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Pain and ED issues


Immediately following my surgery 2 years ago I felt tremendous pain. The doc, of course, said it was an infection and prescribed several antibiotics. He denied PVPS. Said he never heard of it.

2.5 years later I still feel pain and I now am having trouble with erections and sex drive. It is awful. The pain subsided about 15 months and I was ecstatic. Basically, I thought I just had a rough reaction and that it was now healed. Wrong. It has come back over the past couple weeks (after about 16 months of feeling pretty close to normal).

I hate this. If I had ever known anything like this could happen I would never have done it. Quick, painless, routine. That’s what I was told. BS. This is barbarism. If 1-2% of guys experience this, I should have been told that.

I am considering a reversal for pain relief and to see if my sex drive/erections get better. I’m pretty sure things will never be the same, but maybe they could get better?

Anyone out there have a similar experience with a successful, happy outcome?

  • depressed 40 yr old guy


Unfortunately it’s not 1%, but some reported publications state ~30-40% can experience some pain.

You need to educate yourself on pvps, try to determine whether you have congestion or nerve damage related pains. There are a lot of conservative treatments that can try, there is a really good thread called “congestion cured with papaya seeds powder”. Have a read through it.

Reversal can be tough, and recovery prolonged. From reading forum, it can take up to a year to get full benefits from reversal


My doc said reviersal is not the way to go if u have pvpd not pvps tho here in UK I was diagnosed by Google with the doc I had the small op but he crushed my right testical pain management have me in loads of meds including tramadol pregablin morphine . Also accupenture nerve blocks and infusion which is giving me some relief I’m not disable I worked since I was 14 find it a heat rench but I’m here I’m alive and talking about it helps