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Pain and missing orgasm

Hi to all on this board.
It began 6 years ago when I was 44 and engaged. At the time we used the withdrawal method of contraception which was crazy but I refused to use condoms .
My other half was on a break from the pill as it messed with her system and decided a vasectomy was a great idea. I was apprehensive but the thought of anytime, anyplace, anywhere was appealing.
The vasectomy went fine and only after a while did things start going awry.Swelling ,pain and numbness of the penis followed .I was very upset and thought something was very wrong. In retrospect I should have gone to the GP, but I didn’t. The last straw was losing any feeling of orgasm when ejaculating .
1 year after the vasectomy I paid for a reversal hoping that would correct the problem. Luckily alot of the pain reduced and the congestion problems abated :for a while .The pain was back and slowly my orgasm faded again .
Now I’m seeing a urologist in the vain hope of getting my life back.The relationship ended with my fiance having an affair and my present one is under extreme pressure.
Just a quick question. Is there an answer to regaining my orgasm ?Is the pain blocking it?
Thanks Rob.

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Million dollar question. No one knows for sure. The urologist will most likely deny any connection to the vasectomy. This is either because he ignorant, in denial, not up to date, or lying. I would say it’s more likely than not that your issues are a direct result of your vasectomy.

There have been numerous papers published on the negative impact that vasectomy can have on orgasm and sexual satisfaction. One of the more recent ones was out of Mexico in 2010. The way the paper is written is so bias it bothers me.

“RESULTS: According to the total score, 38% improved and 48% remained unchanged.
CONCLUSIONS: Vasectomy showed no significant influence in most sexual satisfaction domains.”

The problem is, 38 + 48 = 86. If you read the article, 14% reported a negative impact on erectile dysfunction, orgasm, pain, sexual satisfsction. FOURTEEN PERCENT and the conclusion is “no significant influence.”

Until uro is willing to admit the issue, I’m afraid a fix is more difficult to come by. Sorry for your loss. You are not alone.

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Part of the problem is the act of orgasm isn’t well understood by medicine. As such, most guys reporting these types of issues are labeled as depressed or anxious when in reality there is an underlying issue that simply isn’t understood or recognized.


Thanks Choohooo, I have little faith in the urologist tbh.He suspectsa cyst .I assumed i had a nasty infection after the vasectomy .
I can’t accept it is a mental thing to lose the orgasm but possibly it’s being blocked somehow.
I had a road traffic accident and surgery 2 years ago and was amazed that for a short while my orgasm returned and was nearly prevasectomy strong.Was thinking it could’ve been the morphine I was on or if I had strong antibiotics .
Either way it was good to have it back for a while which does give hope for it to return.
I’m not at the pain levels of some of the posters here thankfully,but its still a terrible problem to have.

i recommend getting your hormone tested including prolactin levels, which are related to orgasm sensation.

My testosterone is fine according to my bloods and will have to get prolactin tested .Thankyou.

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When sick with a sinus infection, I take regular does of Advil Cold and Sinus medicine. I’ve noticed a significant increase in sexual interest and orgasm sensation after several doses of Advil. Apparently, I’ve got daily background pain that I’ve grown used to beyond the PVPS pain spikes. The Advil must be knocking down that background pain. It’s not immediate, but my sexual interest (even while I’m sick) does pick up after about three or four doses. Long story short, I believe background pain, even pain you don’t realize you have, can affect your orgasm.

Maybe get SA done @Rob , see if you’ve scarred over?

Hello Slowrain ,I believe Advil to be a NSAID .So if there is an inflammation it may well help …I have some

Ibuprofen i will start taking, Interested to do anything while awaiting sperm test and an ultrasound .Thanks .

thers find


Will take a month before SA .what happens if there is scarring?

I had really good results with natural anti inflammatory supplements, like turmeric and especially serrapeptase. Maybe look into them? If there’s scarring, unfortunately you’d have to have another reversal to be patent again.

I have a request …I’ve been trying to get these as my doctor in his infinite wisdom doesn’t think these will help .

Any ideas how i can obtain them .

  • Levofloxacin 500 mg
  • Ofloxacin 300 mg


Why do you want those?

Reason being ;After my vasectomy unbeknownst to me at the time I had all the signs of epididymitis and didn’t go back to the doctors ,therefore wasn’t treated for it . The reversal helped massively with the pain side of things and orgasm partially returned. Unfortunately only lasted for a year or so…The strange thing is after a motorcycle accident and surgery recovery my wife and I tried sex and orgasm was very good. Only lasted for a year to 18 months though .
My GP and urologist doesn’t agree with me and wants proof of infection.
Can someone please tell me if when I have a S A will bacteria show up ?

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SA will not show whether there’s infection or not, it’s purely for fertility. Saying that, I know that Care fertility clinics in UK are testing for PH levels as well during SA, and if it is more than 8.0, it could indicate infection.

What medication did you take after your accident? Was it naproxen? Could be that you have a bit of imflammation which is blocking your tubes. If that’s the case, might be worth a look at diet, and start on anti inflammatory supplements.

Hi thanks for the reply.Firstly I’m thinking I had IV antibiotics at surgery and mainly morphine during recovery. I managed to get a course of uti antibiotics last month which is felt gave me a noticeable build up before ejaculation. The course was finished after 7 days and all feeling has gone again …I’m still taking ibuprofen which helps the pain,

If you already had antibiotics, that would’ve got rid of all infection. I use to take oregano oil and garlic capsules when I had infection as it is suppose to be powerful natural antibiotic.

At the moment I will try just about anything to get some normality back.
Have you heard of colloidal silver?

Do you feel anything? I would bet alot is do to you being closed up again. I have orgasms that really quite nothing just a twinge. I go again maybe in twenty thirty minutes and it’s a heck of a lot more powerful. From like 10% to like 70% on the second one. Recently as far as pain goes I have gone to an almost complete anti-inflammatory diet.

It could be mind games a bit and pain. But the fact you got a reversal and it came back shows it has something more to do with the body.

I feel the like I am clenching as in a kegel at worst …I’m taking ibuprofen every day and when we had sex it went to a 1 out of 10 .I felt a slight build up and a release but no pleasure involved. I could of tried again 30 mins later but really don’t feel the urge to try . This aspect of not enjoying the process does mess with my head.
I am sure the problem is to do with the tube that joins to the testicle …It is a sharp ,acute pain when touched or use a towel etc .