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Orthobionomy, myofacial release, tumerica?

My son sees an amazing physical therapist, and while she’s a pediatric therapist now, she spent many years helping adults. She knows about my husband’s condition and had some suggestion. I have NOT had time to google these, so I thought I’d run them by you wonderful folks.

Who has heard of either orthobionomy OR myofacial (sp?) (sounds like mi-o-fash-el) release? She suggested both, and knows of good, non-kooky providers in our somewhat local area, and thinks it might be a good natural, non-surgical/pharmaceutical road to explore.

Wondered if anyone on hear has any experience with either? I love some feedback!

Thanks so much!

(No news to update with - my husband is in the exact same place he’s been for three plus years.)

There are lots of “kooky” treatment modalities out there. In my previous fertile life, I didn’t believe in a lot of them. At this point, if rubbing dirt in your eyes every morning helps with the pain, I’m a strong proponent of it.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Chiro, ART, MAT, PDTR, NKT, OMT, PT, rolfing, massage, craniosacral therapy, accupuncture, dry needling, egoscue, hypnosis, yoga, and who knows what else. I’ve got HBOT on the books and will probably try PEMF therapy and a gyrostim next month.

To each there own. If you find something that works, stick to it. I’m not convinced it’ll be the miracle cure for all your problems but it may help. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of crossover between each system. Rolfing is basically myofascial release. So is dry needling technically but a completely different approach. Good luck