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Pain and swelling

Hi guys.
Had vas 3 and half years ago. It took 10 months to get back to somewhere near normal.
4 months ago I was sleeping on a chair and my young daughter thought she would wake me up so punched me in the nuts! Pain was uncomfortable for hour or 2 but subsided.
As the weeks went on I was getting uncomfortable tender feeling in testicles.
Since Jan my pain has got worse. Sharpe dagger pain rh testicle at times. Light pain on left.
Had ultrasound. Found nothing only varicocele on left.
I have appointment with urologist on 6th April but since 2 days ago my scrotum and groin is swollen.
I am on antibiotics last 4 weeks, amitriptyline last 2 and now tramadol for pain.
Any ideas what I’m experiencing?

So sorry to hear this. I have no advice. But as a former pain sufferer I want you to hang in there and keep trying new things. Seeing née people and staying active will get you home.
Also, if it’s determined to be inflammation, Try cannabis.
Good luck and I’ll keep ya in my thoughts.

Cannabis has such good pain relief properties, brilliant advice

Thanks guys. Iv been on cbd powder for 5 weeks also. Iv done acupuncture also.

Hi guys. Just an update.
Met a female urologist yesterday. Told her my history from the start going back to vas 3.5 years ago. She said the pain you have is post vasectomy pain syndrome and effects 1 in 20 men that get vas. So it’s 20 now not 1 in 1000 :thinking:.
Nothing unfortunately can be done only pain management.
She started me on higher dose of amitriptyline.
It’s crazy we were not told the risks with this butchering before we went under the knife.
She agreed with me to a certain extent.

Sorry you are dealing with this. I hope your pain levels are manageable. Amitriptyline did nothing for me personally other than make me feel fatigued constantly, in a brain fog, and gain 30 lbs over a few months. Then I had to diet to shed the weight, which was more difficult because I wasn’t able to work out like I used too.

There have been some guys here who noticed some relief with it, so hopefully you can get some.

Yea, the narrative of wishing Doctors would give appropriate information so that proper informed consent can be given is pretty much the mantra around here. I do think things will change in the not too distant future as more and more guys get vasectomized based on inaccurate information and more sites like these encourage guys to come out and speak about what they have been dealing with post vasectomy.

The 1 in 20 for PVPS still seems like a under statement as that is only 5%. I actually believe it is higher than that. Unfortunately, there need to be better studies done.

Again, sorry you are hear, but hopefully you make some improvements over time.

I think what needs to be done, is better acknowledgment of the studies that already exists, and a thorough re-education of a lot of urologists.

The 1 in 1000 was printed in a urologic textbook (Campbell Urology) some years ago, so any urologist who hasn’t bothered to update himself will confidently quote that number.

The 1 in 20 is from the newest, and arguably best, study there is. Link.
According to this study, the % who get chronic pain is actually higher than 5%, it’s more a matter of how they define PVPS. The definition of PVPS varies among studies, which is probably a reason it varies wildly from study to study.
But, they kinda separate between chronic pain that affects quality of life, and chronic pain that is mild enough to not affect quality of life, where they call the first PVPS.

The latest meta-analysis says that 5% PVPS regardless of operation technique (scalpel vs non-scalpel). But if you also include those with “mild chronic pain”, the number goes up. On average, the studies say that 24% of scalpel victims get chronic pain - ranging from mild to very severe. 7% in total gets chronic pain after non-scalpel vasectomy.