no one believes you, very difficult and expensive to fix, the solution is not guaranteed…

Hey man, hang in there, I just turned 7 months post reversal, and I am still in pain, especially at the reconnection sites. i will say, that I have finally seen some improvement the last 2 weeks. last week was the best week I have had since dec 2017. a bit more pain this week, but still better than what it has been. i too am struggling with the pain, and going crazy on this, but my surgeon did say it could take 1 year, and i just pray that each and every day will slowly get better. we both have to give it time, that’s all we can do right now. i think talking to someone professionally would help if you are having these thoughts. Just try and stay positive, I know it’s tough, but you are not alone in this.

I was still pretty sore till about year after reversal. Be extremely patient guys


so even at 7 and 8 months you were having issues of pain? what about at the connection sites? I know it is a broken record here, but this is driving me crazy. just feel like pressure at times at connection sites, and would have assumed by now, pain would have subsided a bit more.

Yes mate, was still pretty sore, I kept very detailed journal for nearly every month, have a read through it. One thing I did which helped me, and still is, was that I am taking anti inflammatory medicine together with gastro resistant pills. I have a microscope and have noticed very close correlation to drop in numbers after stopping medication even for short periods of time

Just my experience. I had significant pain for about 8 months after reversal, then it got to where I didn’t notice it much, then has been back in full force since Feb of this year. My pain is also at the connection site. I can feel it, it feels inflamed.

I’m just here for any ideas on trying to get to 100%. I’m doing much better than I was in February, and every little bit helps.

I have not tried a pelvic floor therapist. I’m also not sure how to go about finding one. I’m certainly open to trying it, if I can find one. I’ve also been recommended to see a chronic pain specialist.

hang in there man, 9 months post reversal soon and still pain at connection sites. you had this as well yes? hope future holds better days!

How long did you take NSIDS for? I’d like to stop of I can because I’m feeling alright, but don’t know if I should keep on them just to be safe.

Still taking them. I also take gastro resistant tablets to protect stomach (omeprazole or similar), have no side effects. I have noticed a marked drop in semen when I discontinued them (scoped at home)