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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for PVPS

Has anyone tried this? Sounds interesting and different from pelvic floor therapy. Need to do more research, but willing to try it just need to find someone.

I tried it. I live down the street from Rocky Vista University in Colorado where they teach different OMT techniques. OMT is essentially a PT/Chiro technique taught to nearly all physicians that attend an osteopathic MED school. Some docs swear by it and others call it voodoo. Personally, it didn’t do anything for me. However, like everything else, some people are better than others. They don’t do anything your local PT doesn’t do, stretching, massage, craniosacral etc. I’m assuming, and it’s sounds like from the article, the doc doing the OMT is probably well versed in pelvic floor therapy or at least has a strong foundation and understanding of pelvic functional anatomy.

If you can find a therapist who knows how to treat the pelvic floor, you should see some improvement.