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Pain Advice Please


Ok so the snip seemed to go well and I had no pain day 1 and 2 anyway fast forward to day 8 and I have two lumps on the back vas on both side and it hurts like hell. spoken to the surgeon and he said it could be swelling or scar tissue formation. told to wait a week and see how it is. It odd as their is no pain in testicle but the tubs are hurting like mad anyone experienced this. I am taking ibuprofen every 4 hours.

I had a nsv with one incisions.

I am well aware that there are others with way more issues and hope you all get better either with time or other methods.


Day 8 is crazy early with this. Many have issues the first couple of months and things will resolve. Many others have reported weird lumps and bumps that did go away in time or atleast are not in pain. Good luck man.


So coming up on two weeks and went back to see the surgeon and he said I have some scar tissue formation and that there may be an internal infection or excessive swelling causing the pain. Got given some Naproxen and Antibiotics. It is clear that this is not a simple as advertised and although the pain had dropped from an 8 to a 3 this morning it is scary how little information they provide and how they promote this op as minor.

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Hey buzz it’s been right around 3 months for me. I’ve had a lump. Only on the right side. It has gotten smaller. Not completely gone yet but I’m trying to remain hopeful. It definitely isn’t as advertised. If your like me you went into this thinking a week maybe two of discomfort at most and that’s it. Just like you pain didn’t kick in really till around day 8 and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since. Hang in there…time is on your side. Hope you start feeling better.