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Pain after cord block

I have had pain/inflammation in my spermatic cord toward hip since having a cord block. Has anyone had this issue? My issue has been pain at the clip ares ever since my veasectomy. If I irritate the vas by pushing on clips it will take months to get back to where I was.

How long has it been since you had the cord block.

2 weeks tomorrow. Seemed like dr may have pinched the cord when trying to inject into it. It became a little sore when the block wore off and got worse the next day. I called and they gave me Celebrex which made it way better but my feet were swelling on it. It was either the block or me pushing around on vas site while I was numb. This WAS my good side.

Things have calmed down but got a way to go if I ever get there. I definitely think pushing around on the vas site irritated it. I have always been sensitive to the vas sites. If I push around on them(the right side ) it may flare up and take months to get back. But I e never made it to a point where I could run or cycle.

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Hi Tommy,
Did this specific pain clear up? If so how long did it take? How are you now?
Hope you are well!