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Pain after one year

Hi Guys

I had my vasectomy last May at age 29 (super young!) My wife (few years older than me) and I were done with having kids and her doctor had cautioned her about long-term use of the contraceptive pill. I was pretty happy to undergo the procedure.

It took me two weeks before I was feeling comfortable and about four weeks before I got back to working out etc. Until about a week ago I had no complaints.

I run a lot and have recently increased my distance from about 3 miles to 5 miles. I’ve been doing that maybe 4/5 times a week.

Just under a week ago my right testicle started aching a bit and varies from being a dull ache to a slightly more intense one at times. right testicle is perhaps a little swolen compared with the left, but its hard to notice that just by looking. It’s more how it feels.

When I can tune it out it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but I’ve been researching PVPS and stumbled across this forum today.

A couple of questions. Is it possible that in the hot weather when the testes hang a little lower this could result in a higher chance of discomfort?

Secondly, would you guys suggest tighter fitting underwear to keep things from moving about so much, or am I better off letting them breathe?

I’ve not worked out for about five days just in case that was what was causing the problem.

Thanks guys. Here’s hoping the discomfort disappears on its own.

Hi Johnny! Yes I would highly recommend supportive underwear, it did help me! I would keep an eye on your pain, see if it increases or goes away over the next month or two. Unfortunately in a lot of cases the pain never goes away and even becomes worse. I have a theory on what happens, the epidermis gets damaged or even raptures from accumulating pressure and that’s what causes the pain. I hope yours is not the case and you feel better! Keep us updated!

Thanks. I appreciate your reply.

Feels like supportive underwear is the right choice. Will see how things develop. Certainly keeping tabs on the discomfort and hoping things ease off


Was feeling pretty pissed off today as yesterday was a better day and this lunch time the discomfort was getting worse.

I thought I’d call my GP (I’m British, so everything goes through the GP first). He had a slot available straight away so I went down to see him.

He gave me an examination and told me that he couldn’t really feel anything out of the ordinary although I pointed out that there was some slight swelling he wasn’t worried. He suggested I could have an ultrasound to put my mind at ease (which I accepted and will receive an appointment in the mail) and otherwise suggested taking ibuprofen regularly.

Straight of the GP’s office into the supermarket for ibuprofen and a cold pack.

Anyone else found some comfort from a cold pack?

Also has anyone else had an ultrasound and, if so, how was it?

Ice / cold and anti-inflammatory have been the best therapeutic treatments for me.

Cold pack working well so far. Keeps cold for a long time after coming out of the freezer. Will keep up the anti inflammatories too

my friend was in a similar situation. pain after one year. after some tests and multiple visits to doctor, he got prescribed something that i don’t remember its name and he said that he got lots of help out of using it.
may ask the name of that thing if you’re interested.