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Pain and missing orgasm


It’s easier to get a class A substance than antibiotics from my G.P .
Seriously i had a week on Cipro not so long ago and i’m sure it took the edge from the knee jerk pain i get .I will get another app with the uro soon for his take on results…Ultrasound only shows a cyst …
Also is the rapid progressive sperm being 0% a problem?



There are a lot of natural remedies you can take, which work like antibiotics + they’re safer. I took oil of oregano capsules ( very helpful), olive leaf extract, garlic capsules but most beneficial was serrapeptase.

From what I learned, you have decent counts and motility, so don’t think rapid progression is that important



Yes my count is fine and cyst is small.So, my GP thinks i should just forget about it .Here is hoping that my problems resolve themselves ,for all the help i’m getting …I will try the serrapeptase and keep taking nsaids …At least i can control the pain to a reasonable level .Rob



A quick update ,Been on ibruprofin ,serrapeptase and a testosterone booster for a while and my orgasm has started to reappear .Was a 0 at worst and i can feel an improvement to a 2-3 on my made up scale .pain is tolerable …any additional advice is always helpful. btw , given up on GP and uro as both are a complete waste of time and money…rob

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Look into maca root and ashwagandha, they suppose to boost testosterone and rebalance hormones.

There’s lots of helpful tips on YouTube as well, I found Dr Sam Robbins videos very good

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Thanks SGB I will look into them …



A quick update to say i am sure my lowish T is a main factor in poor orgasmic response …I am continuing taking the booster as help libido and feeling .Not taking Maca as yet because i don’t want to cloud my personal results so will change over eventually …
Pain aspect is reduced as i am not feeling and prodding my eye watering hot spot and left alone gives me a chance to forget it (if possible)…
Funny thing is my Uro has not charged me a consultation fee yet or returned any calls i have made ?? .



@Rob thanks for the posts. Meanwhile feel free to read my posts as well. I have the same issue as yours. I believe you are 50, I’m 47 so we’re likely on the same boat. The difference is you already did a reversal and I have not yet done it.

I will get my T levels and hormones checked out this month with my GP.

It’s a little discouraging to me seeing that reversal did not fix your missing orgasm problem.



It will be interesting to see the T results you get .Mine were ok at over 400 , but in comparison to a younger man I may only have half his level .I always had a high sex drive pre vasectomy ,so I know I am not the same now . I have been frustrated by the loss of sensation but now I am relieved that the feeling is slowly returning.
There are various success and failure stories here about reversals .In my case I find it has been successful but not totally. .atb rob



I am still taking the T boosters and have stopped taking the NSAIDS and I would say for now I am feeling ok .My sensation has levelled to around a 5 which is now enjoyable but nowhere near mind blowing …I didn’t expect it to be though .Compared to the dreadful debacle that was my vasectomy over 6 years ago ,I can say I am happy now …
A word of advice is GP and Urologists are out of their depths in this field and in no way can they be trusted to help put things right .I suggest to anyone thinking of having a vasectomy,they should have assurance that a guarantee of a free reversal is available if experiencing pvps . . Now, I know that will never happen but then ask why? as this procedure is apparently so uncomplicated and safe. Or just say no !! …
If things change for better or for worse I will update this thread …For now thanks to all on this exceptional board and i am hoping this is my last post on this thread …
Good luck my friends and ATB Rob.